I love her attitude. We all need to be like Neera Tanden.
The problem with conservatives is that it's basically just a bunch of giant pussies who pretend to have virtues but are really just trying to suck up to liberals for head pats and give them easy W's all the time.
Oh and be sure to whine about how liberals do stuff conservatives can't and how the rules are different yadda yadda. Who cares.
I mock conservatives 24/7 because I want them to stop being a bunch of useless people who lose easy fights against liberals.

• • •

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More from @stillgray

23 Feb
You wanna win the news game? Do the hard hitting headlines. Cuomo killing old people. NYPD unable to deal with surge in mental health calls and suicide threats due to defunding + lockdowns. Kerry colluding with Iran to undermine Trump.

Don't talk about Biden's dogs.
No one gives a single fuck about SNL. Stop making it a news headline.
Not only is SNL culturally irrelevant to the left, turning everything SNL does into a talking point of the right means you're still ceding culture to the left.
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21 Feb
This is genuinely stupid. Cantonese and Mandarin are spoken languages. They share the same written language.
Hanyu (romanization is Pinyin) is standard everywhere Chinese is written, even where Cantonese is predominantly the spoken dialect.
I’ve never heard of any Chinese person getting offended over being presented with a snack written in simplified or traditional characters. Must be a fake Chinese.
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21 Feb
Michael Crichton was a deeply cynical conservative who observed and identified how ideology, hubris, the pursuit of clout and virtue, and profit-seeking make for an ugly, polygamous marriage that defines the progressive left.
I don’t think he liked corporatist libertarians all that much either.
He was distrusting of the mainstream media, coining the concept of the “Gell-Mann effect” in which people can identify total bullshit on one page of the newspaper only to instantly take for granted the “facts” written on the next page about some subject they’re unfamiliar with.
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20 Feb
Colorado residents shocked by falling debris from a United Airlines flight after hearing explosion
Here's the moment the engine caught fire.
That's gnarly. Imagine sitting in that plane and you look out the window and that's what you see. What do you do?
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18 Feb
Am I supposed to feel sorry for Australian news publications being silenced by Facebook for trying to blackmail the company into paying them whenever someone posts a link to their publications?
Let’s get this straight. Facebook sends traffic to these sites, which benefit from free use of the platform that enables them to monetize and earn profit from Facebook traffic. Now these sites are demanding Facebook pay them whenever they (the sites) post their own links to them.
Fuck you, Facebook isn’t a charity.
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16 Feb
FYI to Texans running out of water: You can boil snow.
Just don’t be a dumbass and eat it. There’s bacteria in it and it’ll dehydrate you.
Now you might be wondering how consuming snow dehydrates you. Well, when your body is using more energy to warm up the snow in your digestive system compared to the amount of liquid you’re ingesting you’re gonna have a bad time.
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