500,000 coronavirus deaths visualized: A number almost too large to grasp - Washington Post

Is this why we seem to have become numb to the numbers of dead?

We can’t visualise it?

The Washington post looked at how long a queue of buses would be.
The EQUIVALENT of 94.7 miles.

In the U.K. our Covid dead would stretch for over 22.5 miles. A foot for every person who has died.
Just allowing one foot for every person dead with Covid would cause a queue of coaches from Dover to Ashford.

Indeed it would wipe out the population of Dover 3.5 times over
"If the Vietnam Veterans Memorial contained 500,000 names [...] it would soar to 87 feet tall."
500,000 American dead would fill the Arlington Cemetery, that already seems as if the white headstones might go on for ever with over 400,000 people buried there.
If we laid our Covid dead (that exceeded 140,000 yesterday, deaths by date of death) allowing 6’ per person, that would stretch over 159 miles.

Almost as far as London to Sheffield.
This was the data from the Gov Covid website - deaths as of 20/2/21. We passed 140k yesterday.
It seems fitting to use a measure of 6’ per person given that was the space that was supposed to keep us all safe.

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24 Feb
🦠🦠9,938 new cases

⚰️⚰️⚰️ 442 (28 day cut off) deaths

⚰️💔⚰️💔 141,789 COVID deaths (by date of death) = TOTAL

(138,468 ONS/ Stats Authority Covid certified deaths to 12/2/21


3321 (28 day cut off by date of death) 13/3/21 - 22/2/21)

= 141,789 Covid deaths ⚰️💔 ImageImageImageImage
🏥 ADMISSIONS continue downwards. 1327

🛌 IN PATIENTS 16,803


Clearly a large reduction from the unbelievably grim peak, but still a long way to go before capacity to return to catching up with the backlog

Ventilator beds still well over capacity Image
💉 326,692 vaccine doses delivered yesterday after two low days.

💉💉 18,911,978 doses administered, total to 18,242,873 people

💉💉💉 Of those 669,105 have received two doses.

Vaccine supply has been bumpy this week, although more is expected next week. Image
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23 Feb
We will keep fighting - Good Law Project. Ayanda etc Gov spending £1 mill on costs

But the court has capped costs at £250k so I am afraid that if we don’t want the bullies to win by outspending we all have to cough up a bit more.

Getting my wallet out. goodlawproject.org/update/we-will…
We aren’t far off now.

Just another £18k to go (but would be very good to build in a load of extra £100k to pay for the GLP’s costs too.

Link for donations
Surely there’s 20k people willing to dub up £10?

Just to stop the bullies getting away with it

So @GoodLawProject need to have enough to bear their own modest costs & also ensure they have £quarter of a million if things go against them.

I really don’t think they will.

In that, case, at best, they will have a cushion to fight another battle.
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23 Feb
🦠🦠8,489 new cases but nearly a half a million Lateral Flow tests were carried out yesterday. Higher false negative rate. They seem to be replacing PCR testing increasingly.

⚰️⚰️⚰️ 548 (28 day cut off) deaths

⚰️💔⚰️💔 141,769 deaths total BY DATE OF DEATH
Death total as follows from today’s Gov COVID dashboard.

138,468 ONS/ stats authority deaths (Covid on death certificate) to 12/2/21
3321 deaths by date of death (28 day cut off)

= 141,789⚰️

We have now exceeded SAGE’s RWC scenario from July 2020 (85k deaths 1/7/20-31/3/21)
On 1/7/20 There were 56,061 COVID deaths (ONS/stats authority by date of death).

141,789 Covid deaths total to yesterday.

85,782 deaths since 1/7/20 despite 2 lockdowns, endless tiers and 11 weeks of vaccinations.

And we reached it over a month early.
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23 Feb
Just going to flag this again given mass return to school

Rhinovirus (cold virus) seems to evade Covid measures, unlike flu per ⁦@MackayIM⁩ -Virology Down Under

With time away from school can we expect a resurgence and how will that affect testing
I see the same thought is occurring in America too.

So rapid tests have a pretty high false negative rate in the community. Repeat high quality Nasopharyngeal swabs from gagging kids is going to be challenging to say the least.

Then this.
It was seen in Hong Kong
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23 Feb
Covid US death toll: Imagining what 500,000 lost lives look like - BBC News

I’d be more impressed with the BBC if they 1/ troubled to get our own death figures right (we topped 140k Covid deaths yesterday, by date of death) and did the same visualisation. bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-…
So. @BBCNews to help you. If we laid the U.K. dead head to toe (allowing 6ft for each person - also the gap that was supposed to keep us safe) it would cover the distance (159 miles)nearly from London to Sheffield (169 Miles).
These are the data (complete with screenshots from the Government website) - Covid deaths by date of death to 20/2/21

@BBCNews We are about 1k deaths off SAGE’s July 2020 RWC (85k deaths between 1st July 2020-31st March 2021) despite 2 lockdowns constant tiers and vaccinations
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22 Feb
Pathway out of lockdown paved with

-Lots of dates;

- no data; and

- a large helping of fudge
Bear in mind we are just 1.1k deaths off SAGE’s RWC scenario from last July (85k deaths 1/7/20-31/3/21). We’ll get there early.

Then have a look at the SAGE report and underlying assumptions from 7th February. All 4 scenarios lead to significant increase in hospital/deaths
Looks like the Gov is aiming for 55k more deaths scenario.

(33k - 81k deaths range)

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