Quick thread here where as National Citizens Coalition President, Stephen Harper (who is idolized by Erin O'Toole) in 1994 speech to American Republicans explains to us all what Canadian Conservative Reform Partyism really is, and I QUOTE..
'you (American audience) are probably more knowledgeable about Canada than most Canadians.' (denigrates Canadians)

'Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it ' (denigrates Canadian Parliamentary democracy) ..

'don't feel bad for unemployed. They don't feel bad as long as they're receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance.' (kicks the unemployed in the head)

''the Senate not very important in our political system' (Denise Batshit Bananas Batters; 'nuff said)
'our Supreme Court increasingly arbitrary and non-important' (Reform Partiers hate Jesus is not banging a gavel)

''House of Commons not like your House of Representatives. Don't make that comparison.' (Proves Reform Partyiers 1st ALLEGIANCE is to America NOT to Canada)
NDP is kind of proof that the Devil lives and interferes in the affairs of men' (Religious insanity)

''Canadian Labour Congress is explicitly radical' (Reform Partyiers hate working people organizing for their rights)
'It (Liberal Party) has governed almost all of the last hundred years, probably about 75% of the time' (from what you have read so far you I am certain you can see there has been good reason for that)
'Liberals believe in government intrusion in the economy' (ya know like trickle down tax cuts funneling money from the poor to the rich or the biggest govt intrusion of all; attacking women's reproduction rights or something)
'Liberals enacted comprehensive gun control, well beyond, I think, anything you have' (Reform Partyiers would gleefully welcome American style rampant continuous mass shootings here')
'Liberal Party believes in gay rights..' (Reform Partiers are gawdawful homophobic bigots)
'Progressive Conservatives are very definitely LIBERAL Republican (moderate, sane, rationals Conservatives are not RW extremist enough for Reform Partiers ... and haven't a high enough dosage of with not high enough does of Jesus on the brain)
'PC’s are for multicultural policies' (but they still invent fake crap about 'illegal migrants anyway. Asylum seekers are not 'illegal.' They're legal under domestic AND international human rights law)
'The Reform Party is much closer to what you would call ...a conservative Republican movement' (ya know, the kind that locks poor migrant children in cages..)
'Last year, when we had the Liberal government putting the protection of sexual orientation in our Human Rights Act, the Reform Party was opposed' (I invite you to post your own rebuttal to that disgusting garbage)
'(Reform Party founder) Manning is a Christian, as are most of the party's senior people' (Translate and, 'we oppose human rights to anyone who isn't,' and brown skin people with funny sounding last names at the border probably aren't)
'Atlantic Canada is weak economically.' (boots Maritimers, who work FUCKIN HARD) in the head)
'Quebec's ethnic-special-status principles are completely unacceptable' (Ignorant and stupid anti-French anti-Quebec bigotry, the staple which the Reform Party bus of ass backwards hillbillies rode to Ottawa from Alberta on)
‘NDP is not an important player' (demeans the Party that introduced our universal health care system)
'Obviously, the issue here is not slavery, but the appeasement of ethnic nationalism' (more ugly intolerance appealing to bigots and racists. The target has since moved on from anti-Frenchie bigotry to gays, women, Muslims and anyone a darker skin shade than a Remple)
'For years we have given concessions of various kinds to the province of Quebec, political and economic' (actually for years QC and ON for that matter subsidized AB, not to mention both ON and QC taxpayers ante up FAR MORE in taxes for equalization than Alberta taxpayers do)
'So you see the syndrome we're in. The Reform Party is a bastion of resistance to this tendency.' (the Reform Party is in a flat out resistance to CANADA)
'The establishment came down with a constitutional package ..the package included .. changes, including some that would just horrify you, putting universal Medicare in our constitution and feminist rights' (Who do Reform Partiers despise MOST? Universal healthcare or WOMEN?)
'a (constitutional) proposal supported by the entire Canadian political establishment' (No shit. Except for Reform Partiers. Only religiously insane people and jackasses oppose human rights and women's rights)
'As long as there are exams, there will always be prayer in schools.' (Jesus in schools)

The End.
I hope you enjoyed.

• • •

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