Someone is feeling very nervous about their future. I see an antsy and nervous energy. Someone is feeling afraid that things will not turn out the way that they hope they will turn out. I’m seeing a self sabotaging energy where someone is focusing more
On what could go wrong versus, the possibility of everything that could go right. Remember that your current moment is not your final destination. This is a temporal moment or phase in your life this will not last forever. I’m seeing someone referring back to things in the past
To validate their fears because they haven’t been able to fathom, why now all of the sudden things will improve. You may be receiving advice, readings, and or guidance from your guides but you have heavy doubt.

I’m seeing and hearing someone say “I’m always broke, nothing ever
Changes”. I’m seeing someone say “Nothing ever goes my way”. It’s time to change these mindsets to powerful affirmations. What you’re affirming to yourself is that miracles don’t exist, what you need to affirm is that “I will always be okay and I’m working to my highest good”.
Losing yourself in defeat will not help you conquer whatever comes next. Stay in the mindset that you can and will have victory. Whenever you doubt that think about the blessings you do have and think about how you were able get outta situations before in the past.
Things will change for you. Today may not be the brightest of days for you, but you can prepare yourself for tomorrow’s victory. Time sometimes can feel like our biggest enemy too, but see how it’s our great ally constantly being a building block to form what we need. It’s
In the present where our actions influence the next thing. As I’m typing this my ear is ringing. There is a change on the horizon for you. Keep your eyes on the prize, things aren’t as “rock bottom” or “destitute” as you may think . Continue to pray and learn on how you can
Change your future or influence to the positive energies to come in for you. Trust in the good of all things and allow the Divine to be your partner in crime to help co create better for you!


I am seeing that someone is in doubt about their current path in journey. The signs come flying at you every time you’re ready to walk away due to the lack of progress or change. I am seeing an energy of high hopes crashing and hitting the ground every time
There’s a setback or a prolonged stagnation. I’m seeing a lot of confusion, but there’s a lot of fight towards this goal or forwards where you wanna be. I’m seeing some sort of need to seek alignment and patience.

I’m seeing there is some sort of breakthrough and change coming
I’m seeing someone recently experienced some sort of setback/delay that makes you want to walk away from it all. Keep going there is change coming. Some of these setbacks are actually learning lessons. Transmute these moments from “moments of defeat” to moment of clarity
And progressive movement to change. Your mindset is truly your best friend in all of this. Don’t allow the bad to conquer you. Know that you will have the victory that you seek.

I’m seeing a 2 of wands energy, which in tarot can symbolize confusion, being stuck between a rock
And a hard place. But, it can also symbolize transition. Someone’s life is currently in a state of transition.
For someone expect a very important detail to emerge to give you enlightenment this week. For someone I’m seeing major development happening for you this week.
Get excited and stay positive. Bad times do not last forever. This you will see and you’ll be proud of yourself for never giving up

• • •

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21 Nov 20

Nobody’s Perfect- J.Cole ft Missy Elliot

Someone is coming into some blessings soon. You’re going to have some hater who will want to poke holes in this success to depreciate your accomplishment. Be careful who your align yourself with. You will have
Many people show their true colors because of their envy. I’m seeing the energy of someone who you think is a good friend, support, or confidant trying to stir some drama to justify their beef with you.

These people may have looked at you as some sort of “fck up”
In the past, but now they’re feeling some type of way “because you weren’t suppose to come up over them”. These folks were delighted that you were “beneath them”.

Over the next couple of months watch your back and cut those squares outta your circle without hesitation
Read 10 tweets
20 Nov 20

I’m seeing the collective is really focused on their manifestations. I’m seeing a lot of hustling and bustling to make things happen and I’m seeing a lot of anxiety with that as well. The collective divine energy is highlighting the word “ALIGNMENT”
As above, so below. You can push to make things happen all you want, but if you’re not vibrationally aligning with that of which you seek, you’re defeating the purpose of your manifestation. Right now is a time for you to check within to see if you’re truly in alignment with
That of which you seek. I’m seeing a lot of people doing manifestation practices, but they’re not checking to see if you’re energetically open to receive. Let’s put it this way, that everything is energy. THERE IS NOTHING ON THIS PLANET WITHOUT A SOUL...NOTHING.
Read 17 tweets
20 Nov 20

During, my three week absence I was grieving the lost of grandfather, my Abuelo. It was such a very painful process and it still is a process.

However, through this rough time period I have truly discovered the power in prayer
As spiritualist I think we get so caught up in crystals, energy work, conjuring, and all the other things, that we forget about prayer.

Whether you pray to a Deity, Deities, Ancestors, or the overall Creator/Source, prayer can be so impactful.
One thing I have been discovering lately is the power prayer brings from manifestation or healing. As a Kemetic conjurer I realized I got too caught up in trying to make things happen or fix things. But you can’t just “magically” heal mourning.
Read 34 tweets
7 May 20

Change is a force to be reckoned with in and of itself. Sure it is scary but you can’t hold onto what no longer serves you. There’s currently a lot of heavy attachments to people and things right now. The Divine is offering major transformations for those
Who decide to release that which you can’t control and that which makes you feel stagnant. No matter the connection it is within your best interest to release for yourself. For your own heart, save yourself. Stop trying to save this connection. It is what it is and...
What will be will be. Someone is getting in the way of a major transformation and manifestation because they keep meddling or trying to find out about a connection. Leave it be, if it’s yours it’s yours. Someone keeps asking about their person through other parties and the
Read 7 tweets

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