you know when bernie said he wanted to do all sorts of good shit everyone hit talked endlessly about "but how will he *do* it, what's his plan to get it through"

when you're a centrist, you can just go "oh, i wasn't going to actually do the things i said i would" and it's fine
see, i didn't expect bernie to actually accomplish everything he wanted, i just expected him to actually fight for it

biden's and other's plans were supposed to be more 'realistic' and thus better bc then they could 'actually pass' and whoops not happening either
"biden will hit the ground running!"

"ah! well, nevertheless,"
here's the thing about democrats:

people wouldn't be nearly as pissed at them if they looked like they were actually fighting before they lost/compromised

instead everyone pre-emptively gives up and offers rationalizations for why not even trying was the smart idea
"what do you want them to do?!?!" they ask

i, and many others, want them to at least FIGHT before giving us table scraps. that should not be a great ask

there is a brain poisoning of "if you're not 100 percent guaranteed victory, you shouldn't even bother" in dems
people would better swallow $1400 checks - which both it and $2000 checks are not nearly enough - if dems actually fought for the $2000 (preferably more) first, instead of knocking themselves down before even negotiating.
notably, that $2000 a month bill that kamala endorsed forever ago was an actually *good* idea.

why isn't she and biden using the bully pulpit every fucking day to fight for something she supposedly supports that would help millions, right?
here's another thing: "the republicans are blocking it! manchin is blocking it! sinema is blocking it!"


how about biden and other leaders go on tv and shit down their necks instead of going "we love bipartisanship and we don't wanna make anyone mad"
if republicans are a problem (they are), and manchin is a problem (he is), and sinema is a problem (she is), then democrats with power, leverage, influence should start acting like it instead of treating them as their BFFs
ronald reagan used to get on tv telling voters to call their reps to lower taxes! this is an established strategy! and the dems LOVE reagan!
bringing back schoolhouse rock to make an episode about bribes, intimidation, blackmail, leverage, so liberals can understand how congress and power in general actually works
"the rules say-" the rules say LOTS of things, i don't know why the last four years made you think the rules actually matter

• • •

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23 Feb
thinking more about that fucking contract with that company for the goddamn 'overflow migration centers'

the endless layers of how it's fucked up but the specific ways it's fucked up because a company is involved at all
the government doesn't actually build or make anything of its own, we just contract out to companies. even for our wildly overfunded military, there's no structure for "we will do this as the government because it's part of our interests and our responsibility"
"what do you want them to do?!" well, if the government actually cared about the immigrants instead of our existing scummy system, it could build its own facilities and hire social workers at good pay with benefits to run them
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23 Feb
jesse faden: so a mirror universe with an evil version of myself, eh

esseJ: >:3

jesse faden: that's predictable. and cringe

esseJ: :(
jesse faden: stop making my brother post cringe
jesse faden: oh that whole time where i was doing a hacky 'normal boring office life as a nightmare to escape from' bit makes way more sense now

alan wake: hey
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22 Feb
you know how that silicon valley guy about a week or so ago went "people seem to be changing jobs a lot, why is that", everyone said 'because companies treat us like shit', and his response to that was "we need a podcast to get to the bottom of this"
we've identified the problems, we know a lot of the solutions to many of the problems, and everyone with any kind of power just refuses to do those solutions or at least advocate for them

they just go on podcasts and TV and so on to go "gosh there are a lot of problems"
jesus fucking christ even bill clinton is doing a podcast. can't you assholes just enjoy being rich in private and go away instead of hanging around and making progress impossible
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22 Feb
organizing together the last places i want to shoot before finishing a place without bodies volume 2

i wanna get a bunch more forest photos, especially while there's still plenty of snow out, and revisit a few more locations from volume 1
there's a couple more places i haven't covered before that i wanna get to as well, but it's pretttty close to finished. hitting the (current) deadline shouldn't be a problem

i'm very excited for it, which my tone probably isn't carrying here, but
taking photos is my favorite new hobby i've taken up in ages and that i've managed to do it in a way where it helps pay bills without creatively burning me out and also people can use them for their own creative projects makes me pleased as punch
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22 Feb
i talked with someone on the Inside about the industry and marketing and sales and stuff the other night and everything about comics there is even more nonsense than i cynically imagined

which, if you know my history, is saying something
however this does follow right in line with how marvel had a scarlet witch solo book come out...

six months after her appearance in the movies
(we're not even going to go into the problem of the pre-order system and not telling people about it, or i'll be here for hours)
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22 Feb
ezra you fucking idiot they just harvested a lot of the same basic concepts that already existed in a marvel comic book, specifically tom king's The Vision series
the pitch meeting was "here is this comic book we can use as easy material for our TV show for marvel characters we haven't maximized the profit potential out of yet". The Vision had the same "you hear about sitcom families" thing and they just went further on that
furthermore, tom king's comic isn't particularly original either because "damn... the white picket fence american dream is actually FUCKED UP huh" has been explored relentlessly in literally every form of media since the fucking... sixties, i wanna say?
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