It's been a couple weeks since this news but @Hubspot acquiring @TheHustle could be the acquisition of the year.

While the cost of the deal hasn't been revealed, there are rumours floating that it was $20-30M.🔥

The real question is, why?

Let's dive into it! [THREAD] 🧵 $HUBS
The Hustle is estimated to have:

>Between 5-8M annual visitors to their main site
>Over 500k-2M annual visits to Trends (paid site)
>Over 11k members in various niche FB groups
>And over 1.5M newsletter subscribers

Now, Hubspot has access to all of it.🤯

Let's make sense of why this is a huge WIN for Hubspot:

Hubspot has been a staple in *marketing* as an example of best practices for blogging, SEO, and marketing.

It is estimated that their site generates 370M annual visits and the blog has 15,000+ pages.

Amazing right?

According to a variety of different traffic projection sites it seems like there recently was a dip in their organic traffic.

As shown in the image below, sources indicate a drop of anywhere between 500k-1M monthly visits.

That's a lot of lost value.
Hubspot's organic traffic value (volume x average PPC cost) is worth around $25M. Meaning...

You would have to drop $25M on PPC to get what they generate in organic.

So, where does theHustle come in to help with this dip?

1) New Traffic


2) New Audiences
First let's talk traffic:

It's estimated that the Hustle generates between 5-8M visits per year. That alone covers the dip in Hubspot traffic.

But it gets better:

They also have a large "owned audience" in their newsletter with (1.5M+ subs) and Facebook group (11k+ members).
Now let's talk audiences. 🧠

Hubspot is known as THE marketing platform.

But for Hubspot to realize their platform vision (see image below) - they need to go beyond marketers and succeed in:

> Sales (CRM)
> Customer Service (Help Desk)
> Developers / IT (CMS)
The audience following Hubspot on @Twitter today is primarily made up of marketers.

The audience following the Hustle on Twitter (45k people) today is made up of entrepreneurs, investors, marketers & execs.

Brilliant right?

But once again. It gets better.

[Via @SparkToro]
Hubspot is targeting growth companies 🚀

They launched a “Growth Suite” which feels targeted at startups & SMBs looking to drive growth.

It's their full suite but for 25% off.

Know who loves growth?
Tech startups

Know who reads The Hustle?
People who work at and run startups
In fact:

Most of TheHustle's referral is estimated to come from:

> The front page of tech 👉 @ycombinator's HackerNews.

Hubspot now has a team of creators who have cracked the HN code and can attract that audience consistently.

That's valuable alone.
We're living in an age where attention is currency.

Smart brands are creating / buying niche media empires and adding them to their marketing mix.

Things like:

> Niche Media Sites
> Facebook Groups
> YT Channels
> IG Accounts
> Newsletters
> Podcasts

And so much more.
This trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

The research above / essay was originally published on @FoundationIncCo. Your competitors probably already read it. But don't worry.

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Hubspot launched the Website Grader in 2007.

Today, Hubspot's Grader gets 25k+ organic visits /mos, has 1.2M backlinks and assists in the acquisition of millions of dollars in revenue each year.

This product changed the marketing industry & Hubspot.

Let's dive into it 🧵👇 Image
The original app was created by @dharmesh after he and @bhalligan became tired of manually evaluating the sites of prospective Hubspot customers.

They’d manually determine:

Are there links to the sites? Is there a blog? How often are they writing? Are SEO basics covered? Etc.
Then one day... In @dharmesh's own words:

"Out of my own personal laziness and obsession with AUTOMATING ALL THE THINGS"

They took this app and turned it into a public facing tool for people to get a report on how good their website was.

It was a hit. Millions have used it.
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It's IPO Day for Snowflake. ❄

They might not be a household name but they've done a great job building a customer base in their niche.

Boasting an impressive $532M ARR, a HUGE valuation and more than 13M organic visits a year.

Let's talk about how they did it [THREAD🧵] $SNOW Image
One of the most tried and tested methods for capturing value is good ol fashioned ads.

Snowflake has done an excellent job leveraging paid media to capture value where their audience is spending time.
More than 120 ads running against different keywords.

via @SimilarWeb Image
One of the biggest mistakes brands make when running PPC in SaaS is just sending prospects to the homepage & hoping for the best.

Smart brands create pages tailored to the keywords used by the searcher and align content with intent.

Pages like this aren't flashy BUT THEY WORK. Image
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4 Aug 20
The Gig economy is real and @fiverr is winning.
They're not just selling $5 gigs. Avg spend is $177.

Some facts:
2.5 million buyers in Q1 2020
$107 M revenue (+42%)
43M /yr organic visits
58M backlinks
$3.5B market cap

Why are they winning? A great content engine.
[THREAD] 🧵 Image
Thousands of people every day use Google to find:

Logo designers, photo editors, video editors, voice over services, photo corrections, website designers and more.

Fiverr strives capture all of this demand by matching the searchers up with supply (sellers) using their site.
In Q1, 2.5 million users bought services through Fiverr.

The number of services they offer through their marketplace is robust and ridiculously impressive.

From Anime Music Videos to App Store Optimization -- There's a Fiverr service for everything.
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17 Jun 20
One of the most inspiring business pivots of the last decade (and impressive companies) has to be @Adobe's shift from licensing to offering services on the cloud.

But what's also impressive is how they've attracted users and businesses with marketing excellence [THREAD] 🧵
Let's look at the Adobe landscape:

3.4B backlinks
57M+ visits a month
877,000 YouTube subs
Rank for 10M+ keywords
6M combined Twitter followers
$39M+ worth of organic traffic

Oh. Ya can't pay bills with traffic.. I know.

Look at this. $200B Market Cap. 💰😲 $ADBE
Adobe has an interesting predicament where they sell multiple products across a wide range of use cases:

Photoshop, Acrobat, Reader, Illustrator, Spark, Reader, Advertising Cloud, Magento, Behance & more.

Maintaining all of these brands requires content & community excellence.
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