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What is the job of government? Think about that for a moment. What should the government be doing? What are we paying them to do? 1/25
#cdnpoli #elxn43
The Constitution Act of 1867 says the role of government in Canada is "peace, order, and good government". It sounds a bit quaint, but it is included in the Constitution Acts of many Commonwealth countries, like Australia, New Zealand, etc. 2/25
Americans have "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". Sounds very free-wheeling and individualistic. Given the sh*t-show in the US, I'll have me some peace, order and good government, thanks. 3/25
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Your minister of finance engaged in insider trading. Also forgot about his villa in France. #cdnpoli
Trudeau; You blew the Asia Pacific deal. #cdnpoli
You blew the helicopter deal with the Philippines. #cdnpoli
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The deadline for appealing Truchon & Gladu decision is Friday Oct 18. It appears that the strategy of our elected leaders is to quietly run out the clock. That is within their power to do. What is within our power, is to bear witness to their reprehensible conduct. #elxn43
If this decision to remove a fundamental safeguard from #MAiD is NOT appealed, a profound change of great consequence to every Canadian, will have been made by a single judge in a provincial lower court. There are two dangerous outcomes from this decision… #elxn43 #cdnpoli
1st, decision declares that objectives of fostering equality, avoiding disability stereotypes & preventing suicide are “too broad” to serve as basis for legislation. 2nd, decision strikes down requirement that natural death be “reasonably foreseeable” in order to die by #MAiD
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ICYMI: The lastest @MainStResearch numbers for @ipoliticsca shows the @liberal_party with a slight lead for the first time in weeks, the @CPC_HQ down and the @NDP over 18%…

#elxn43 #cdnpoli
@MainStResearch @ipoliticsca @liberal_party @CPC_HQ @NDP And of course, my updated seat count as follows.

@liberal_party - 168
@CPC_HQ - 102
@BlocQuebecois - 37
@ndp - 28
@CanadianGreens - 3
@MainStResearch @ipoliticsca @liberal_party @CPC_HQ @NDP @BlocQuebecois @CanadianGreens Despite some challenges in Quebec and BC with the rise of the Bloc and NDP, the Liberals have gained on the Conservatives Daily, and now have a slight lead

Where is it coming from? the seat rich GTA

#elxn43 #cdnpoli
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Our new blog is a quick digest to help Canadians through their thinking as they weigh the importance of climate policy on Monday. Thread below. #cdnpoli #elxn43
Why does Canada need climate policy in the first place? The reality is that Canada can’t afford to ignore climate change. Inaction is far more expensive than climate ambition.
Canadian leadership is important. We are one of the largest greenhouse-gas emitting nations—top 10 by most measures. If we don’t lead by example, we have no standing to push for greater ambition from other nations.
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Where do the parties stand on important housing issues?

Along with @CHRA_ACHRU and the @CAEHomelessness, we asked the parties about some crucial housing issues. Here are their responses:
#elxn43 #cdnpoli
@CHRA_ACHRU @CAEHomelessness "Does your party commit to maintaining federal leadership and investment to address access to safe, affordable, and adequate housing?"…
@CHRA_ACHRU @CAEHomelessness "Does your party commit to the development and adequate funding of a distinct urban, rural and northern Indigenous Housing Strategy that would include proper governance processes?"…
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@andykemp16 @kenthehr Easy.
1. Increased funding for programs (done).
2. Brought in Pension For Life (although most vets are choosing to take Pain & Suffering Compensation in lump sum payment) while maintaining psycho-social & vocational Rehab programs (done). /2
@andykemp16 @kenthehr 3. New Income Replacement Benefit allows for the first $20K in employment earnings to not be deducted $ for $ from the payable IRB benefit (done).
4. IRB bumped up to 90% of vet's salary upon release (done). /3
@andykemp16 @kenthehr 5. Implemented & paid out Retrospective Lump Sum Payments to vets that were previously granted Disability Award payments from 2006 to 2017 as rates of disability paid were found to be too low (done).
6. Established a Veterans Emergency Fund (done). /4
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Years back I complained to Ontario SEC about Climate Fraud in Canada. AER refused to investigate but my affidavit made its way to @OSFICanada. My sworn affidavit sent to Trudeau via Bardish Chagger and is at Wilfred Laurier here.…
Rob Peterson of Imperial Oil lied to people saying CO2 was not harmful. He wrote the second document here. It went against the finding of their own corporate reports which identified the risk. They funded the denial too.
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I am reposting my thread verbatim on Trudeau hashtags as Twitter censored the last one. This is mostly a point of principle! [Thread] 1/ In the following analysis, you will see pro-Trump accounts still dominating anti-Trudeau hashtags #cdnpoli
2/ Firstly I compiled samples from the beginning, middle an end of September, and also the 13th of October. These samples were mostly of the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag, as it seems to be the most enduring, and existed before Trudeau's blackface debacle. The sample totalled around
3/The total sample included over 100,000 tweets, retweets, mentions and replies. Once I removed duplicates, these were produced by around 12,000 unique accounts. That's actually not that many. It would suggest that much of the #TrudeauMustGo discourse is produced by a relatively
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[Thread] 1/ This thread is a comparison of negative Twitter campaigning regarding Trudeau and Scheer. Negative campaigning is the spreading of negative information about a candidate. The purpose is to see which candidate has had more negative campaigns about them. #elxn43
2/ For this experiment, I used the tool trendogate - which logs historical trends in the world. I then searched for multiple negative campaigns. For Trudeau these were "trudeau must go", "trudeau black face", "trudeau black face" & "trudeau must go to jail" #elx43 #cdnpoli
3/ For Scheer the hashtags were "scheer disaster" "scheer hypocrisy"never scheer" "scheer cuts". Note: Some popular hashtags I searched did not return any results. E.g. #trudeaucorruption . This could be because they never were sufficient enough to trend, or some glitch in
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Attached is a link to a video and text from today's Lisa LaFlamme interview with Andrew Scheer. A few things stand out. He refers to the need for fiscal flexibility. We already have it and it's measured by our debt-rating, which is Triple-A (the highest). /2 #cdnpoli #elxn43
2/ Mr. Scheer refers to fiscal messes having been left. On the contrary, our fiscal situation has continued to improve over the last four years. The cost of servicing our federal debt has plummeted from 15.3% of expenses in 2006-7 to 6.6% in 2017-8. /3
3/ Mr. Scheer refers to public transit. Bringing back the public transit non-refundable boutique tax-credit will do nothing for public transit ridership. It didn't last time. He does plan to cut infrastructure spending and that *will* undermine investment in public transit. /4
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Cdn media completely failed us these past 4 years. All they brought us was Trump and #CPC hijinks when they ought to have been reporting on the 92% of 2015 promises #LPC made to us and kept. THAT is informing the voting public, which is what media is meant to do. #cdnpoli
How many recall a 'scandal' about what the Trudeau family wore in India, but not that 44% of long-term drinking advisories affecting federally-supported #FirstNations were removed by 07/18? P.S., the India Press loved both the Trudeaus AND their clothing.…
And while India was tweeting out its adoration for our PM and family, someone in CA was posting facebook assassination threats 'wishing Trudeau dead.' Not covering all of these events, dear media, is a GREAT BIG FAIL. We deserve so much better. #cdnpoli…
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I heckled you @JustinTrudeau in Cambridge Ontario after spending years sending data to Bardish, the SEC and RCMP specific to the fraud and corruption I witnessed regarding pipelines. You did nothing. I still stand by my words. #cdnpoli #ElectionsCanada #Election2019
I told you of the climate fraud via sworn affidavit. I gave a copy to Bardish regarding RBC and Imperial Oil Climate fraud. A copy is at Wilfred Laurier Archives. Here it is:…
Rob Peterson was CEO of Imperial Oil when he wrote this article that refuted their own corporate studies. He later worked as a Director at RBC while Exxon funded climate denial.
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Ahead of #elxn43, I invited federal leaders to discuss the key issues of housing, transit, & opioids with me. All agreed except for Andrew Scheer. When I read his platform I knew why. It's clear to me that Andrew Scheer would be worse than Stephen Harper. #cdnpoli #vanpoli
🏠On housing Andrew Scheer would move us backwards and make housing less affordable.

🚝On transit Andrew Scheer’s $18B cut to infrastructure would kill SkyTrain to UBC.

🚑On opioids Andrew Scheer would drag us back into court while more people die.

#cdnpoli #vanpoli #elxn43
To be clear: not telling people who to vote for.

But I do want to tell people in Vancouver that if you care about housing, transit and opioids – and I know most people do – Andrew Scheer would be worse than Stephen Harper.

#cdnpoli #vanpoli #elxn43
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Please feel free to add anything I may have missed.
@JustinTrudeau & @liberal_party's accolades include:

▪️Handing a $42B steel contract with China Vs Canadians.
▪️Groping a reporter.
▪️Removing 99yrs worth of climate data to suit their agenda.
@JustinTrudeau @liberal_party ▪️Breaking ethics laws left, right, & center.
▪️Allows foreign funding to shape Canada's future.
▪️Obstructing judicial processes.
▪️Trillions of liters of sewage dumped in to Canada's waters.
▪️Allowed 2 Canadians to be beheaded.
@JustinTrudeau @liberal_party ▪️Invented news ways of taxing already strapped Canadians.
▪️Their leader wore blackface 3x's that we know of.
▪️Vilified Canadians.
▪️Shaming Canadians domestically & on the world stage.
▪️Created identity politics that is dividing the nation.
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What I’m seeing right now is that the Conservative party was serve the interest of giant fossil fuel companies. They doesn’t even care about the environment and the ordinary people’s lives, even their own voters. Seriously, you really want him in charge?…
The autocratic conservative government across the world are moving right now they’re thwart and discredit environment and human rights . Jason Kenney described in glowing terms how harshly Russia . It couldn’t be more apparent what they believes.#cdnpoli…
People are usually extremely had a short memory about the bad things, which is what the conservatives are sellout to voters.Go back to the good old days? When Justin Trudeau believes that Canada should invest for the better future conservatives only want suck more money #cdnpoli
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This vote splitting garbage has me LIVID.

I will vote for the person with the greatest chance of beating the Con. Period.

As for all the Singh purists, I am beyond up. Know why? Keep reading.../1
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
I started this election season truly supporting Mr. Singh. I saw a man who was passionate, articulate, charismatic. Turns out I was conned by an opportunist put in place by the NDP. They saw those traits & exploit them to save their dying party, regardless of 0 experience../2
At 1st I thought Mr Singh was very upfront & relatable. Turns out he went to an expensive private school in the states & is currently worth over $4 million. Meanwhile, he stayed silent while Scheer was attacked for misrepresenting his socioeconomic status.
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Lizzo's boys as #NDP candidates: thread

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #InItForYou
I like big boys
itty bitty boys
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The Conservative party could arrested and charging you for you had a trip to Syria or Yemen. This is what the authoritarian country likes to do. What they are saying is very dangerously. If the conservatives was in charge, this could be used to against their political opponents.
You have already seen what Russia did this to their own people right? Just imagine if Justin Trudeau lost the election and Andrew Scheer was in charge, he passed this law in parliament and every non conservative voters because this law was been rushed off their rights to vote.
Conservatives doesn’t know how to handle the terrorism , they didn’t even directly answer the reporter’s question, but they’ll lies to you for the political interests, they’re the enemy of Canada democracy. #ScheerCuts #ScheerDisaster #cdnpoli #VoteForTrudeau #dictatorship
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[Thread] 1/ I have compiled a lot of data over the past month on various Trudeau hashtags. In this analysis I compiled samples from the past 1.5 months In the following analysis, you will see pro-Trump accounts still dominating anti-Trudeau hashtags #cdnelxn2019 #cdnpoli
2/ Firstly I compiled samples from the beginning, middle an end of September, and also the 13th of October. These samples were mostly of the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag, as it seems to be the most enduring, and existed before Trudeau's blackface debacle. The sample totalled around
3/The total sample included over 100,000 tweets, retweets, mentions and replies. Once I removed duplicates, these were produced by around 12,000 unique accounts. That's actually not that many. It would suggest that much of the #TrudeauMustGo discourse is produced by a relatively
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Many sites can show you who the best strategic vote is ie

Unless you are a wealthy straight white Christian male you WILL be negatively affected by a Con govt
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
A thread on Andrew Scheer's Statement of Life (2017) where he lays out his ideas about women's health, dying with dignity, LGBTQ, etc #elxn43 #CountryOverParty
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As I ponder last-minute Thanksgiving dinner preps, I consider how much Canadians have to be thankful for and the risk our hitherto successful nation faces, a risk that IMHO began in AB, which has an American outlook for historical and oil industry reasons. /2 #cdnpoli #elxn43
2/ Very gradually, an AB Reform movement got going and various pro-Reform Conservative "think tanks" were established to boost AB's oil fortunes. Jason Kenney's bunker fantasies notwithstanding, a lot of pro-oil/Conservative money sloshed into Canada, mainly from the US. /3
3/ A concerted effort has been made to shift Canada to the right - with the help of a concentrated corporate/American hedge-fund media - and now the oil industry is absolutely desperate to avoid having its assets stranded. SNC-L's fiduciary efforts are pitiful by comparison. /4
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Lots of speculation about who was around Mr Trudeau security wise last night. It was RCMP ERT with one Toronto ETF member working with the team. They can do close protection when required. They’re always around but you very rarely see them in the protection box #cdnpoli #elxn43
lots of folks see green and assume JTF2 - their uniforms when they actually wear them look quite different and they do protection overseas not in Canada. ERT has plenty of vets serving but are not military, they’re highly trained tactical police officers #cdnpoli #Elxn43
I was confused by the button up shirts and logos on the uniforms at first - different from what I’ve seen before. Multiple security sources say they are ERT. There is a national program crest but also divisional ERT crests. That’s the O Division ERT crest #cdnpoli #elxn43
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In July, the @CPC_HQ began a 100 Day countdown: #100Days100Fails.

Since July, myself & others have been calling out the countdown on a daily basis.

You can find @AndrewScheer's #100Days100Lies threaded below.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #CanadaVotes #canadavotes2019
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer PREFACE: The early fact-checking threads can be on the lighter side, but as the days crawled on, they do become more detailed, if you can bear with me 🤘
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer Day 1/#100Days100Lies

The CPC confuses a 73% tax rate applied to investment income paid out from a corp to a business owner’s personal account w a tax hike.

Tax on $$ reinvested in the company is unchanged.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #FactsMatter

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