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What I’m seeing right now is that the Conservative party was serve the interest of giant fossil fuel companies. They doesn’t even care about the environment and the ordinary people’s lives, even their own voters. Seriously, you really want him in charge?…
The autocratic conservative government across the world are moving right now they’re thwart and discredit environment and human rights . Jason Kenney described in glowing terms how harshly Russia . It couldn’t be more apparent what they believes.#cdnpoli…
People are usually extremely had a short memory about the bad things, which is what the conservatives are sellout to voters.Go back to the good old days? When Justin Trudeau believes that Canada should invest for the better future conservatives only want suck more money #cdnpoli
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This vote splitting garbage has me LIVID.

I will vote for the person with the greatest chance of beating the Con. Period.

As for all the Singh purists, I am beyond up. Know why? Keep reading.../1
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
I started this election season truly supporting Mr. Singh. I saw a man who was passionate, articulate, charismatic. Turns out I was conned by an opportunist put in place by the NDP. They saw those traits & exploit them to save their dying party, regardless of 0 experience../2
At 1st I thought Mr Singh was very upfront & relatable. Turns out he went to an expensive private school in the states & is currently worth over $4 million. Meanwhile, he stayed silent while Scheer was attacked for misrepresenting his socioeconomic status.
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Lizzo's boys as #NDP candidates: thread

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #InItForYou
I like big boys
itty bitty boys
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The Conservative party could arrested and charging you for you had a trip to Syria or Yemen. This is what the authoritarian country likes to do. What they are saying is very dangerously. If the conservatives was in charge, this could be used to against their political opponents.
You have already seen what Russia did this to their own people right? Just imagine if Justin Trudeau lost the election and Andrew Scheer was in charge, he passed this law in parliament and every non conservative voters because this law was been rushed off their rights to vote.
Conservatives doesn’t know how to handle the terrorism , they didn’t even directly answer the reporter’s question, but they’ll lies to you for the political interests, they’re the enemy of Canada democracy. #ScheerCuts #ScheerDisaster #cdnpoli #VoteForTrudeau #dictatorship
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[Thread] 1/ I have compiled a lot of data over the past month on various Trudeau hashtags. In this analysis I compiled samples from the past 1.5 months In the following analysis, you will see pro-Trump accounts still dominating anti-Trudeau hashtags #cdnelxn2019 #cdnpoli
2/ Firstly I compiled samples from the beginning, middle an end of September, and also the 13th of October. These samples were mostly of the #TrudeauMustGo hashtag, as it seems to be the most enduring, and existed before Trudeau's blackface debacle. The sample totalled around
3/The total sample included over 100,000 tweets, retweets, mentions and replies. Once I removed duplicates, these were produced by around 12,000 unique accounts. That's actually not that many. It would suggest that much of the #TrudeauMustGo discourse is produced by a relatively
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Many sites can show you who the best strategic vote is ie

Unless you are a wealthy straight white Christian male you WILL be negatively affected by a Con govt
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
A thread on Andrew Scheer's Statement of Life (2017) where he lays out his ideas about women's health, dying with dignity, LGBTQ, etc #elxn43 #CountryOverParty
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As I ponder last-minute Thanksgiving dinner preps, I consider how much Canadians have to be thankful for and the risk our hitherto successful nation faces, a risk that IMHO began in AB, which has an American outlook for historical and oil industry reasons. /2 #cdnpoli #elxn43
2/ Very gradually, an AB Reform movement got going and various pro-Reform Conservative "think tanks" were established to boost AB's oil fortunes. Jason Kenney's bunker fantasies notwithstanding, a lot of pro-oil/Conservative money sloshed into Canada, mainly from the US. /3
3/ A concerted effort has been made to shift Canada to the right - with the help of a concentrated corporate/American hedge-fund media - and now the oil industry is absolutely desperate to avoid having its assets stranded. SNC-L's fiduciary efforts are pitiful by comparison. /4
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Lots of speculation about who was around Mr Trudeau security wise last night. It was RCMP ERT with one Toronto ETF member working with the team. They can do close protection when required. They’re always around but you very rarely see them in the protection box #cdnpoli #elxn43
lots of folks see green and assume JTF2 - their uniforms when they actually wear them look quite different and they do protection overseas not in Canada. ERT has plenty of vets serving but are not military, they’re highly trained tactical police officers #cdnpoli #Elxn43
I was confused by the button up shirts and logos on the uniforms at first - different from what I’ve seen before. Multiple security sources say they are ERT. There is a national program crest but also divisional ERT crests. That’s the O Division ERT crest #cdnpoli #elxn43
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In July, the @CPC_HQ began a 100 Day countdown: #100Days100Fails.

Since July, myself & others have been calling out the countdown on a daily basis.

You can find @AndrewScheer's #100Days100Lies threaded below.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #CanadaVotes #canadavotes2019
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer PREFACE: The early fact-checking threads can be on the lighter side, but as the days crawled on, they do become more detailed, if you can bear with me 🤘
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer Day 1/#100Days100Lies

The CPC confuses a 73% tax rate applied to investment income paid out from a corp to a business owner’s personal account w a tax hike.

Tax on $$ reinvested in the company is unchanged.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #FactsMatter

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In 2015, @CPC_HQ spent a lot of time & $$ telling us Trudeau was #JustNotReady even tho Trudeau was world traveled, grew up steeped in politics, had 2 university degrees, had worked various jobs, including a few yrs as a teacher, & had been an MP for 7 yrs.
This year, @CPC_HQ spent a lot of time & $$ telling us Trudeau is #NotAsAdvertised even tho their own leader spent the last 15 yrs lying about his university degree, his credentials as an insurance "broker" & his work experience prior to politics. And he hid his US citizenship.
Anyone else sensing a trend here?

So my Q is - Why would anyone give their vote to a guy who actively contributed to the above personal attacks while he, himself: took 8 yrs to acquire a BA; has repeatedly lied about his own credentials while engaging in the above attacks;
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CLIP: I attended a talk at @UBC Vancouver by a Chinese official, Yu Jiantou of the @CDRF15, and asked him about detention camps in #Xinjiang. He defended the camps as “vocational training” and said China has different priorities when it comes to human rights. Story coming soon.
@UBC @CDRF15 For context, see this earlier story by colleague @Nuttallreports. The same institute that invited Hu Angang invited Yu yesterday. The UBC-affiliated moderator did not correct the record to clarify the camps are compulsory and have prison-like conditions.…
In above video, the moderator is UBC Institute of Asian Research fellow Evan Due. Due is a senior adviser to the Chinese government research foundation where Yu is Assistant Secretary General. UBC hasn’t answered questions on whether he was an appropriate choice for moderator.
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This is worth sharing again. Parties tend to play on our emotions when vying for our votes but #FactsMatter

The link in the tweet below provides an non-partisan analysis of the Trudeau govt's performance vs it's 2015 campaign promises. #cdnpoli #elxn43
It's also worth noting that the Cdn economy is doing great, with decades low unemployment and wages on the rise. #cdnpoli #FactsMatter #ELXN43…
Notwithstanding what the Conservatives tell us, Canada is well-regarded on the world stage.…
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Anti Democracy.

Trudeau believes a UK democratic referendum, where British people CHOSE to leave EU is a "right wing policy".

If that's not enough to convince you to vote him out I don't know what is.

OCT 11-14

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo
🇨🇦 Advanced Voting & Registration:

***NB: If you are a Canadian citizen you can register at advanced voting booths with ID! ***

Details in tweets/links below.

Oct 11th-14th

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo #GoVote…
🇨🇦 You must register to vote by Tuesday Oct 15th!

**NB**: If you don't have your voter info card yet you can register at advanced voting booths or Elections Canada offices.


Friday October 11 - Monday October 14
9am - 9pm…

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It is uncanny how the 2019 Canadian Federal Election seems to be like the 1972 one. 1/7 #cdnpoli #polqc #elxn43
4 years after Trudeaumania swept over Canada, the love affair with Canadian had evaporated and Trudeau faced a tough election battle. 2/7
The Conservatives were led by a man regularly attacked for being boring. The NDP was led by the first leader from a religious minority (non-Christian). 3/7
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The second French-language Quebec debate is underway.

For those of you in Alberta who aren't watching, I'll provide some commentary.

The first question is on Climate Change (of course).

Justin Trudeau says "we need to stand up to oil barons".

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
Now, a second question on Climate Change, this time for May, Trudeau, and Blanchet to "debate".

Spoiler: It's not really a debate.

The only thing they disagree on is how *quickly* they would destroy Alberta's economy.

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
Moderator asks Trudeau whether he would force Quebec to allow a pipeline.

Trudeau says a lot of words, but he doesn't answer yes or no.

Blanchet says Quebec doesn't want a pipeline.

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
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I heard about this nonsensical facebook event the CPC are holding before the debate today. They are trying to fan the flames of that unsubstantiated rumour propped by propagandists .@jamesdifiore, other right-wing trolls, etc.

Expect the troll and bot army to trend nonsense.
Here is evidence that it was fake and pushed by the GOP/Rebel propaganda army and helped along by morons. Hamish is hard at work.

#cdnpoli #ScheerLies #elxn43……

Another piece from the Star, where propagandist @jamesdifiore again makes an appearance.

Don't fall for these dirty politics or these political operatives trying to elect Harper Lite and the CPC through nonsense and lies.

#cdnpoli #elxn43
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Not going to bother debunking this because other folks have already done that, but let's talk about the optics for a second and how that plays into narratives about how Alberta see themselves.

Notice how workers of colour are largely relegated to the side or background? #ableg
The "Nice White Kids"(TM), like Connor who's fistbumping Kenney, get to appear in their slick supervisory uniforms, which is precisely how white Albertan parents see their kids: clean-vut promoted, etc. even though McDonald's franchisees happily exploit workers of colour. #ableg
McDonald's loves the Temporary Foreign Worker program. (See here:…,…)

It expliticly allows franchisees to "utilize this federal program" (…).

Work permits under the program are tied to the employer. #ableg
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Just off the phone w senior military leadership on the military healthcare reimbursement story. They confirm our story last night is accurate. They provided some solid answers on how all of this unfolded. Exclusive on @GlobalNational tonight #cdnpoli #CAF
@GlobalNational Military acknowledges they published new rate schedule without consultation and are in consultation now. Say they realize they did "too much, too fast" and that new rate chart was too low (provincial sources have said below cost of care) #cdnpoli #CAF
@GlobalNational Military was planning to pay the same amount the federal government is billed for refugees #cdnpoli #CAF
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Scheer vows to close asylum ‘loophole’, unveils immigration plan at Roxham Road crossing |… #cdnpoli #Elxn43
So I was at this announcement and a few things: unclear how Scheer can renegotiate safe third country if the US is not interested. He didn't answer how he would accomplish this or what he could offer the US to encourage Trump to stop a system that has worked for the US
You could make the entire border a regular crossing, but experts say that would cause massive problems and complications. Definitely not enough border guards being added in his plan for that to be possible (a defended border) #cdnpoli #Elxn43
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An #elxn43 story worth following beyond the headline: It’s not just that the company co-founded by Scheer’s campaign manager (Hamish Marshall) has contracts with both CPC and CAPP for election advertising… #cdnpoli
2. This development has to be seen in light of the Globe scoop back in April on a secret meeting between oil-industry executives & Conservative politicians to map out a strategy for defeating the Trudeau government…
3. At that meeting (attended by Andrew Scheer & CAPP’s Tim McMillan), Marshall (who apparently only took leave from his firm in June) spoke on a panel about “rallying the base” by using friendly interest groups that operate independently of the party
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"It's a Rich Man's Game No Matter What They Call It":

A Twitter Essay in Twelve Parts

I've watched four #Barrie #Innisfil debates. Here is a Twitter essay on what I've heard from Conservative @JohnBrassardCPC. 1/12

#Barrie #Innisfil Conservative @JohnBrassardCPC talks about trickle down and market mysticism like it's 1989 not 2019. As if this ideology had not been thoroughly discredited. It's really something. 2/12

.@JohnBrassardCPC also denigrates the role of government, which is super awkward coming from someone who wants to be a part of it so badly. 3/12

#Barrie #Innisfil
#elxn43 #cdnpoli
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1/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice #Elxn43

It appears RCMP will need to investigate if the allegations of voter fraud in #ABleg have now tainted the federal election

More than 1 person from Alberta has come forward with an illegitimate voter ID
2/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice #Elxn43

For the record, I have not engaged in doxing Mr. Gabriel

He made his complaint & photo of the illegitimate voter ID card public, with a request that everyone shares it widely…
3/10 #CDNpoli #ForeignInterference @ElectionsCan_E @rcmpgrcpolice

Moreover, Mr. Gabriel's example illuminates that voter ID cards are being distributed to non-Canadians via post office box numbers & not physical addresses, so any foreign entity could easily interfere in #Elxn43
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#Breaking #EXCLUSIVE: Ottawa cuts reimbursements for military health care, hospitals on the hook for millions - National |… #cdnpoli #CAF
Min @HarjitSajjan blames hospitals and provinces saying they overcharge troops “As it stands, when a member of the Canadian Armed Forces gets care in a hospital, they are charged more for the same service than a Canadian because they wear a uniform. That is wrong.” #CAF #cdnpoli
Full statement from the Minister’s office to @globalnews on the military cutting how much it pays hospitals for care, same sentiment as from military healthcare sources that military being gouged. Fed govt must pay for troops care (in law) but are charged out of province rates
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THREAD: Analysis of 4,965 respondents to @VoteCompass who watched last night’s #elxn43 #leadersdebate shows a clear win for @theJagmeetSingh. @VoxPopLabs has weighted the results by population-level estimates to control for selection bias. #cdnpoli [1/4]
@VoteCompass @theJagmeetSingh @VoxPopLabs Women showed higher affinity for the performance of Mr. Singh, Mr. Trudeau, and Ms. May than did men. More men thought Mr. Scheer and Mr. Bernier won the debate than did women. #elxn43 #cdnpoli [2/4]
@VoteCompass @theJagmeetSingh @VoxPopLabs Mr. Singh and Ms. May polled highest among the youngest cohorts of Canadian voters, though Mr. Singh was seen as the winner by a plurality of Canadians across age groups. #elxn43 #cdnpoli
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