8 Success Theories that changed my life.

1) Reading daily

I started asking:

What do you want to do in life?

Has that life been done before?

Unless you are putting people on Mars, it has been done, and you can read how it was done

Reading and following the advice of others will help you find your path to success.
2) Get healthy

At a certain point, I realize that getting healthy creates a robust mindset.

The fit body is the by-product of creating discipline with food and exercise.

This discipline affects other areas of your life.

Healthy body = Limitless mindset.
3) Start saving and investing

I had debt, started there, and got get rid of it

Then saved 6 months of no job expenses

Then, invest in longer-term stocks, unlocking the power of compounding

Having systems like this in the background allows you to take tactical risks in life.
4) Put your goals in writing

I didn't know where I was going; how did I know which path was right.

Looking at my goals daily and weekly helped me make choices that kept all my actions aligned

This is one of the best strategies for finding and staying on your path to success.
5) Edit down your relationships

I went from tons of acquaintances to a few deep friendships that support my journey

I went from 4 weekly sports/social groups to 1

I created space for me to do my deep hard work

These ideas will help you on your path to success and win in life.
6) Find opportunities to help others

I was all about myself before realizing my experiences could help others.

You have done things others are trying to do, find ways to share, give and contribute

Your path to success will be shorter and more enjoyable if you do this.
7) Build social platforms (online resume)

Anon or real person, you do you

The mind shift I made here was to create as I consumed

A side hustle account can become a full-time gig

A valuable social media account can support your 9-5 and build skills

Success attracts success.
8) Make new friends

The benefits to Twitter and even dare I say it, Money Twitter will change your life, it has for me.

You are a DM/comment away from talking to people who are genuinely killing it

You are surrounded by a high concentration of like-minded people

Reach out.
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