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22 Feb, 11 tweets, 5 min read
More Kaldheim draft talk: reviewing the best non-rares.

Change 1: I have the top commons as Packmate >> Bolt > Behold > Vale. Packmate is messed up, Bolt over Behold is splashable Red cards being basically colorless. The good non-red, non-XC Snow decks are mostly niche bar GW.
I defended Bloodsky Berserker last week, but it has moved down to around Behold. If you aren't an aggro maniac, that's probably more Vale/Berg Stridee tier.

Clarion Spirit is still close to Packmate though. It oddly feels like it underperforms in game, but you always win so....
My list of gold uncommons shrunk.

Svella is still a mythic uncommon. Aegar is behind Demon Bolt, Narfi near there too. All the "well if I'm both colors" cards fell right off with 1.5 exceptions.

The half: I'm taking Harald over Packmate if I'm locked GB Elves due to a rare.
The other exception is Maja. It's uncommon Trostani Discordant and all 3 WG uncommons are the reason I like WG. In WG it vs Packmate is close. P1P1 it's just behind Bolt like Aegar.

If you don't have Wx in your repertoire I get valuing Maja lower, but I'm drafting Wx a ton so...
My top uncommon is now Svella, with Hammer, Spirit, and Binding a small level down

Svella is the only one I would clean slam over Packmate. Others are close, but all the unmentioned cards I previous said were above commons (Glimpse, Av Caller, Ravager, etc) are still above Bolt
New additions:

I rarely lose when I cast Shepherd of the Cosmos. I may start P1P1ing it over Demon Bolt

Runed Crown is ahead of Bolt as a high upside colorless card. The average draft has 4-5 Runes. Even if its not the W or R ones finding any Rune is good.
Just below Behold adds:

Icebind Pillar.

Cruel Ultimatum, Temur Battle Rage, Savannah Lions++.

I don't lose much with Battershield Warrior, but it costs 3 and has VORP issues.

W and R Runes. W is more reliable and better with Crown off color, R is by far better in actual WR
Notable exclusions:

Draugur's Helm, Firja: LOL black 5 drops.

Fearless Liberator, Frenzied Raider: Rarely run away with games.

Other gold cards/sac lands: Good, not great, but inflexible

GUB Runes: Require Crown or W or R pairing

Colossal Plow: Follow your heart
Wrapping that all into list/image form.

If Wx aggro isn't your thing, you can ignore all the sub-Demon Bolt W cards bar Rune and bump Hammer down around Bolt. I still think passing Shepherd and Spirit is a mistake.
Oh, one more thing. Stop letting me get late Elven Bows. It's not on these lists, but its P1P1 low B-. The floor is a C+ card that has high upside to play like a B level card with Runes, or just when you are preboarded vs U and W decks bc it gives repeatable Reach.
Also to explain Packmate >>> Behold:

-Behold vs aggro is a liability

-Ignoring snow piles, GR, WG are reliably good. GB is rare/unc driven. UR is good, UW that wants Behold less reliable, and UB is just "failed snow pile"

-Seriously, have you cast Packmate?

• • •

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21 Feb
Definitely saved all the good pool luck for today after my (still great) 1 rare aggro decks yesterday. 6-1 in Arena Open with a bonkers pool, round 8 pending b/c I'm also 3-0 in SCG with Gruul.
7-1 Sealed. Highlight was actual Infect killing one of my early opponents with Fynn -> Reaper -> Snakeskin Veil.

Full Pool:…

Snakeskin Veil was great and I almost started both. Boarded in Demonic Gifts, various 3 drops, took out Priest a lot.
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28 Jun 18
1) Pro Magic as income is largely content production with events as research costs.
2) The quarterly Pro Club system at this point appears to be a large cut to the consistency of the PT.
3) The $750,000 added to PT25 and this draft more than cover that cut.
On point 1) listen to Pro Points podcast where Mike Sigrist, Sam Black, and Paulo all agree on this. Over a medium term stretch, only the top 5-10 players in the world could subsist off event winnings. 20x that do it off content.
Point 2) if you reallocate consistency rewarding money to prizes, you promote single event luck over consistent quality. Once you win your jackpot, why keep playing?
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