Nazarov's Panarin story appears to be unraveling. Multiple former Vityaz players are vehemently denying this ever happened. His motivation is rather transparent. His past history of wild, unsubstantiated claims is telling.
So, let's take a look at the broader issue... (thread)
The broader issue here is, funnily enough, patriotism. Or rather what different people in Russia mean when they say the word. Because Nazarov's entire public persona, one he has spent a decade and a half building, one that has landed him coaching jobs, is that of a Great Patriot.
He burst onto the scene of Russian hockey punditry back in the 2000s, when he teamed up with a former colleague of mine known for his cavalier approach to facts. Together, they produced a series of "stories" about made-up NHL scandals (anti-Russian discrimination, corruption etc)
The goal of these insane stories was to make Nazarov into a patriotic figure, a defender the Motherland's honor. I have met him several times back then. He treated this as showbiz, not taking himself too seriously. But as his schtick worked, and he got coaching jobs, he changed.
He appears to have fully immersed himself into this persona now. His history of drinking and obvious anger management issues isn't helping either, I am sure. I fully allow that he is genuinely enraged by Panarin's anti-Putin politics, that he sees him as a danger to Russia...
He says so himself in the original Russian story. He claims that Panarin is living the easy life in NYC while his support for Navalny results in civil unrest back home. He positions himself as a brave patriot who is taking a stance for the country.
And this is the key here...
There is an ingrained view in Russia that patriotism is love for those in power. That "country" and "Putin" are synonyms. That any attack on the latter is an attack on the former. This is a view fully espoused by Alex Ovechkin, something North American colleagues routinely miss..
When Ovechkin first joined Putin's propaganda campaigns, and American reporters timidly asked him about it, his only reply was "I just love and support my country." And everyone... just let him get away with this. Nobody pressed him on "country" and "Putin" being different things
Ovechkin's "patriotism" is loving Putin. Nazarov's too. Not coincidentally, both reap huge benefits from this brand of patriotism. It's a very profitable brand.
Panarin, on the other hand, also describes himself as a patriot. He says he passionately loves Russia, but...
... he does not equate Russia with its rulers. He loves the tiny town near Chelyabinsk he grew up in, he loves visiting his grandpa there during the off-season, riding an overnight train like any other Russian. If he were offered a US citizenship and a change to play for USA...
... in the Olympics, he would never, ever agree. Even if he were blackballed from Team Russia forever. His patriotism is very real, very selfless, and it brings him no rewards in and of itself.
He is like so many Russians out there who see themselves in him. Except he has a voice
So, basically, this is it. You can wrap yourself in flag and be a pretty detestable human. Or you can be who you are, even if it means bad things may happen to you.
At this point, Nazarov's story may still be proven true or somewhat true. Who knows. Panarin might not...
... be an angel after all. This is not about his moral character. Humans are complicated, after all, and drunk humans are unpredictable.
This is about the different kinds of patriotism.
Having said that, I am sure Nazarov is full of shit. On all accounts.

• • •

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