Since people are already melting down at an engineer’s salary, let’s pour fuel on the fire with a Hard Truth:

Engineers are almost never the most highly compensated employees in a company.
"Who is?"


The high performing salespeople will make magnitudes more than the average. Sales directors and heads of sales will often get paid shockingly large amounts of money. And it's usually all or mostly cash compensation.
"How much does a top performer in B2B sales make?"

You give the rainmakers what they want.

This is also why you see toxic shitty people as "head of sales" who still have a job. It's hard to fire the person who closes $20 million a year. (Not defending this pattern!)
The lifeblood of a company is "revenue." Companies value the roles that increase that revenue. Engineering is rarely that. "Sales covers all sins." You can do a whole lot of stuff that's messed--culturally and from business operations. With enough sales? You can get by.
Horrifying levels of technical debt? Paved over with sales!

Profoundly disturbing culture? Paved over with sales!
Broadcom bought CA for $18.9 billion and fired a shitload of people--what they actually were buying was the enterprise sales staff. The IP that came with it was basically a bonus.
Absolutely. Screw this one up and you'll lose money on every deal while your sales folks buy fleets of yachts.

• • •

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25 Feb
In today's thread we're going to learn how to work with git. I'm an expert in git because ten years ago I watched a @chacon talk, realized there's a LOT of complexity to it, gave up, and focused instead on shitposting. This is very much the spirit of git.
Before git we used alternate forms of version control: svn, cvs, perforce if you're @jpaulreed, "Copy of Copy of pythonscript_ ver1c3333 (Repaired)v2_AA-zz - Final Draftver5_FINAL (Autosaved) AA_v2-ZZ use this one_AA-zz_AAoldver-zz_AA-zz Feb24.rb," etc.
In Subversion, finding out who changed a given line of the file was done via either `svn bless` or `svn blame`, which both did the same thing. In git it's just `git blame` because in this era we're a lot more honest with ourselves.
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So today's thread is on how to apply for jobs (beating out "the horrors of git" by a nose).

Scenario: you're on the job market for one reason or another. Let's begin.
Probably the dumbest possible way to go about this is to fire up some job board or another, find a job posting, slap your résumé into the system, click next, retype your entire résumé into the system by hand, hit submit, and then get auto-rejected by a robot.
You can do a LOT of those applications in a day, but it doesn't get you where you want to go.

Stop a minute. Be intentional. Pick a company you'd honestly like to work for.

Name it! I'll pick one of the responses and continue.
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Clubhouse is Not For Me for a few reasons; some of them are about me, while others aren't.
First and most important: It's not an accessible platform. That's a hard pass from me.
Now, onto the "me" parts.

It's ephemeral content. If you're not in the chat room, you miss the entire thing. There's no playback, there's no content reuse. I can't use the content I put out there to build a platform elsewhere.
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23 Feb
This is as worthy a thread topic as there is. Let's dive into it.

Note: I bias for being rather mercenary. Please consider my viewpoint through that lens.
"What's my market value?"

Simply put, what people will pay you have you work for them. Note: you must create more value than you cost, and you cost more than just your raw salary. Rule of thumb, "double your salary" is directionally what you cost your employer.
"How do I figure out my market value?"

There are a few ways. Talking to your peers. Looking at salary survey data from a variety of sources. Getting managers at other companies blind drunk and pumping them for information.

I prefer another option:

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So let's talk about pens.

My handwriting is crap and I don't do a lot of writing as a result, but I do jot notes from time to times. Most of the pens on my desk are pretty standard, except for this thing.
If I bust out my trusty @awscloud scale (it's like a regular scale except it costs 5x more because of Machine Learning), most pens are less than half an ounce.
This huge bastard is over three times heavier. It's a *weird* pen.
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23 Feb
Security Awareness Training here at Duckbill continues with a plethora of crap advice.
I don't know why @1password doesn't advertise "we won't auto-fill on phishing sites" more heavily, because it's the single biggest red flag that something's suspicious.

The training of course finds "a password manager validates the strength of your passwords" incorrect.
"When someone sends me an unexpected attachment I should forward it to the IT department so they can" kill me with an axe after the fifth time in a row? My god.
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