TeamEurope dumped 4 more e-kara cartridges
one of the dumped cartridges, the SC-05 works with multiple units in addition to the e-kara, including Popira, Taiko de Popira, and Jumping Popira
It's a TV Pop cartridge, but again not sure of the full title
We know this is Hello Kitty Special, but here's the box art / cartridge scan from TE for good measure
Video for SP-05 cartridge note, XaviX audio emulation is missing many features, so this really sounds nothing like the cart
video from MAME for the Hello Kitty Special e-kara cartridge (note, emulation of looping / envelope effects is still missing, so real hardware sounds much better than this)

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23 Feb
Sean dumped one of the other NES based ones, noteworthy mostly for having instruction text copy+pasted from a DS version on the box, which talks about upper and lower screens (which obviously doesn't apply here)
this was also a regular FlashROM, as are most of the MSI units, the only exception seems to have been the Midway 3-in-1, which was just 2 globs without even anywhere easy to connect (hence why that one didn't get dumped yet) Maybe there are multiple versions of that though.
the lives counter in Dig Dug 2 also uses what looks like a corrupt tile. I have no idea why, this isn't an emulation bug, it's like this in videos I can find.
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14 Jan
So last time I upgraded to the latest Win 10 I experience an issue where if the machine had been on for more than about 20 minutes, git connections would start dropping out, meaning I couldn't make any substantial pulls or pushes. Reverting to the previous Win 10 worked.
I've waited many months now, tried updating again, same thing happens, after about 20 mins, the only way I can do any git operations without the connection being dropped is to reboot from cold.
doesn't seem to matter which USB port my wireless adapter is in, it does the same, even unplugging it / plugging it back in doesn't help.
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7 Dec 20
I guess as we head towards the end of the year I just tend to get a bit nostalgic,start to wonder what my favourite memories of contributing to MAME really have been. Was it some of the earlier stuff - improving NMK sprite decryption (Macross etc.) or Sega C2 learning Genesis hw
Maybe some of the stuff slightly after that, such as getting Sega System 32 / Multi 32 up and running in MAME, and discovering things that the Modeler emulator hadn't implemented such as the RGB controls used in Alien3
but then I think about all these absolutely terrible bootlegs, all the Korean 'garbage' and for whatever reason figuring those out, and understanding where they fit in seems to hold strong positive memories.
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30 Nov 20
While the 2020 writeup contains a lot of pictures of things we have emulated, it should also be noted that a lot of things have been dumped over the course of the year that still show nothing at all, and haven't been covered at all outside of a mention in the release whatsnew.
Sometimes this is because we don't yet emulate the required level of tech (some of the NESVT stuff) other times it's because there's likely additional Internal ROM data that needs extracting (some of the mini arcade type things)
Other times it's that I'm not really familiar with the CPU architecture, or the MAME emulation cores might not be up to scratch (LeapFrog IQuest / Turbo Extreme etc. use a 8051 based SoC and require better working serial)
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26 Nov 20
'Easy Karaoke' takes an age to boot / shut down, redraws screen rather slowly, feels very low powered, but modern.
looks like it's an ARM based device based on the markings on one of the square chips? Also I guess that's a Flash ROM on the back.
The cartridge connector is 6 pins, not even sure how you open one up, must be clipped closed but I can't unclip them. Probably an SPI ROM inside, as 6 pins isn't enough for a regular ROM.
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24 Nov 20
Team Europe dumped the Code Lyoko handheld provided by "KaruzoHikari" This 25-in-1 handheld uses the Senca 'Family Sport' game as a base, but customizes the frontend and 5 of the games with a Code Lyoko theme ImageImageImage
Code Lyoko #2 ImageImageImage
Code Lyoko #3 ImageImageImage
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