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The attempts to bring down this federal government have been relentless. Day by day, one op after another. The continuous feeding of bad faith reporting & propaganda in #cdnmedia. All with the aim of installing the #CPC. A manifestly unfit party & leader who courts RW extremists
The efforts to topple this gov’t, of course, includes FI. Threat activity (esp online) from 🇷🇺🇨🇳, in addition to the 🇺🇸 RW operations of billionaire-backed networks like the Koch Network & others. But also Saudi & Iranian operations, have all played a part. #cdnpoli #CdnNatSec
Back in 2021 #elxn44, CSE & CSIS warned of the strategy of threat actors to discredit fairness of democratic elections themselves. @selectedwisdom summed up the ultimate objective of discrediting free & fair elections - to breed apathy & stop participation in democracy #CdnNatSec
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I’ve been asked by a few people why I believe the latest allegation story from Global is “unravelling” today

First, there’s the G&M story from today which confirms the CSIS sources did NOT provide media with audio or transcripts

That’s important because the story also says PMO was provided with the transcript & concluded “no action was necessary”

So one of two things is possible,

1) PMO read the transcript and it confirmed the allegation cited in the Global story

Or 2) The transcript does not confirm the allegation

I see many people suggesting #1 is true after reading the story.

I can’t imagine a situation where any Government would do that.

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PM Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden arrive for their closing press conference in Ottawa.
PM says the two have agreed to take an integrated approach in their policies meant to spur the transition to a clean economy #cdnpoli
On migration, Trudeau says beginning at midnight tonight police will start turning away migrants who try and cross the Canada-U.S. border at unofficial points of entry to claim asylum here rather than in the U.S. #cdnpoli
Trudeau also says Canada’s defence spending to upgrade its infrastructure up North will be done prior to the arrival of the F-35 jets. This was a key concern raised by the U.S. ahead of Biden’s visit #cdnpoli
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A lot of chatter about this article today from the G& M.

Apologies for sharing a paywalled story, I am a subscriber and likewise to many other outlets.

Confirmation bias is a funny thing…

People who believe Dong did what was alleged are pointing to this as further evidence, certainly the title makes it appear so

Others will point to this story as the opposite, certainly the facts that no transcript or audio was provided to media is hard to explain.

It’s unlikely we will ever know the truth but certainly Canadians want to know, that much is abundantly clear.

#cdnpoli ImageImage
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Wow, lots here but a big takeaway: Globe and Mail just took a pretty unsubtle shot at Global.

The Globe basically saying here without saying: We got Global's intel *first* AND without more it didn't meet our standards, but met theirs.

1/… #cdnpoli Image
When the Globe says it didn't report on the talk because it couldn't get a transcript/tape recording to authenticate what actually happened, that's basically saying we're not taking sources at their word. I dont think that's necessarily inferring Global is, but..2/

It is sort of laying it out its own and saying, this didn't meet our smell test. Global is acknowledging how sensitive this is and standing pat. They would have a team that recognizes all of this... and still decided to publish. They know have a lot on the line. #cdnpoli 3/
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So of course #NationalPost publishes an article by a white Conservative who absolutely mischaracterizes what people are saying. NO ONE is saying not to investigate lest it inflame anti-Asian hate. We are saying this op exploits anti-Asian hate. #CdnMediaFailed #cdnpoli
As for “cozying up to Beijing”, no one has done that more than #Conservatives. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #CdnMediaFailed
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This seems timely to repost. Remember Maher Arar? He was the man who was so unfortunate as to fall within the sights of one Bob Fife. Fife's writing, among others, resulted in Mr. Arar being detained and tortured. What the journos wrote ... 1/12 #cdnpoli…
was completely wrong. They took something they had been told and caused an innocent man to be imprisoned and tortured. That they have never shown any contrition for this speaks volumes about them. If I had written something that caused such grievous wrong, I don't think I
would ever write again. I am sure they don't feel they are to blame. They just reported what they were told. But should they have? The most charitable way of looking at it is, they were given "exclusive" info that would make a huge story, and they ran with it...
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Why does @PierrePoilievre @cpc_hq lead the torches & pitchforks mob, shrieking about China’s interference in Canada, while silent on, and denying any investigation into, US and Russian interference which likely exceeds anything China’s doing? Look at who the players are… 1/
China, the godless peril, is and has been, number one demon to be feared and destroyed by evangelical right-wing fundamentalist Christian sects. Communist China represents in every way, what those sects hate and fear. No wonder then, that political parties 2/
…politically and ideologically aligned with Christianity find common cause using China as the fulcrum of fear-mongering and rage-farming.

Contrast, then, the attitude of those same Christian sect-infested parties like @CPC_HQ @gop to Russia 3/
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I’m re-upping some recent 🧵 in light of more reckless reporting from Sam Cooper @globalnews. Cooper’s recent piece does not cite A SINGLE actionable piece of evidence. Nor is there ANY mention of the degree of confidence of the intelligence or whether it had even been assessed.
2 leakers disseminate selected intelligence of unknown confidence to Fife & Cooper, 2 reporters the leakers knew would do exactly what was predicable. The groupthink inability to employ critical reasoning from within #CdnMediaFailed, ensued. #cdnpoli
The one leaker wrote an op-ed in which the leaker’s political agenda, self-righteousness & sanctimony, were revealed.
Again I will say, there hasn’t been any actionable evidence put forward at any time from @globalnews or @globeandmail. #CdnMediaColludes #cdnpoli
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1. Clearly more case for a public inquiry
2. If PMO didn't know about this, Dong's got to be out of caucus.
3. If you've screaming about legacy media being in bed with Trudeau, but now knee-jerk yelling TREASON you have no credibility.
4. Logically: So much. #cdnpoli
Point 1: The implication that the Two Michaels were included in this doesn't just the raise the stakes, it's a brand new game. Two diplomats lives were in the balance. The outcome of the election wasn't affected, but intelligence to suggest that their lives were has to be
investigated at the highest level. The story itself says there’s indication whether or not it got to the PMO.

Which leads to Point 2: There is simply no way Dong can stay in caucus if the PMO just found out about this chat now.

He admits himself he initiated it.
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At 4pm EST, the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science & Technology will hear testimony related to Bill C-22, including comments from our EVP @KristaCarrNB. #cdnpoli

We'll be live tweeting throughout the committee meeting.

Tune in here:…
@KristaCarrNB Session is starting now - first up, introductions from the committee members and an overview of the #accessibility features adopted by committee.

Panel 1 opens with remarks from @CQualtro.
"This poverty finds its roots in historic and ongoing discrimination, bias, and exclusion face by #pwd. These barriers exist because our systems, laws, policies, and programs were not built with or for #pwd." Image of Minister Qualtrough appearing in Senate.
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FFS! PP just said Harper ended softwood lumber dispute within 3 mos of getting into office & as soon as Trudeau got in, had tariffs slapped on us & still there after 8 yrs.

Harper had Obama, Trudeau Trump. Then Biden inherited Trump's mess & there's been a pandemic 🤦‍♀️
Adding this article (h/t @darbyTL)…
Also h/t to @mustangmadd who shared that article in this thread (see link), then Darby shared Tracey's post
Interesting thread as well, besides the article
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20 years ago, Colin Powell addressed the UN Security Council to make a case for war. Serving as the frontman for Bush’s admin, to convince the world of the dangers of Iraq & WMDs.

Powell believed what he was saying, based on what? Intelligence provided to him #Cdnpoli #CdnNatSec ImageImageImageImage
That faulty intelligence had been assessed, & yet, it was a lie that had catastrophic effects on the world. Cost over $1.2 T 💵. A million lives lost.
Today in 🇨🇦 we have a far less catastrophic, yet still important, peddling of intelligence - of unknown confidence. #CdnNatSec Image
We are to accept as fact documents shown to handpicked reporters. From an unknown source getting labeled a “whistleblower”, when that is not what this is. A leaker is not a whistleblower. They do not receive whistleblower protections. #cdnpoli #CdnNatSec ImageImageImage
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I can hear loud chatter from CPC benches - all while NDP leader is trying to ask his question. He finally had to stop talking and wait. Poilievre and Scheer are visible on the screen throwing their heads back while smiling broadly (camera panned the room while Singh waited) #QP
Do the CPC MPs and leader not understand how this looks to Canadians (outside of their base)? They appear unserious and like children.
(Decided to back and make a screenshot from @CPAC_TV livestream of #QP)

The CC shown is part of the NDP Leader's question. Quite the juxtaposition with how the CPC leader is behaving - guess he doesn't care about our democracy ⤵️ Image
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Simultaneous climate extremes a risk to global societies and systems:
"increasing global concurrent climate extremes pose large {er existential 🤔} risks to our society and ecosystems" #cdnpoli…
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transfer of billions of dollars from ordinary Canadians to wealthy oil companies continues unabated.

Trudeau's Pipeline Scandal via @TheTyee #tmx #trudeau @liberal_party 🔥

“challenging terrain and geography.”  & #xWx 💦🔥🌀
#cdnpoli #tmx fraud
Liberals have lost the plot er pipeline 🤑 @liberal_party du Canada #cdnpoli
"Trudeau promised to build #tmx for $7.4 billion. That figure, as Allan warned, soon ballooned to $12.6bn in 2020. Last year it climbed to $21.4 billion. It now stands at $30.9 billion and counting"
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This is disappointing @JustinTrudeau: Trudeau gov rejects climate pension for coal workers #cdnpoli…
I would rather see $31b taxpayer money wasted on #tmx go into early retirement schemes for fossil fuel workers ⚡& transition jobs programs @JonathanWNV come on #spendclimatewise
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Last year, nearly 40,000 migrants crossed into Canada at an unofficial border at the end of a remote rural road in upstate New York - a record number - to seek asylum.

But can Canada handle the influx? ⁦@nadineyousif_

On a snowy winter day, Roxham Road is cold and quiet. The silence is interrupted by the sound of wheels approaching the end of the path, or the crunching of footsteps on snow.
Around 150 migrants are dropped off here each day, determined to step foot into Canada. Many began their journey as far away as Brazil, with this road in New York state as their finish line.
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And so as an American myself who is a great supporter and admirer of Trudeaus père et fils and wants Canada to chart its own path, I urge Canadians to resist the drumbeat of war, the pressure from the Pentagon, and the hawkishness of the dirty pigeon. #cdnpoli
“The U.S. government can no longer tolerate such a threat emanating principally from within Canada's borders,” [an uncorroborated DOJ memo from 1998] states. #cdnpoli 2/
This is Op Canadian Bacon using the drumbeat of war with China as a proxy for fearmongering about, and flexing US muscles against, the beleaguered social-democratic neighbour next door. #cdnpoli 3/
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From the DM's..

These were posted in a teachers group today and are being shared with permission.

And you really should read them.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
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This is Danielle Smith with Jordon Kosik.

Jordon has been campaigning relentlessly for Smith.

He runs multiple facebook sites ramping people up on conspiracy theories.

He calls it engagement.

But he does more than engagement.

Read to the end.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Jordon is one of the people who is dog whistling for people to be confrontational with door knockers and straight up telling them to record the conversations.

When a woman did exactly that and chased a group of door knockers down the street, did he call for civility?


He called her a freedom fighter.

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Jenni Byrne is stirring the partisan pot she & Poilievre are drowning in to create doubts about Canada's National Security & our Democratic Institutions. It's #RageFarming.

David Johnston has impeccable credentials & is an excellent choice our Gov made.
Former Board members of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation include the late AB Prem Lougheed, a PC.

PM Trudeau divested from the Foundation in 2013.

8 things to know about the PET Foundation

List of Mentors: 2004 2016…… #cdnpoli
Byrne's partisan tweet to an issue that should be non-partisan & not divisive!

Byrne was Harper's right-hand until she wasn't!

Jenni Byrne tossed from Stephen Harper's inner circle…
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Retweeting True North tells you how Poilievre will govern Canada: claims he will sue Big Pharma are a distraction from CPC incompetance in 2012 when his Gov ignored medical experts who warned that allowing the drug across our border would produce an opioid crisis. #cdnpoli
Doctors raise concerns over Ottawa's hands-off stance on generic Oxy…
True North Centre - Media Bias/Fact Check

"They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by appealing to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports, and omit information that may damage conservative causes."…
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The man stoking treasonous suspicions based on unfounded allegations is @PierrePoilievre & #cdnmedia is giving him a platform to do so without debunking his lies #cdnpoli

Trudeau has 'inspired a lot of suspicion' about election results, Poilievre says…
this is an example of Mr Cooper's sources at Global. He doesn't even get that he's totally blown himself up by trusting that source.

Cooper's comment reminds me of the one he had with Mr Butts when he dismissed his recommendation to review Stephanie Carvin's cautions about his sources & the leak. Carvin is a security expert. ImageImage
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