.@BenShapiro and @MeghanMcCain are absolutely right about Dr. Fauci. They -- like me -- defended him for nearly a year from attacks that started almost immediately, even though no one knew anything and people were scared. We said he was a straight-shooter. He clearly isn't.
I still believe he's a good man and cares about keeping Americans safe. But like anyone who's been in Washington for decades, Fauci is just as political as the rest of us.

You don't get to say you're only concerned about moving forward then take pot shots at the Trump team.
People stuck their necks out for him and he's only undercut that.

So, take your victory laps everyone.
I took a lot of heat from more than a few of you on my side. I don't think he should have been fired in March or any of the first three or four months when almost everything was uncertain and the world was on edge. But now we know more and moving goalposts won't cut it.
P.S. In case anyone thought otherwise -- I'm absolutely going to be getting the COVID vaccine when I'm eligible. There was never any doubt in my mind. #OperationWarpSpeed was one of the great successes of the Trump administration.

• • •

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5 Feb
Today in the Biden WH siding with unions over students...

@stevennelson10: "Will President Biden use the power of the bully pit to help cajole teachers who are unwilling to go back to school to go back?"

Psaki: "Well, one, I'm going to reject the premise of the question."
Psaki was not happy with Steven....yikes.

@nypost's @stevennelson10: "It sounded like a yes with an asterisk if they can open safely?"

Psaki: "If you are the spokesperson for the White House, you can certainly say that, but you are not. But you can ask me another question."
Read 4 tweets
19 Jan
I forgot to tweet this last week. This is a CNN PR exec calling @DonaldJTrumpJr "a legitimately bad human being." Imagine if this is said by a Fox exec about the Bidens in the weeks to come.

Jim @Acosta liked this. Jim is a legitimately bad human being for sure.
This is the sort of thing where it's on Jim Acosta, Wolf Blitzer, Matt Dornic, Brianna Keilar, Jake Tapper, and the like to say that Republicans aren't enemies of the people, not the other way around. It's on them to show that they (and CNN as a whole) don't hate the right.
It's a real question -- does CNN see conservatives and Republicans as human beings? I think it's a fair question, given their rhetoric and how they've so easily extended out the culpability of what happened Jan. 6 to tens of millions as terrorists and QAnon types.
Read 4 tweets
13 Jan
Remember when Steve Scalise was shot and some on the left and in the media insinuated he had it coming and thus deserved it? I do!
Here was @CBSThisMorning wondering if Scalise and his colleagues caused the shooting because of *their* rhetoric newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/scott…
FLASHBACK -- MSNBC's Johnson: Scalise 'May Have' Spoken to 'White Nationalists,' 'Exacerbated' Tensions
Read 7 tweets
11 Jan
Video: Here we go with @brikeilarcnn treating every Republican like the enemy of the people, acting like a Mean Girl with such condescension and venom. Brianna knows she's spewing hatred for 74 million American. Maybe she genuinely does and refuses to see them as people. (1/)
NBD. Just Brianna accusing every GOPer minus Mitt of giving support to terrorism : "All of those Republicans went on to broadly support or to work for president trump's administration, ignoring his nods to extremists, acting like they didn't see his tweets..." (2/2)
Imagine having such hatred for your political opponents like Brianna Keilar does. Other than Mitt Romney (& ostensibly Bulwark/Dispatch/Lincoln Project/RVAT types), she's making the case EVEN people like Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, & Lisa Murkowski are pro-Trump sycophants. (3/3)
Read 4 tweets
8 Jan
#Tucker opens with the reality of how our news media have seemingly spent the last five years almost exclusively obsessed with Donald Trump. The focus on really anything else has been slim to none. And yet, they're continuing to cover him like he won even though he lost (1/)
#Tucker asks viewers whether it's worth for Donald Trump to win every election and then Ivanka every one thereafter, but we then lose our freedoms forged by the Founding Fathers: "The point of the Republican Party is not to protect the personal reputations of its leaders."
#Tucker urges conservatives to instead turn away from squabbling about whether Trump won this state or that state to the fact that "[t]he Trump protest of the Capitol yesterday is already being used as a pretext for an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties." (3/)
Read 5 tweets
7 Jan
THREAD: @EWErickson's take on yesterday's act of terrorism (committed by Trump supporters and NOT Antifa) contains so many amazing points. I have zero patience for those saying this was orchestrated by Antifa cause you're both deranged and being duped. fb.watch/2Tdpc9Dfp4/
Now, some quotes.

“You behave the same damn way [as Antifa]. You have become what you hate. You stormed the greatest deliberative body the world has seen and demanded Mike Pence come out so you can hang him only a week or so after Lin Wood said he should be killed.”
“The faces of the people, some of them were well-known neo-Nazis. One of them is a longtime Trump supporter. You had Trump supporters livestreaming themselves. You’re going to tell me it was Antifa when well-known Trump supporters...were live-streaming themselves?"
Read 8 tweets

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