Looking back to a year ago when old colleagues & I got together in Leeds to discuss a couple of years making hay swansong...have to wonder again if we did right thing by abandoning plans to Covid: we were sure UK would request transition extension as was "obvious" it'd be needed.
We started as a small freight forwarding company that grew to specialise in direct *groupage* services to the (pre-EU) Eastern European countries...esp Poland & Czech/Slovakia.
The 'big boys' were trans-shipping via Austria while we struck deals with Polish & Czech/Slovakia
hauliers/bonded w'house clearance agents & UK owner-drivers. At our 2003 peak we were getting business from across the UK with faxes coming in showing multiple sub-contracted agents all taking a cut. Funny..
We of course suffered after 2004 despite the *floods of extra traffic*
as trade barriers were *removed*...because every man and his dog could now offer direct services as trade massively expanded in both directions. Profit margins slided. The more profitable groupage became full loads.
Not good for us but damn good for those making/producing things
They no longer needed our specialist logistics & customs knowledge. Some stayed loyal but we had to constantly cut prices to keep increasing competition at bay. Instead we looked further East to focus on.
However our appetite was now less and the halcyon days were over.
Ironically they would now be better than ever for logistics & customs businesses as UK makes the whole of Europe a pre EU "Eastern Europe"....
IF of course there was enough *experience* to meet the mammoth o/night new demand. which of course there isn't & is *the* biggest problem
The race is on to converge needed experience (& infrastructure/extra holding space/fit for purpose IT etc support) with the dropping-off-a-cliff trade.
Where it will eventually settle in balance is the question. Freight esp depending on rapidity to market was always most at risk
But of course now that UK has made itself (roles reversed) the pre-EU Eastern Europe
trade flows will be accordingly much reduced & much more (ironically"premium goods") expensive..
partly to pay for us former eventual replacement experienced customs & SPS processing "bureacrats"
The Iron Curtain is long drawn back & lifted
(I experienced Checkpoint Charlie)

The Brexit Curtain is descending

• • •

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25 Feb
"I think he comes into his own, the prime minister, with his PR, & if anybody can sell to the British public 'buy red mullet, buy John Dory, buy grey mullet', then I think he will have a darn good go," she told BBC SW political editor Martyn Oates."
Forget he & his Gov lied/lies
Altogether it tells me what a superlative prize the GB public is to the worst conniving, inept, crooked, self serving "government" imaginable... & now in office.
As long as it is headed up by a an outright lying but "funny" clown they can continue manipulating & abusing
the malleable population against its better interests, despite the warnings from (us) 'mere' frontline/experienced experts always becoming fact.
These "freeport" "Private Enterprise" SEZ *Charter Cities* are thus now guaranteed as the "saviour" to a fucked Single Market economy
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23 Feb
Again not "new" rules.
And it seems yet more not understanding.
Why? @SamanthaMalin
Each member state of the EU/EEA (inc UK when a member) & EFTA/EEA has its own individual immigration rules for *non* EEA citizens.
By joining the EU or EEA (or bilateral Swiss & EU agreement) you agree to giving reciprocal freedom of movement rights to each participating/member state. What UK students are now being subjected to is each country's own sovereign *not* "new" immigration policy .
For comparison it would be like if eg France had left the EU with UK staying a member state
and then France approaching UK (any member state) to change *its* whole immigration policy to better accommodate French citizens or insert a clause to legally discriminate in their favour
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20 Feb
POLICE from more than 30 constabularies all over Britain - including Cheshire - have been redeployed to Kent to help the authorities manage Brexit traffic chaos, it has emerged.
At the same time, it underlined that the costs of calling on other forces would be met by the government. i.e. you the taxpayer warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/19104031.…
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18 Feb
There is an invisible traffic jam of UK exports building, amid increasing business risk-adverseness
Scottish Engineering CEO Paul Sheerin told the Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Tourism, Europe & External Affairs Committee a survey of the members of the association revealed that
“all those who export goods are suffering” as a result of Brexit. He said: “These problems are myriad, predominantly involving availability of logistics capacity and increased costs. But what worries them more than this is the impact on their relationships with customers.
“Delays in getting parts in, mean delays in getting goods to customers, and when parts come in late, they lack the capacity to build fast enough and address the backlog.”
Scottish engineering firms, Mr Sheerin told the MSPs, were growing increasingly anxious about the
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18 Feb
From a friend

"People don't understand the ruinous nature of nationalism and yet we had 75 million die for it only 80 years ago. People have no concept of or care for history, nor do the vast majority care about "the other" - their fellow man
As I've said a few times, only until the ramifications of Brexit have truly harmful consequences - meaning uncontestable unemployment figures or economic contractions and deep recession that can't be attributable to the pandemic, we are deeply in the shit with this.
Just like with Trump, the Tories have resuscitated themselves off the back of a leader most of them probably can't abide - & yet he engages with the (nationalist) proletariat and grants them (perceived) landslides of power. I'm guessing many within Labour felt similarly about TB.
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17 Feb
@MaelorForest Again so little understanding . It's tiresome. Mike Harvey, director at Maelor Forest Nurseries on the Brexit Irish Protocol “It’s typical that the EU puts these restrictions in place and applies them rigorously in Northern Ireland but we leave the borders open
to trees coming in from the EU including Ireland and the Netherlands" YES BECAUSE EU HAS *LEGALLY* TAKEN CONTROL OF ITS BORDERS, UNLIKE UK THAT WAS/IS NOT READY TO..
And Belfast city council,“We thought it would be teething problems that would be resolved quickly. It just seems ludicrous really,” said Fulton. “The irony is that I can now get a tree easier from Latvia than I can from Britain,
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