Beyond Cory’s great thread, I have one other comment no press seem to want to dig into. Facebook is a menace to society yet they’re being covered as if they’re a respectable actor. Everything about their pulling out of Australia is hostile and a PR stunt. Why not ask question /1
Why did they pull out Wednesday? Prior to law passing. Here is what still passes. Facebook gets designated. A pub starts negotiation. 90 days. If no deal, baseball arbitration. Price determined. And still then Facebook could exit market. So why do it last week? /2
One news exec speculated Facebook did it last week because Google’s deal with News Corp was dominating press that day and maybe they could do it quietly. But do you know what the problem is with this hypothesis??? /3
Facebook’s original threat to exit Australia months ago was pushed out to half dozen American news outlets under an embargo. Why? Because their audience wasn’t australia but to generate false outrage about what they wanted to wrongly characterize as Australian dumb regulation. /4
And last week they didn’t want to bury their news, they teased it and aggressively promoted it to press. They wanted it to be the big story. They needed a fight. They run their PR like Trump. They weren’t otherwise breaking through and law was moving forward so gas on flame. /5
They set up their favorite influencers with briefing materials and yelled and screamed falsely with outrage terms like link tax, break the internet, hurts small publishers, random arbitration pricing and all sorts of misleading and false characterizations. /6
We so quickly forget the company runs its business to protect its core biz model using PR and government relations. They sent out their Simon Milner as spokesperson, same exec who lied to UK Parliament and was tore apart by other parliaments for doing it. zero credibility. /7
Anyway, remember they’re a menace to society. They wanted global outrage. They wanted Murdoch vs Facebook. This is all false. Small to midsize pubs are better off the day after the law is passed than today. Listen to Microsoft. Ignore Facebook. You can’t trust them anymore. /end
for those tracking the news, a friendly reminder not to link to Facebook's blog posts. Sure, include a statement in a report but they don't deserve a link to their full, crafted version of history. Remember, you can't trust them?
Here is a thread with a lot of the best coverage of the news overnight.

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23 Feb
ok, here is a good report on it. NYT reporter in Australia who has covered better than most (did I mention he's in Australia?) 2 month window allowing FB to save face after it's chaos move last week that killed any remaining trust there so spin, spin.…
seriously, I don't think press has properly analyzed Facebook's decision to pull out last week and its motivation. It went over as bad as it could, now they're spinning their way out. It's another chapter in Harvard's case study on FB crisis PR failures.
Watch Facebook now spin this overnight. I imagine they're hitting up as much US press as possible with talking points that they've ensured and protected smaller publishers (ignoring fact law already had non-discrimination and collective bargaining in it and still does).
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23 Feb
They are serial liars who manipulate press and governments to protect their harmful biz model. Over and over they fall short. Yet many still give them the benefit of doubt when they should be giving Facebook less trust than the Trump administration. I mean...
This is the Facebook executive acting as the spokesperson on developments in Australia on behalf of Facebook. Can you imagine even wanting to speak to him? This was a month before their global scandal. How does he have any credibility with any Parliament in the world?
For those who have never seen this, it led to the absolute greatest grilling ever of a Facebook executive by a Parliament (Singapore) just one month later and a week after Facebook was hit by a global scandal. Must-see-TV. Australia saw this no doubt.
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22 Feb
Aargh - in two tweets. This is a terrible move missing precisely on nuance we need in Congress.
(1/2) CableTV : This speech whether on the web or cable is protected from government by 1A. Importantly, it's also subject to more speech (counter-speech and public criticism).
(2/2) Social Media: It's critically important to make this distinction between concerns with Facebook and YouTube that use algorithmic amplification to micro-target content to individuals, outside the public square, with very little transparency or ability to fact check. 2/2
On the social media example, the platforms provide the velocity and reach. I would argue OAN and Newsmax wouldn't even be a thing if it weren't for their clips being spread on social. YouTube is what made OAN, NewsMax, Epoch Times, Russia Today into household names. /3
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21 Feb
Ok, Brian knows I’m a loyal watcher but Australia segment was aargh. The law is not about links. The term link tax is loaded based on 2 platforms being described as having links to news sites. Links could go away and they would still have to pay. It’s public policy to move $.
ps @s_guilbeault was great and I endorse Canada’s leadership here, too. Hopefully they model off Australia vs a straight tax or something. Australia is built off antitrust findings of the two companies and involves more than $. Additionally...
it uses a market-based solution to bring the parties to the table including baseball arbitration to avoid slow regulation effects. And the law absolutely helps small publishers!!! It gives them collective bargaining they don’t currently have!!!!
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21 Feb
I believe history will prove this org structure has caused more harm in the world than near anything in modern history. This BuzzFeed report is a must-read. /1…
First, the report builds on previous reporting by @RMac18 @CraigSilverman and colleagues along with other news outlets including notably the WSJ who has covered the political influences at Facebook deeply both here and abroad. /2
Report also spends time on content policy team reporting thru lobbying executives. Zuckerberg in leaked transcripts has said who helped him w shooting and looting “mistake” and it matched this chart (Sandberg, Clegg, Bickert, Kaplan). New sources confirm problems here. /3
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21 Feb
Sunday shows time, lots of topic medical people scheduled again 🙏🏽. First up, @CNNSotu. @DanaBashCNN did a really strong job pressing Dr Fauci with questions including schools, grandparents, duration of precautions and (he’ll also be on Meet the Press and Fox News Sunday).
Wow. I wish everyone could see this week’s @FoxNewsSunday if you stop and think about audience reached. Wallace did a remarkable interview on climate change with Gates posing doubts of his audience. @BillGates was a gracious, smart, transparent messenger, glad he made the time.
Then Wallace had Dr Fauci - recall for long time prior administration wouldn’t even let him on TV. Again, great interview. Value when Wallace presents conflicting video clips to his audience (being spread through right wing media) so that Dr Fauci can reconcile and clarify it.
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