So, you must have heard a lot about Sinauli recently. A thread on it.

-Firstly, it is a newly excavated archeological site about 60 km from Delhi.

-Why it made news? Because for the first time in India, a Chariot has been found.

-It is clear that it is a war

chariot & has the space for 2-3 people. Small size.

-It is driven by a horse most probably as the yoke fits a horse.

-along other things, a helmet is found made of Copper & this makes it the world’s oldest helmet!!

-A shield, swords and arrowheads are found.

-this makes India the user of most advanced weapons in the world 4000 years ago.

-Such wide use of copper is not seen anywhere in the world in that era.

-Sinauli is a burial site & over 100 graves have been found.

-some graves are of elite people & some are commoners.

-Elite graves are with a coffin, several burial items like copper mirror, pots, wooden boards etc.

-Clear proofs of female warriors as 2 female graves are found where women were buried with their swords. Had a wooden platform under their head to support.

-most intriguing

thing in female warrior graves is that their feet had been chopped & not buried in the same grave. No idea why this was done but not the first in India.

-Imamgaon in Maharashtra has similar grave where the feet were deliberately cut from the body.

Now what it means-

1. India had male & female warriors 4000 years ago.
2. Similar type of culture in whole subcontinent.
3. Best weapons of the world at that time.
4. Parallel civilisation with Indus valley civilisation??
5. Place exists on Mahabharata map.

This can change how we see

Indian History. This time it is not based on mythological beliefs but physical evidences.

We don’t know anything about their dietary habits, religious beliefs, society, script, symbolism yet. So don’t add unnecessary things in your head. Hope we find out more soon.


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1/ Image
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