Given that Manhattan is about a guy in his 40s dating a teenager and the film is inspired by a real-life relationship Allen had I'm gonna say Black actresses dodged a bullet here
One of the things Allen v. Farrow does quite well is show us how Allen basically groomed his audience, film after film, to think of romantic relationships characterized by these huge gulfs in age and power as normal.

They are not.
Another thing that becomes clear is how much he plays up the non-threatening, nebbish, bumbling neurotic shtick in public.

When he's on the phone trying to intimidate Mia, I swear his voice drops an octave deeper.
Anyway. I believed Dylan before this and I believe her still.
(I've seen all four parts the doc.)

• • •

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9 Feb
I need a design expert's take on the art direction immediately
1940s? Is this him leaning into FDR?
I'm surprised! I did not expect such a literal turn. It's kind of interesting?

I used to be obsessed with all things 1940s. There's so much great children's literature set during that era (see also: the original All Creatures Great and Small). Hunh.
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8 Feb
really annoyed that Brian Tyree Henry doesn’t have the career/mag covers/etc commensurate with his stratospheric talent and charisma
He's a leading man.
I've seen a few of these "But the MCU!" tweets and it's so dreary and depressing to think that fronting some massive company's superhero IP is the best use of his time and talents.

Can there be other paths to stardom PLEASE
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7 Feb
I'm still stuck on the fact that someone thought "are you a virgin" was an ok question to ask

I wish I could go back in time and grab that mic from Britney and scream NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS
If you watch the Britney andTiger docs back to back, you see how gross and entitled media felt about the cash cows B and T's parents created.

The "serious" news media benefits from tabloid skeeze too, because they're covering it. There's no way to be a respectable parasite
And of course, there's very little serious interrogation of this. Both in celebrity and sports media, there are folks who operate on the idea that because these people rake in tons of money, they have forfeited some right to need human things like fulfilment and connection
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7 Feb
Really glad to see more news orgs paying attention to the crisis the pandemic has wrought on live performance workers.

Here's PBS on Broadway and the larger economy:…
And NPR's @nprAudie looks at the domino effects the pandemic has had on the industry…
Here's NYT's Jason Farago on how Pres. Biden can help…
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7 Jan
This country does not *have* to be this broken. But it will remain so as long as it continues to self soothe with white supremacist mythology instead of reckoning with truth.
Make better choices, America
This is a fundamentally violent and abusive nation…
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7 Jan
Imagine if they'd walked in there with USB sticks filled with something like Stuxnet
Btw, the SolarWinds hack? Still an ongoing natsec dumpster fire.
So no, no I really cannot go to sleep
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