The #Ottawa Police Services Board is starting now.

We will be giving live updates and you can follow it in the thread below:

Member Smallwood announces that there will be more effort to take to folks earlier about the @OttawaPolice budget process. The plan will be up for approval tonight.
The item is received.
.@RobinBrowne from @613_819 is the first person to speak. He is talking about how 613819 Black hub has absolutely no faith in the @OttawaPolice to lead the mental health strategy.
In November after hearing almost 100 delegates to freeze the budget, the @OttawaPolice services board denied the request.
Browne just said that @dianedeans said that she wants to keep pushing the envelope "but the only envelope you want to push is a big brown one full of our tax dollars to the @OttawaPolice"
.@RobinBrowne says that the OPS doens't want a re-evaluation of their programs but they want a "justification"
After approving the OPS 2021 budget, @dianedeans said she wants to have a taskforce in reducing the budget.

Still are waiting for a response.
.@RobinBrowne mentions that @613_819 is working with @HelloVivic to create their new plan around alternatives to mental health response. We worked with them for the #OttAltBudget.
Now speaking is @CSlackDesign who will be speaking to multiple things one for example is the online survey - the strategic planning report.
The report shows the exact reasons why the community doesn't support the @OttawaPolice, the report is completely leading and seems to be serving a different purpose.
.@CSlackDesign says we need to stop opposing @OC_Transpo constables and special constables at @CArleton_U. Asks members to vote against the motion to appoint special constable to Carleton.

She says "we don't want cops in our schools or on our busses."
Why is a business consultant doing consultng around NRTs and @OttawaPolice?

We need to address censorship and misgendring at @OttawaPolice meetings says @CSlackDesign.
Why can't we talk publicly says @CSlackDesign? Why are there constantly closed door meetings?
Member Sawaita asks question about special constable and if the @OttawaPolice is responsible for special constables.
The @OttawaPolice Services Board does have power over special constables says Deputy Chief Steve Bell.
Sawaita says admins of universities say they have a need so they ask them but do students actually have a say?
David Hennesy now speaking saying Hoopstars still wearing racist thin blue line patch.

Talking about sexual harrasment in @OttawaPolice.
.@OttawaPolice board members need to talk against sexual harrasment and assault in the OPS but they're not.
David Hennessy presses @OttawaPolice to go against provincial asks.
Now speaking is @Jackie_Defund speaking to the @OttawaPolice services Board.

Asking that @OTTAWAPAca remove thin blue line flag from their office as well as uniforms.
.@Jackie_Defund speaks to a specific item on the agenda and Constable, @dianedeans says that it is out of order.

Jack continues to speak to it. @OPSChiefSloly speaks against it.
.@Jackie_Defund asks why do you continue to fund these @OttawaPolice officers, can you act? Why don't you?
.@dianedeans says that board members have been addressing this.
Speaking now is @BigFarna who starts off by asking that board members stop misgendering folks at board meetings.
.@BigFarna talks about item 11 first, the "positive workplace report".

How are you putting out a report like this if the @OttawaPolice is never going to be a positive workplace?
.@BigFarna talks about electric police vehicle motion, jailing indigenous folks and buying electric cars isn't climate justice, she says.
Why are community stakeholders and individuals separate in the survey report that doesn't make any sense says @BigFarna.
.@BigFarna says they are treating the community as an "information mine" it is not a reciprocal relationship.

They use the community to get data but do not help them back.
Stop addressing community safety into what is good for business says @BigFarna to conclude.
Next delegate, Xue Xu is having technical difficulties unfortunately. Chair is waiting on them to hear clearly but they cannot hear them.
End of public delegations moving on to inquiries.
There are still some other public delegates so stay tuned. They are just speaking to other items on the agenda.
Going through consent agenda. Item on survey is held, there will be two public delegates on that item, there will also be one public delegate to the appointment of special constables to @Carleton_U.
Now going to first held item which is the Chairs verbal report @dianedeans. Speaks to three things first is an award around Black History Month.
.@dianedeans addressing issue that happened around the #Valued7 in St Laurent Mall.

Apparently the @OttawaPolice Services Board thinks that the incident was handled "RESPONSIBLY" what??
Sorry folks we missed a lot of @OPSChiefSloly's report but will be covering the rest of the meeting of course.
Keeps calling the @OttawaPolice budget a "change" budget, he wants to change things, etc.
Question from Member Smallwood to @OPSChiefSloly about the "Thin blue line" patches. Ask the Chief to touch on it.

Sloly will give rest of verbal report and then come back to answer that question.
.@OPSChiefSloly speaking about how much "consultation" the @OttawaPolice Services does.
Public trust, duty of care and community safety and well-being will be focus of the @OttawaPolice Services...apparently.
.@OPSChiefSloly again refers to the last budget as a "change" budget.
Intersectional Imperialism on behalf of @OPSChiefSloly
@OPSChiefSloly talking about St. Laurent Mall event, there is a picture of someone with a gun, not sure how legitimate this is.

This goes against the story of those who were harassed by the @OttawaPolice
.@OPSChiefSloly trying to justify the egregious ambush on seven young Black men by @OttawaPolice by saying they had a fake gun and it was visible.

Truly shameful to hear the OPS trying to justify this response.
.@OPSChiefSloly sayign the issue is fake firearms not police action.
.@OPSChiefSloly says that there was no misconduct and there have been no formal public complaints.

There haven't been formal public complaints but there have been other complaints, @OPSChiefSloly says there is an organized campaign to intimidate ppl who dont agree with Police.
That was really difficult to listen to.

In one fell swoop, @OPSChiefSloly just basically called opposition to the @OttawaPolice propaganda.
End of @OPSChiefSloly's more lengthy than usual report.
Comment from member Johnson about diversifying @OttawaPolice, saying it is positive.

More diverse police are still police.
Returning to question about "thin blue line" patch from Smallwood, @OPSChiefSloly says that there have been major improvements to clothing standards saying that there are to be no additions unless permitted. Vague but seems to point to that they will not allow the patch.
Smallwood says he wants to make sure that uniform will be unmodified for the duration of them wearing it.

Vague response from @OPSChiefSloly but seems that patch will not be allowed.
Question from @MeehanCarolAnne asks what are reprecussions if @OttawaPolice go against the policy.

@OPSChiefSloly says that if there is non-compliance there will be discipline.
.@OPSChiefSloly says this has nothing to do with the Thin Blue Line Patch.

So it's a coincidence that this move comes after many delegates asking about the "thin blue line" patch?
.@MeehanCarolAnne asks why special constables is an issue?

@OPSChiefSloly moves it over to Steve Bell.
No specific issue that Steve Bell can find around special constables.

Asking the @OttawaPolice this question won't garner a good response we reckon.
.@MeehanCarolAnne asking if special constables are still on busses.

Yes says Deputy Chief Bell.
Two brief questions from @rawlsonking around the uniform policy.

King wants to actually now what sanctions will be implemented if policy is contravened.

Vague response once again from @OPSChiefSloly
Can we reject special constable asks @rawlsonking, Deputy Chief Steve Bell has already said yes to this and @OPSChiefSloly just backs that up.

Board CAN reject special constable.
Good to see a lot of questions today from @OttawaPolice Services Board around special constables.

Haven't seen this at past meetings. Good to see more scrutiny.
No more questions about @OPSChiefSloly verbal report.
.@laura_shantz says we must recognize that it is Black History Month, putting racialized folks in @OttawaPolice uniforms doesn't change anything, she says
.@laura_shantz says that there is no breakdown between community stakeholders and individuals. There needs to be a better breakdown.
.@laura_shantz says the prison abolition and police abolition movements have existed for decades.

This isn't new. We don't want to be patronized.
.@CSlackDesign reading statement from Xue Xu who was not able to read before.

Speaks about the report on survey, not representative, thin blue line patches, etc.

• • •

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