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CBC The National's coverage of the Vance matter is just terrible. First of all, the matter began in 2015, not 2018, when the Harper government apparently knew of a police investigation but appointed the CDS anyway (and the investigation died within hours). /2 #cdnpoli
2/ Then, the Ombudsman received a complaint but the complainant wouldn't give him permission to pass on the information or her identity - and she indicated that she would not participate in an investigation. /3
3/ The Ombudsman, no fan of the Liberals, testified as much. Instead, the CBC characterized the Committee appearance of Katie Telford as a "hot seat" and permitted opposition members to get away with wondering if the PMO staff told the PM. /4
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1) PMJT’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford (@telfordk) is testifying before the HoC Standing Committee on National Defence re what she knew about the #Vance sexual misconduct allegations in 2018. Minister of Defence’s office contacted PMO to say there were ...🧵#cdnpoli #MeToo
2) personal misconduct allegations against CDS Vance. Elder Marques at PMO told Telford about this but they did not know the substance or details of the allegations. They sought advice from the PCO Clerk on how to proceed. They were told it needed to be investigated without ...
3) political interference. Minister of Defence was told to tell the Ombudsman to reach out to PCO. PCO tried to get more information about the allegations but the Ombudsman did not respond to their requests. This is in line with previous testimony of the Clerk & Marques.
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In the #HoC for Friday #QP.
Bergen leads off by video, concerned that Bill C-10 is an attack on free speech.
Guilbeault, hewing to talking points, reads that this is about making web giants pay for Canadian artists, while they want suggested playlist to have more Cdn artists.
Bergen lies and says the Bill is about people only saying Liberal-approved things online.
Guilbeault suggests she actually read the bill to say users are not regulated. #QP
Deltell worries that immigration files take longer for Quebec than elsewhere, not respecting Quebec’s targets.
Schiefke recites that Canada is moving quickly to meet targets because they have increased resources. #QP
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An #ableg / #cdnpoli / #COVID19AB story told via Reface gifs.

Trudeau to Kenney:
Kenney to Trudeau:
Trudeau, again:
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Canadaland and Jesse Brown need to be seriously reprimanded for promoting this type of reporting.

The man is a menace to investigative journalism in Canada.

This isn’t a whistleblower. It’s a saboteur looking to denigrate the public service.

Which party would most benefit? Image
This isn’t journalism. It’s gawking at human imperfection.

Do human beings have real life problems and also work for the public service? Yep they do. Because public servants are actually real people.

Are people employed in private sector just as plagued by real life issues?
Yep they are. Which is why we have employee assistance programs, in both the public and private sector.

Substance abuse, relationship issues, health problems, mental health, dying relatives, and an assortment of other real life issues impact people who work.
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1. When someone, let’s say a Prime Minister, says he is going to tackle issues other someone’s, lets say Conservative politicians, have not tackled, privileged white men are threatened. They fear their failure to act on these issues is perceived as immoral. #cdnpoli #Feminism
2. The solution? Demand perfection. Root out every failure, criticize every success. Claim that if it is not all done immediately and perfectly, there was never any real plan to do it in the first place. Go after everyone who supports him.
3. At all times, put obstacles in the way. Distract w faux outrage. Label everyday issues an affront to the “cause”. Amplify anyone who is willing to criticize the leader. Paint yourselves as the *true* supporters of the cause, and label your critics to silence them.
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NEW: @OntarioPCParty has begun an ad blitz against the federal Liberal government.
"Mutant COVID variants are flying into Canada. Trudeau didn't close the borders when the pandemic started. He didn't close the borders when it got worse." #onpoli #cdnpoli
It's not exactly clear what the Ford government wants the Trudeau government to do re the borders.
Here's a cabinet minister saying the feds should "shut down international borders!" and "freeze incoming flights immediately." #onpoli #cdnpoli
Here's Premier Ford calling for "stronger border measures" #onpoli #cdnpoli
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Ombudsman Gary Walbourne was shocked that PCO had been told about a complaint against Vance.

Why was he shocked? If you tell a Minister something of a serious nature. One would expect it would be acted on by said Minister.....& it was.
Thread 1/4 Image
If consent from the complainant is required why did the Gary Walbourne (ombudsman) say anything to Minister Sajjan.
2/4 Image
So why did the complainant go to the ombudsman if she didn't want it made public and what was Mr. Walbourne's reason for going against the wishes of the complainant ? 3/4
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Okay - one more time. That little purple line at the bottom? That's Ontario #Covid cases from travellers (most of whom are returning Canadians). The other lines are sources the province has chosen to not control. #ONpoli #cdnpoli
If only the Province of Ontario published this kind of data themselves. Oh, wait. They do. #ONpoli…
And the inevitable push back is "The first cases came from abroad! We have to keep the variants out!" That horse has long since left the barn. The original virus arrived before we identified it. Same with variants. Unless you're a hermit kingdom, viruses will get in...
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1/ Last week, I shared data for 17 countries showing an extremely worrying trend between CV19 cases, deaths, & vaxxine administration. This is an update w/ 9 more countries displaying the same trend, bringing the total now up to 26 countries

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #Ontario
2/ We start w/ the islands of Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean. Vaxxinations started on 17-Feb-2021, followed by a sharp rise in CV19 deaths, the most deaths since the pandemic started. It took ~2 months for CV19 cases to return to pre-vax levels

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #data
3/ Moving south, we now look at Brazil, where CV19 deaths have continued to increase since vaxxinations started on 16-Jan-2021. 4 months after vaxxinations began in Brazil, deaths have not returned to pre-vax levels.

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #data #Science
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Yes, REALLY, #BlockedByRempel, we ARE going to blame Stephen Harper for APPOINTING GENERAL VANCE despite knowing about the rumours.

Yes. MPs will talk about Harper to YOU today. Rightfully so. What did @ErinOToole know in 2015?

#cdnpoli #CryMeARiver
Michelle Rempel Garner is having a meltdown right now over people actually talking about Stephen Harper ignoring the rumours of Vance's sexual misconduct. Now praising Philpott. What about @ErinOToole calling for Telford to be fired, @MichelleRempel? #cdnpoli

What did @ErinOToole know in 2015, Michelle? #blockedbyrempel #cdnpoli
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NEW: The ⁦@OntarioPCParty⁩ is buying Facebook ads encouraging people to sign a petition that the federal government ban all non-essential travel to Canada.
(The federal government actually banned foreigners / non-residents from non-essential travel to Canada in March 2020.)
@OntarioPCParty The @OntLiberal Party spotted that @Sflecce ad on Facebook and in a news release said it's "tapping into the cynical Conservative political playbook of sowing division."
@OntarioPCParty @OntLiberal @Sflecce The Star's @robertbenzie reported first yesterday that the PCs have "purchased significant TV and radio time for a blitz questioning ... Ottawa’s refusal to further tighten the borders." #onpoli…
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1. Is it just me who finds it troubling the CPC want a woman to face consequences over sexual abuse in the military?

Yet again, this issue has been weaponizing for political purposes. The true aim is not just to take down this govt, but also to retain the status quo. #cdnpoli
2. Sexual abuse is not resolved w laws, policies or even an external complaints process (tho one should have been implemented earlier). All of these systems are rooted in the same notion of marginalizing women. Rape used to be a crime against the husband or father of the victim.
3. These systems still make women responsible. Women have to report or he will do it again. Women have to testify or he will get away w it. Women have to recount what happened to them over and over again, to doctors, police and in court. That is doing the “right” thing.
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“I actually left a message at the premier’s office. I got our MLA [@DevinDVote] and they just said Alberta Health Services had to deal with it and amazingly enough it went ahead. I just don’t understand,”

—Bowden Mayor, Robb Stuart

#ableg #FiretheUCP…
“There are no excuses, and if you’re flouting the law you should be held accountable.”

—Bowden Mayor, Robb Stuart, on the rodeo held outside his town this past weekend.

#FiretheUCP #ableg

“AHS says it is exploring its legal options after hundreds attended a #rodeo near Bowden, about 30km south of #RedDeer, to protest #COVID19 restrictions. It took place on private land after the town's agricultural society revoked its permit.” #ableg…
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Things @jkenney *should* say at his presser at 4:
"I've let Albertans down and I'm resigning."
"I should have been a better leader and held people accountable, including my own caucus for complying with our restrictions. I'm sorry."
#ableg #ResignKenney #covid19ab
"It was wrong to push our hospitals, healthcare, and essential workers to the breaking point in an effort to save the economy. Seeing that Alberta was the worst province in #cdnpoli for infections and economic decline last year has taught me that. I will do better."
"We will be instituting the following measures to save lives, healthcare, and our economy;
•a stay at home order for all workplaces except grocery and pharmacy
•suspension of commercial rents and evictions
•working with banks to suspend mortgages for 6 weeks
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Which "experts" are you citing reg Bill C-10, @JohnBarlowMP?

#cdnpoli #QP
Yet #MagaBergen is totally fine with Harper appointing Vance. Back then they were just rumours so no biggie!

#cdnpoli #QP
Didn't the Liberals recently table a budget, @gerarddeltell? Or did I just dream that? B/c, according to the #CPC the most important issue in Canada right now is Harper appointed Vance.

What did @ErinOToole know in 2015, Gerard?

I DEMAND to know!

#cdnpoli #QP
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We adamantly oppose Jason Kenney’s cowardly decision to flee the legislature while critical public health measures such as paid sick leave have not been enacted, and the government’s broader response flounders.

#ableg #abpoli #covid19ab #cdnpoli #alberta
The abrupt decision to close the legislature follows a week of falsehoods, misleading statements and reversals from Kenney.
On Wednesday, he claimed there is no relationship between public restrictions and viral spread, only to introduce modest new restrictions the following day.
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A year ago no one had any vaccines. Canada was placing orders in late July and early August for candidates that were still in trials. The earliest *application” for HC approval was seven months ago. First approval, five months ago. #cdnpoli
The Oxford-AZ vaccine, produced in the UK, received UK approval on December 30th. In Canada, Moderna was approved on December 9th and Pfizer on the 23rd. In the US, the same two vaccines were approved on December 18th and December 11th respectively.
And AZ has still not applied for emergency use authorization in the US.
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Ready for another long and painful Twitter thread?

Here's an explanation as to why the similar statements made yesterday by Mr. Butts and Mr. Arthur are incorrect.

Let's go!

#COVID19 #Cdnpoli @RobynUrback
The thread could simply be a one word response.


Israel is the real world data that shows how incredibly effective the Pfizer vaccine is in a country with a high number of infected people in the middle of a #COVID19 wave.…
Israel's vaccination campaign put it's 1st shot into an arm December 6, 2020.

At the time of the 1st vaccination, Israel was at the beginning of another wave of COVID-19, and this one was going to be the mother of all waves.

#Cdnpoli #COVID19
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Are you ready for a long painful Twitter thread on vaccine strategies?

Let's start with these two conflicting headlines. One says delaying 2nd doses is dangerous. The other says that a 1st dose blitz is highly effective.

Ready for the kicker? Both are correct.
The data comes from Scotland. Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer were used in Scotland with a first dose whole population strategy.

The rate of death and hospitalization dropped dramatically.

Data also shows that efficacy of a single drops after 5 weeks.…
But how much does the efficacy drop? On further review of the source data, I wasn't as impressed with the findings as stated in the article. Finding myself stuck, I went with my favorite go to solution and talked to an expert.

This is the world of the epidemiologist.
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An education thread.

This past week, as a ‘start-to-the-day-reflection’, I shared one of those “If the World Was A Village of 100 People” type videos with my class.

I’ve seen them before. But the stats are always sobering.
15% are illiterate.
13% have no clean water.
20% don’t have electricity. 25% don’t have adequate shelter.
75% don’t have internet access.
90% can’t access post secondary education.
A staggering 70% are malnourished.
1% are starving...a ‘small’ number, but that translates to 75 million people.

What does it all mean?
It means that despite the struggles of the past year...with lockdowns, masks, sanitizing, virtual this and many ways, we’re very lucky.

In no way does this minimize the suffering that COVID has brought...particularly with those in LTC homes, those who have...
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My lord, y'all know who this guy is?
A thread...
Kory resigned from Sun News for apparently a couple reasons
1) His pitched news station created an uproar; there was petition calling on the CRTCto stop what they labelled "Fox News North" and its attempts to "propagate hate."
2) he resigned after the group behind the petition FORMALLY requested the Ottawa Police and the RCMP to begin a criminal investigation to determine who posted "fraudulent" signatures to the petition from an Ottawa internet protocol, or IP address...
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One of the things that the #Covid19 pandemic has highlighted for me is the role that class and class inequality plays in maintaining liberal capitalist societies like #cdnpoli. Workers are asked to sacrifice, workers are asked to do everything necessary to keep working.
And when they raise questions about work conditions, when they ask for sick benefits, when they question why they have to go to work and face the danger of the pandemic, they're told they're being selfish or threatening the economy. #canlab
They're told to go back to work or else it will be inconvenient for other, usually more privileged owners or workers. They're legislated back to work, they're placed in harm's way. And then, gov's refuse to bring in permanent support for these workers.
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Amy Tan: in BC we should be keeping an eye on the variants, actually doing the genome sequencing, not just assuming (as we are) that everyone has a variant. Which variant, what's the severity, does it lead to death, what's the attack rate in households. To be precautionary..
Dr. Tan: But also, as we reopen, we need to ensure that we are still taking care of the people who've continually been disproportionately affected, and protect their workplaces, we are going to keep exposing people and the virus will keep spreading like wildfire..
Dr. Tan: I treated recent immigrants, recent refugees, & they all had to work in the first wave and were frightened. They did not feel protected by their employers or by society. We must not lose sight of this. We're not safe until we're all safe, that's what #Covid19 teaches us
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