I take it we’re all watching Interstella 5555 tonight then?
Well, after the new Perseverance data drops
Screw it, fitting it in before Mars stuff. It’s only an hour
Wow I hadn’t watched it in so many years so it was a proper walk down memory lane. Can confirm, still got a crush on Shep

• • •

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23 Feb
Every time I see disagreements on the sexualisation of women in videogames, the differences of opinion always seem to come down to the same thing: some people act like the characters are real
That might sound patronising but I don’t mean they literally believe the characters exist in the real world. I mean they think about their sexualisation in the context of them existing as real people and having agency
There are so many ways the arguments are made. For example, “some real people choose to dress like this character you are saying is overly sexualised so you want to police them too?” Umm no? Those people are real. They have a choice. They have agency
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21 May 20
The “stop people replying” feature was fun for about 10 seconds. I’m not worried by the boring “look at me being controversial and you can’t do anything” tweets. Whatever, they’ll stop. But a lot of misleading bullshit is going to get tweeted without being debunked in the replies
Art that’s been stolen? No reply naming the original artist. Those “facts” or “amazing places” accounts that always post incorrect nonsense? No corrections in replies. “Look how many people came to see Trump during COVID”? Replies show photo is from 2016 etc
This could be pretty good news for bad politicians, bad scientists, bigots, and basically anyone who partakes in a bit of online propaganda
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10 May 20
I've taken a look at the code and genetics for the flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons and thought I'd share a simple explanation since most flower breeding guides online just say colour 1 + colour 2 = colour 3 and I'm sure some of you aren't getting the colour you'd expect
The flowers aren't just labelled in the code as red or yellow; they have genes that influence their colour. Two flowers of the same type and colour could have different alleles (versions of each gene)
Even if you're sure of the genes in a specific pair of flowers, you might be left with a CHANCE of getting the colour you want. First a little explanation of what genes there are. There are 4 genes in the game but only roses use all 4. The rest only use 3 (not always the same 3)
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1 May 20
Feeling a bit homesick so here are some of the words I miss hearing down here:

Drookit (sopping wet)

“Yer breeks are aw drookit, sataboot?”

“Your trousers are sopping wet, what’s all that about?”
Hoaching (busy, crowded)

“Am cuttin aboot getting the messages but it’s hoachin”

“I’m walking around doing the shopping but it’s too busy”
Scunnered (bored)

“Lockdoon has awbody scunnered”

“Lockdown has everyone bored”
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13 Mar 20
@MattThorson Thanks for sharing! Is there something similar to the super wall jump where you dash in the direction of a wall, you can jump “from the wall” without even touching it? The dash is horizontal
@MattThorson I thought it would be in this video but it’s not. But the bit at 8 seconds, I feel like it always happens at that wall. I swear I can change direction without actually touching the wall

@MattThorson Also been wondering about dashing and moving dangers. Moving slowly it feels like if two pixels overlap then you’re dead. But it feels more forgiving when dashing. Are you smaller while you dash?
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28 Aug 19
Kazuko Shibuya created basically all graphics in the early Final Fantasy games. The chibi characters? That's her. The monsters? That's her. The menus and fonts? That's her. She created 100% of the graphics in the first Mana game. But no Wikipedia page so I've started a draft
@Skazuko I have to stress this. Her name doesn't appear on the Final Fantasy series page. Her name appears once in the entry for the first game, despite her doing almost all the in-game graphics including user interface design, spell animations, and even the iconic opening bridge scene
@Skazuko I'm aware some games in that era didn't have detailed credits but Final Fantasy is a series where the creators have become legends and are well-known so I find it odd that someone so important isn't mentioned as much. She played a big role in the making the series so popular
Read 6 tweets

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