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Ever have a day on social media where you just wish you had a stock meme to direct at any & all conservative trolls and cultists? Something like "You're wrong, and you're wrong, and you? You are especially wrong!"? This trying to explain basic things is exhausting. #cdnpoli 1/10
I am so done with conspiracy theorists. No. No one is trying to insert tracking devices in your body, or monitor whether you have had all the vaccines they want you to have. 2/10
No. The country is not being destroyed by the Liberals. Real people are being helped by the COVID programs. Your political masters may prefer that everyone is desperate and destitute, but that is inhumane, nasty, and not what Canada is about. 3/10
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With #TrudeauDictatorship trending across across Canada (thanks Russia), I thought it would be prudent to share a short list of accomplishments by the Trudeau Government that strengthen and protect our democratic institutions. #thread #cdnpoli #onpoli Image
Passed Bill C-50, providing greater transparency around political fundraising events by letting Canadians know who is attending, where and when they are happening, and the amount required to attend. #cdnpoli
Passed Bill C-76 a overhaul of the Canada Elections Act that will take steps to make our elections more accessible, more secure, and more transparent. It also reverses the changes to the Elections Act that the Conservatives put in place, which impeded Canadians’ ability to vote.
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Here is what a correction of fact looks like. The CBC's budget is about $1.5B. One-third of that amount is raised by the CBC via subscription and advertising revenue. Therefore only about $1B comes from the taxpayer. See, that's how it is done. #cdnpoli
Preemptive screenshot:
More up-to-date numbers from the CBC's 2018-9 Annual Report: Spending, $1.754B; Government support, $1.214B; Revenue (advertising, subscriptions, etc.) $.490B. Ad revenue is down, as it is across the industry.
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This week on @TheWestBlock Fin Min @Bill_Morneau joins us promising no new taxes despite #COVID19 spending. Will he commit to a fiscal update before Parliament rises? What about protection for Cdn companies that Chinese and Saudi state owned entities want to scoop up? #cdnpoli
Plus @David_Mulroney talks about #China. He says the "mask" is slipping and we are seeing what China is really about following the Chinese Ambassador's interview on @TheWestBlock last week where a clear link as made between the two detained Canadians and Ms. Wanzhou #cdnfp
And @PeterMacKay joins us to discuss the Conservative leadership race. What's his big idea for Canada? Why has his campaign stumbled so much? Does he still want that fall election he was talking abt? Does he think the #CPCLDR team should have kicked out @jimkarahalios #cdnpoli
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China's moves to impose a "national security" law onto #HongKong are just the latest in a long series of attempts to erode the freedoms and undermine the democratic institutions of Hong Kong. Last year MLI hosted a delegation to discuss this. @nathanlawkc…
As @nathanlawkc explained last year, the situation in #HongKong has been becoming increasingly dire, and as Hong Kong serves as the "front line" of democracy, Beijing's authoritarian moves against the territory have global implications. #cdnpoli #cdnfp
With some 300,000 Canadians living and working in #HongKong, and with China breaking its commitments under the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration (which Canada supported), Martin Lee told @cburton001 that Canada has a moral obligation to speak up.…
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Q: @steeletalk: “Why didn’t Ottawa get #PPE supplies from Western companies?
A: They didn’t on purpose. One MP called it a ‘national scandal’.” Here’s why: Blacklock’s Reporter @steele… @MatthewGreenNDP @KellyMcCauleyMP @PSPC_SPAC 1/ ...
“They were stuck with Chinese #PPE vendors, overcharged, got shoddy goods, late delivery and won’t name them. They say for national security. Lots of eye rolling by MPs.” #cdnpoli @PSPC_SPAC @CPHO_Canada 2/...
Q @steeletalk: “How much did they pay for these Chinese suppliers? A: They won’t say that either. That’s nobody’s business! In one case they believe a supplier in People’s Republic #China was prepaid $100M. What happened with the shipment, we don’t know.” 3/...
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Wow, Interesting. I just noticed that there seems to be a belief that the "illegal gun problem" in Canada is (partly) because of First Nations. 1/ #gunban #cdnpoli
Now, I don't generally travel in the sort of circles that have any knowledge about gun smuggling, So, perhaps, as one <25 follower responder told me, my ignorance is showing. OK. Fair enough. I have always believed if you don't know something, it's good to ask questions... 2/
Apparently, in some people's minds, it is bad to ask questions. I wonder if these are the same people who never asked questions in school when they didn't understand something and, because of that, wound up with a less fulsome education? 3/
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Snowbirds press conference beginning now. Both commanders walk out in masks, remove them to speak. They being with condolences to Captain Casey's family and well wishes to Captain MacDougall #CAF
#BREAKING LCol Mike French begins to lay out the timeline of what happened. LCol French says the two person crew both ejected from the aircraft #CAF
LCol French: Captain Casey absolutely loved this job. She had just received a coin to recognize her efforts and she was being nominated for the CDS' commendation #CAF
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The Global article about the mostly UCP bots in the previous AB election quotes Duff Conacher as asserting that the federal Liberals "relaxed laws" that make it harder to do anything about it. No details. I wonder if Mr. Conacher would supply them here. #cdnpoli @DuffConacher
Fact correction. It was a CTV not Global article. Here's the link:…
Another fact-correction, my bad. The quotation marks should around "weakening laws", not "relaxed laws".
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For the nth time. No Liberal - not the PM, nor any MP - or public servant *ever* called those taxpayers “tax cheats”. Tax *avoidance* is not illegal. It is the government’s job to close tax loopholes that are unfair to the general taxpayer. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ Closing those loopholes is tax reform. The Liberal government followed the usual means and methods for tax reform. Some Canadian Controlled Private Corporations saw their legal tax-avoidance loopholes closed. /3
3/ Of course they didn’t like that. Their associations, lobbyists, tax-accountants, and the Conservatives all tried the “tax-cheats” accusation to elicit sympathy, but the phrase was never used by the Liberals. Ever.
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When asked about detention #TwoMichaels #MichaelKOVRIG #MichaelSPAVOR, Cong Peiwu,#China's Ambassador to Canada 🇨🇳@ChinaEmbOttawa (0:33):"There's nothing like hostage-taking".
@amandacconn @MercedesGlobal @globalnews

Nà shì húshuō

AND, I mean EVERY Chinese character. *Reader may use Google Translate.

After attempting to deny it is, in fact,a "hostage-taking" and feebly trying to wrap it in the robes of judicial righteousness, Cong Peiwu clumsily fumbles & ends up directly linking it #MengWanzhou case.
(0:59-1:16) "But, I would like to take this opportunity to come out, where actually the biggest issue in our bilateral relationship is still Meng Wanzhou's case. So that's why we have made our position very clear, to make sure that she's back in China, smoothly and safely."
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The Macdonald-Laurier letter in question is signed by a collection of disaffected and terminally partisan Conservatives who don't seem to realize that lockdown decisions are provincial, not federal.… via @nationalpost #cdnpoli
Conservatives first complained that the federal government did not adopt harsh measures soon enough, now they complain that the government's "tone" is too fearful and negative. IMHO if M-L enjoyed any credence, it has lost it with this one.
With Conservative polling being rock-bottom and the CPC's leadership contest uninspired, expect more hit pieces like this from supposed "think tanks".
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I am so angry right now that I’m really struggling to keep my rage in check - bear with me... unless you’re @globeandmail, in which case, brace yourself for the shitnado.

Let’s begin# with this CTV report. Make note of the bylines. #cdnpoli #bcpoli…
If you looked at the byline, you’ll see this - two journalists; Hina Alam of @CTVNews BC - a #yeg media alum & a damn solid reporter - and Nick Wells. (I’m not familiar with Wells, and this isn’t about him, & I’ve no doubt he’s a solid reporter). #cdnpoli #bcpoli
As often happens with CTV reports, @globeandmail picked up the story and published it under their banner.

With one small (not friggen small at all) change.

Note the byline.

#cdnpoli #bcpoli
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Well, in fact, the current government re-funded the Conservatives' CRA budget cuts to the tax-evasion effort. Facts in replies. #cdnpoli
And this is about the Liberals increasing CRA's budget for the purpose of pursuing tax-evasion. Facts matter, eh?…
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LOL. The "foreign numbers" are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. The mind boggles at the susceptibility and gullibility of the anti-anti constituency. Do they want I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII etc. instead? #cdnpoli
I think the Romans are "foreign", too 🤔.
And, technically, the "foreign numbers" are Hindu-Arabic.
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Argh! CBC's The National host wonders how Canada will get its finances back "on track". Does "on track" mean "balance"? A pair of ludicrous concepts given the global situation of quasi-shuttered economies and a virus still stalking in the streets. /2 #cdnpoli @CBCTheNational
2/ Can the CBC find some *fiscal* experts to explain to the viewing public and to the CBC itself what fiscal and monetary efforts are ongoing and why? Why is the basis for discussion a Conservative talking-point ("balance") from the 1990s? /3
3/ Surely the focus is to get an ***economy*** underway while also ensuring maximum public safety. This is the risk-versus-action "balance" the CBC should be talking about, not some outdated fiscal concept that the Conservatives are obsessed with.
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1/4 #COVID19 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia

It's pretty incredible that @TerryGlavin & @macleans stole my research & not only repackaged it without proper credit, but also managed to grossly politicize as disciples of David Pecker

See 2/4 for details, @charlesadler…
2/4 #COVID19 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia

This is my original research that was shared by Dr. David Fisman with the research & medical communities on May 9

Perhaps @TerryGlavin, @macleans & @charlesadler can explain where Terry got his "exclusive" idea on May 14…
3/4 #COVID19 #CDNpoli #CDNmedia

In the course of @TerryGlavin & @macleans theft of my work, they cited one single research paper compared to the 40+ studies cited in my non-politicized version

I even added more, prior to their racist "exclusive"

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So the Conservatives (Mr. Poilievre) are concerned that a major public COVID-19 program might be subject to some fraud. This is rich coming from the party that cheats in elections. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ The 2006 In-and Out Scheme by which the Conservatives exceeded allowable campaign spending limits; Pierre Poutine; Mr. Poilievre himself (subject to a compliance agreement with Elections Canada).
I’ll add that the Conservatives gutted the section at CRA that pursued the *big* cheats: tax-evaders. The Liberals re-funded CRA’s budget for the purpose but a lot of institutional expertise was lost.
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau begins his daily briefing by announcing the launch of the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans which will be located at McMaster university #cdnpoli #veterans
PM is also announcing help for fish harvesters: "If you’re expecting a 25% drop in income this season, you’ll get support to cover 75% of your losses, up to about $10,000." #cdnpoli
PM Trudeau announces "some good news" on national parks. As of the beginning of June Canadians will be able to use some trails and green spaces where physical distancing is possible. #cdnpoli
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"Canada was conspicuously NOT on the invitation list. Any guess why?"[emphasis added]

Amongst our traditional allies, Canada is no longer counted as one of the "trusted partners". There is a reason.…

'Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.' @OED

"When confronting an arrogant regime like the one in Beijing today, Canada should display more Churchill and less Chamberlain." @nationalpost

In trying so hard to please & garner support #China, @JustinTrudeau placed Canada's eggs in the wrong basket. Norway and Ireland, in all likelihood, will emerge with two non-permanent #UNSC seats. Canada, then for as long as #TRUDEAU remains PM, will be shunted.
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Brace yourselves Alberta! The de facto head of Kenney’s “economic recovery” panel, former PM Stephen Harper, has a plan for our post-COVID economy. And it’s ugly. He thinks corporations and the rich will be our saviours. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab…
And as of on cue, the other prominent member of Kenney’s panel, corporate lap-dog economist Jack Mintz, chimes in with a call for massive public sector layoffs. These two seem intent on turning the Alberta economy into a smoking crater in the ground.…
The right wing’s corporate agenda was generating a world of a few “haves” and many “have nots” even before the pandemic. This crushing inequality will just get worse if we follow Harper/Mintz. @JimboStanford offers a glimpse at a better approach.…
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This is our dear sweet Nicky P @cravecreative


........another concerned Canadian.
This is Nicky P @cravecreative

Why not give her a follow?

She is smart, and my amazing friend!
This is Nicky P @cravecreative

REAL Canadians for Canadians!

The people that make up the heart and soul of Canada.

The heartbeat of the great WHITE NORTH!!!!

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Has anyone taken note of the peculiar antics of Scheer, CPC MPs and senators, leadership contestants, and conservative media lately? Wouldn't you think, in the middle of a global pandemic, they would be trying to help, instead of posting conspiracy theories? #cdnpoli 1/8
Shouldn't they, if their goal is to improve life for Canadians, be applauding the positive moves and trying to amicably help to get the country through this? And yet, they are quarreling and obstructing and trying to undermine faith in the government and health officials. 2/8
That seems a bit odd, doesn't it? They are clearly not focusing on the pandemic or Canadians. Instead they are desperately trying to topple the government. At this very worst time for an election. Why do you suppose they are behaving this way? Well, I have a theory... 3/8
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Ms. Caron has two problems (at least). One is that she's stuck in the 1990s. The other is that she misquotes people to try to make a partisan point. First, the cost of servicing debt is very low compared to the 1990s. Long-term interest rates flirt with inversion. /2 #cdnpoli
Nations everywhere (EU, UK, US, etc.) are spending similar amounts to support economic participants until the virus passes and the economy can emerge from quasi-coma status. Second, Mr. Trudeau also referred to GDP growth as being a factor in balancing budgets. /3
3/ In the new modern monetary theory era, balancing budgets as a fiscal goal is irrelevant. What matters is that inflation not rear its ugly head. If it does, governments and central banks have measures they can use to tamp it down. /4
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