(🧻 mini-thread) So, what makes a good deal on toilet paper?

According to the co-creator of the Toilet Paper Value Calculator: “After looking at hundreds of data points, I came to the conclusion that the deal price for quality toilet paper is:

0.253¢ per sheet."
So to receive a *passing grade* on the TPVC, the toilet paper in question has to cost <0.253¢ per sheet

To get an *A-rating*, it must beat the TP roll that TPVC co-creator Victor Ly has deduced to be the king of bath tissue deals:

👑 Costco’s Kirkland Signature toilet paper
The Costco Kirkland Signature toilet paper breakdown

Its in-store pricing* is:
🧻for a 30-roll pack
🧻w/ 425 sheets per roll

which boils down to an unbelievable 0.133¢ per sheet

(Costco increases the price to $20 for online purchases).
Though the Toilet Paper Value Calculator is a great tool to confirm a bargain price, it’s just that—a tool.

Toilet paper is a very personal thing, and a factor that makes one person’s ideal brand is another person’s dealbreaker.
We at Wirecutter used softness, cleaning power, absorption, & prevention of lint or remnants as our testing criteria for our toilet paper guide.

But those factors have little to do w/ affordability.
In contrast, the calculator’s A rating refers to affordability alone, so it’s best used only to determine whether your preferred brand—or a brand you’d like to try—is priced to sell.
With that in mind, we think the Toilet Paper Calculator is an excellent resource that can help many people cut through the marketing tactics of ply, sheets per roll, & rolls per pack to discern what's an actual deal 🏅
🚨 But for someone who's spent so much time studying TP prices, Ly has a confession:

“I may be known as the ‘Toilet Paper King’ but I’m actually a traitor to toilet paper.

I have a luxurious bidet at home, & it is truly a step up from even the highest-quality toilet paper.”
^ Along with toilet paper recommendations, we also have bidet recommendations when you're finished reeling from this devastating bombshell.

It's okay. We know. Take your time. wrctr.co/37G4Ko1
Was peace ever an option? More at 11

• • •

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23 Feb
Toilet paper manufacturers often use confusing terms to describe the strength & efficacy of their products.

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Some companies claim that one roll of their toilet paper is now the equivalent of four, or that their toilet paper is stronger or capable of cleaning better than the competition.
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Yep. A few years ago, we said that all printers suck.

In 2021, we're still saying that. Instead of finding the "best" printer, it comes more down to finding the "least-terrible" printer.

So here's a mini-thread on why all printers suck:
Like most things in life that you have no control over, you’ll be happier if you accept printers for the janky money pits that they really are.

Most of you are going to hate something about any printer that you buy, & there’s nothing you can do about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Instead of fighting it, try to reframe the issue in your mind:

You’re not buying a printer because you’re supposed to have one at home.

You’re buying a printer because it’s (just barely) less inconvenient than going to a copy center.
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