When you think about it, it is weird having the ringleaders of a violent, failed insurrection grill the security officials who they attacked on why security officials were so unprepared for their violent insurrection.
.@HawleyMO & @tedcruz orchestrated this attack on US, they wanted the attackers to win, any attempt to understand the attack that does not acknowledge this reality is a farce.
This is similar to a bunch of Confederate officers grilling Union officers at the end of the war, about why they took so long to vanquish their beloved Confederate Army. And, everyone pretending the Confederate officers did not work for Confederacy & actually wanted Union to win.

• • •

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10 Feb
Regardless of how the cowardly pro-Trump Insurrection senators vote: this presentation by House Managers prosecuting Don Trump is chilling, thorough, clear proof of his crimes against US and will serve as lasting testimony to disloyalty of him & Republican Party still backing him
Senator Romney, only Republican to vote to hold Don Trump accountable in his first impeachment, was basically alone heading towards armed mob when Officer Goodman turned him around: anyone really want to argue they would not have physically harmed him?
A vote to acquit Don Trump of inciting this violent insurrection is basically a vote that you are totally cool with ordering the assassination of @Mike_Pence & his family, in order to overthrow the republic. There is no ambiguity here: Trump was uniquely focused on Pence.
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9 Feb
Reason Don Trump's lawyer sounds confused & absurd is because there is no reasonable defense of what he did to US.
It is this simple: an acquittal vote = *for* violent insurrection, and a convict vote = *against* violent insurrection.
There is no debate on facts of what Don Trump did in orchestrating this violent insurrection, there is no debate on nature of the pro-Trump insurrection, and all of the procedural questions are bullshit. Senators are either pro-insurrection (acquit) or anti-insurrection (convict)
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8 Feb
Worth taking a look at how Republican/Trump sycophants are simultaneously downplaying their violent insurrection at Capitol on 1/6/21 and exaggerating violence at BLM protests from the summer in desperate false equivalency.
Critical points (1) Republican leaders have sort-of condemned the violence of their Insurrection, while continuing to defend the goals & methods of the violent insurrectionists (2) Insurrection encouraged by core leadership of Republican Party: president, leader in house, etc.
(3) Notice how Republicans keep omitting the police officer murdered at their Insurrection, additional deaths, and subsequent suicides by police officers (4) 140 officers were injured, not 14: biggest mass causality event in a long time
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7 Feb
So far the most excitement has come from bad bounces in the punts #SuperBowl
Kickers have gotten too good. That 49 yard field goal looked so easy.
Goal-line stand was fun, now can Patrick Mahomes bring Chiefs 99 yards?!?
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31 Jan
All Republicans in house, and 45 to 49 of 50 Republicans in senate would vote, right now, to overturn 2020 election and install Donald Trump as president for another term: move would be super popular with Republican voters.
Republican Party is a fully owned subsidiary of the Trump Family. There is no division or turmoil with the Party: crazy representative spouting xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic, antisemitic crap is not being censured by the Party because (1) they agree with her (2) base loves it.
Mainstream media, their own legitimacy built on false equivalency of the parties & false reverence for our crumbling institutions, is desperate to legitimize Republican Party, even as they very publicly backed an insurrection & would obviously end the republic to regain power.
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18 Jan
I have had same conversation 1,000's times in last 5 years:

Well-meaning academics & journalists: you should devote your time to studying disinformation from Russians on social media

Me: you should devote your time to studying disinformation from Republicans on mainstream media
False equivalency blinded journalists, but also academics, who confused falsely equating the validity the Republican & Democratic Party with "objectivity" when it was actually the exact opposite: it was blinding them from the obvious truth that one party had become disloyal to US
Everyone is comfortable chasing Russians in social media, because then you don't have to admit the org threatening US is one of two parties that dominates every aspect of our republic, and that their mode of distribution is not one of our core institutions: the mainstream media.
Read 7 tweets

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