P. Manafort’s other client, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, withdrew Ukraine from the EU-Ukraine Agreement, leading to mass protests. Police shot 100 protesters, causing a revolution. He fled to Russia & was convicted of treason in absentia. radiolemberg.com/ua-articles/ua…
Yanukovych (Manafort’s former client) was Putin’s puppet in Ukraine. These are dangerous people. One of Yanukovych’s political opponents was poisoned with dioxin. The other, a woman, was locked up. 1/ bbc.com/news/av/world-…
3/ Yanukovych (Putin’s puppet) first “won” the presidency in Ukraine in 2004. But tapes cell phone calls showed the vote count had been electronically rigged in his favor so it was re-done & he lost. It was Manafort who helped him stage a comeback in 2010. mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-…
4/ Most reports put Manafort in Ukraine staring after the rigged 2004 election. But the Atlantic says he was there starting in 2003. theatlantic.com/politics/archi…
5/ The female political opponent that Yanukovych (Putin’s puppet in Ukraine) locked up has also said the Manafort was a key advisor to Yanukovych starting in 2003. scribd.com/book/363036238
6/ Yanukovych “abruptly ditched...plans to sign a historic pact w/ the EU aimed at shifting the country out of the Kremlin's orbit. The decision handed victory to ...Putin in the ...vicious tug of war btwn Russia & the west for Ukraine's future...”11/21/13 theguardian.com/world/2013/nov…
7/ “Senior EU officials conceded there wld be no signing in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital. Instead, the Ukrainian govt announced that it was ‘renewing dialogue’ w/ Moscow on trade & economic matters & w/ the Kremlin's embryonic rival to the EU, the Eurasian customs union.”
8/ Yanukovych, “under pressure from Russia, puts brakes on E.U. deal” 11/21/13 washingtonpost.com/world/europe/u…

• • •

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24 Feb
Wow. Documented.net has listed a ton of Council for National Policy (CNP) directories to its website. 1/ documented.net/the-council-fo…
2/ Here’s my article about the CNP. It is based on the 2014 directory and earlier. The link in post 1 goes through 2020! link.medium.com/X0lCe8y48db
3/ Guess who is in the 2020 directory for theCNP, which strategized about how to delegitimize a Trump loss months BEFORE the election? Mr “Stop the Steal” Charlie Kirk himself. Kirk has reportedly had a paid troll farm. His organization helped pay for buses to the insurrection. Image
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22 Feb
Ever since the Soviet Union’s collapse, Ukraine has been the focal point of a tug of war between Putin/Russia and the EU. Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska hired Manafort to help Putin in Ukraine. When Manafort joined Team Trump, he owed Deripaska $20M & wanted to clear that debt.
“When Manafort joined the Trump campaign ten years later, he owed Deripaska close to $20 million, according to legal complaints Deripaska's lawyers filed in the Cayman Islands and New York.” businessinsider.com/court-document…
“Ukraine stuck in a tug-of-war between Russia and the West” pbs.org/newshour/show/…
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11 Feb
Agree. Also Bannon suggesting that Fauci shld be beheaded & Lyn Wood calling for Pence’s execution. These are Trump’s close advisors. Did Trump ever publicly disavow?
Seriously, the impeachment team must bring up Steve Bannon’s incendiary messaging. He was. Trump’s sidekick re: the insurrection. @RepRaskin 1/
This is from January 4. Steve Bannon was preparing religious zealots for a holy war. He literally called it “a momentous battle between children of light and children of darkness.” (Alexander Preate, who RTd the interview, is Bannon’s sidekick. Also a religious fanatic.) 2/
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10 Feb
Dear @benhovland: If you want to improve public trust in elections, don’t do shady sh#t like quietly changing #RemoveTheModems to “disable” the modems & then lashing out at those who have concerns. As you know, election-security experts say that “disabling them won’t suffice. 1/
3/ 🤬”Last-Minute Tweaks to Voting Machine Standards [Re Wireless Modems] Raise Cyber Fears” by @KartikayM bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
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10 Feb
🤬@EACgov (led by @benhovland) was poised to ban wireless modems in voting machines, but then caved to (presumably state officials) & decided to allow them, as long as they are “disabled” which experts have explained isn’t enough. #RemoveTheModems
“Cellular modems within voting systems should be PHYSICALLY REMOVED, not merely disabled in software” - Signed, a lot of election-security experts documentcloud.org/documents/7225…
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9 Feb
.@AZGOP: Will u audit ES&S voting machines in AZ too? Cuz the “expert” that @MaricopaGOP wants to sic on Dominion (debunked “expert”Russ Ramsland) says that ES&S voting machines steal votes but that GOP leaders won’t look at ES&S. @KenPaxton (14:28) 1/
2/ To be clear. I am NOT saying Ramsland is credible. He is the guy who switched “Michigan” stats with MInnesota stats to make it look like Dominion engaged in fraud in Michigan. But the GOP’s deference to ES&S is objectively bizarre.
3/ Why rely on Ramsland to go after Dominion but ignore him about ES&S?
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