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1/ WHY KENNEY REALLY LOST: There has been lots of speculation that Jason Kenney (@jkenney) was defeated because he was not “conservative enough”, not “right wing enough” and not “populist enough”. I’m not sure this is an accurate assessment. #ableg #canpoli #cdnpoli
2/ Kenney’s defeat, in my opinion, was more about style and tone than policy. #ableg #canpoli #cdnpoli
3/ Let's start with some background. In my opinion, Kenney failed to fundamentally understand something important about Albertans: they hate arrogance, elitism, and hypocrisy. Any politician with the slightest tinge of it is forced to walk the plank... #ableg #canpoli #cdnpoli
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'Harpy & Bumbles'
1) There was a slimy Con from Oakville
Who worked for Harpy up on the Hill
The big boss picked him to head out west
Donned his cowboy hat and puffed up his chest
2) With marching orders to unite the right
Harpy wanted them really angry and white
He conned and colluded to get his way
Arrogance and gas lighting on full display
3) Harpy controlled from behind the fray
Eventually Bumbles finally got his day
He may be premiere, but does what's told
Following orders that are gleefully imposed
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The Department of Justice defines "women" as "all people who identify as women".

When the Employment Equity Task Force asked for input for its own definition, Canadian women answered.

These images are some of their direct quotes. Feel free to save and share. #cdnpoli
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Today I write this thread to call in @girlguidesofCan; last week, after six years, I resigned as a leader with GGC, and have decided not to register my daughters in GGC programming for the foreseeable future, due to the lack of COVID safety at GGC meetings and events. 1/28
At the beginning of the pandemic, GGC took a very safety-conscious stance regarding COVID, and GGC activities were the one place my daughter and I felt safest because of that stance, including some in-person events; we were so grateful. 2/28
Unfortunately, as government messaging shifted toward "personal responsibility" to protect oneself from COVID, and protections were loosened, so, too, did the messaging from @girlguidesofcan change. 3/28
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Canada's media (corporate, concentrated, foreign-owned or influenced) are guiding Canadians straight down the rabbit hole to the destruction of their democracy and whatever civic intelligence may be found in the public square. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ The 1970 Davey Report and 1981 Kent Commission warned Canada yet nothing much was done. With the Americans definitely circling the democracy drain, it's absolutely critical that the federal government *do something*. For sovereignty/natural security reasons. /3
3/ Of course the Conservatives, married as they are to the GOP (main purveyors of dis- and misinformation), will object. A failing media addicted to click-bait is their reliable ally. That is all.
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Let’s untangle this a bit.

A brand new “parents union” pops up after the province defunds the parents council that appears to be run by one of the alleged money men for the kamikaze campaign?

But wait there’s even more?!?


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
They also get a shout out from “Alberta Proud” in this article.

Alberta Proud being the “advocacy group” whose website was originally registered by the founder of Canada Action?

Whose lawyer for a good chunk of time was Tyler Shandro?

So we have a new “parents” advocacy group with all kinds of complicated Kenney/UCP ties that’s popped up and doing a provincial tour being propped up by other hard right orgs to influence the education system…?

Seems legit.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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There are *not* reasonable arguments on both sides of mask mandates during a highly infectious wave, there just aren't. One side supports science-driven public health and benign and simple precautions to reduce infections, the other side has convoys, disinformation, and trolls.
To my knowledge, no regional MOH or the province's CMOH have put forward any rationale to support the removal of mask mandates. If there was a rationale, you would assume they would have shared it widely in messaging. They have mostly gone silent.
Masks work and they work much better when used universally. ImageImage
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One of the big proponents of “replacement theory” is Tucker Carlson.

The same guy who constantly misrepresents Critical Race Theory on FOX.

The same CRT that Kenney invoked as something he was fighting against during his leadership review speech.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
While Canada doesn’t have quite the same ammosexual relationship with firearms as the US, it would be profoundly naïve to not recognize the Americanization of conservative politics in Canada.

The UCP government has made guns a political football in Alberta.

They’ve also done the same wi thing with access to health care via “conscience rights”.

And they’re literally Americanizing the education system by plagarizing curriculum from the states.

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We hear a lot lately in #cdnpoli about so-called “gatekeepers” (aka regulatory bodies & agencies), usually w/ a thinly veiled accusation that they deliberately — gleefully even — stand b/w us and freedom & prosperity. With few exceptions, however, the opposite is true… 1/4
I’ve brought this up b4. #mtpolley, #lacmegantic, & many others — clear examples of insufficient regulatory oversight. But now smarter persons than me have explained how a robust admin state is actually a safeguard against — wait for it — local elites:… 2/4
Which, if you stop to think about it for 5 seconds, shld be obvious. It’s like the climate change conspiracy re: academics/scientists — observe just one faculty or departmental meeting to see how laughable that is. The same is true of any bureaucracy: it’s too vast & diverse. 3/4
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Thruout the 2019 federal elxn, I tried to press then-leader of the Conservative Party Andrew Scheer about his party's ties to the self-styled "Imam of Peace," friend and ally of white supremacists and enthusiastic promoter of the "white genocide/replacement" conspiracy. #cdnpoli
Neither Tawhidi's proud endorsement of/by extremists known for influencing white supremacist terrorists, nor his obsessive demonizing of Muslims, were enough to prompt hesitation by those in govt about embracing/amplifying him. #cdnpoli
I'd love to know where those vying for the Conservative Party's leadership stand on this, and about what, if anything, has changed within their party re: Tawhidi and others like him.

What, if anything, has been learned? Be specific. #cdnpoli
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When I see things like this, I feel the need to remind everyone how this stuff works. #cdnpoli 1/18
A very long time ago, think feudalism, taxes were collected that went into the coffers of the local lord, and the monarchy. In exchange, the local lords and the monarch offered protection against invaders, some measure of law and order, and possibly roads. That's it. 2/18
The vast majority of funds and goods collected went into the treasuries of the wealthy and powerful. I think the conservatives are very confused about the fact that this is not how things work anymore. 3/18
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Great thread.

#cdnmedia also contributed to polarizing our society & also needs attention. Eg, the obsession with Clinton's emails led to the rise of Trump. Similarly, wrongful WE coverage led to the dissolution of a valuable Charity. Ironically, NDP & CPC did its part. #cdnpoli
The excellent article in Stephen Maher's thread

Why Is Politics Getting Nastier?
With threats and harassment rising, running for office has become a dangerous job…
Regulate the System, Not the Speech

"...democratic governments around the world are finally stepping up."…
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There’s been some discussion of Poilievre’s ability to fire the Governor of the BoC. Most of it legitimately analyzes the legislation and says “nah, he can’t really do that” … and misses the point entirely. /1 #cdnpoli
Like Trump, Poilievre will simply do and ignore the constraints on power. If he has to, he’ll try to railroad a bill through to give himself the power to do it - not unlike what we are seeing today in Alberta. /2
Kenney is ignoring the normal processes and limits on power to ram his agenda through, and I assure you that’s exactly what you’ll get from a Poilievre government as well. The signs are all there in his rhetoric. /3
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PP is acting like a frat boy trying to gain entrance to an elite fraternity he's not sufficiently qualified to join, especially given he has no clear platform, policies, or a vision for the future of Canada other than to fire his intellectual superior at the BOC!
#cpcldr #cdnpoli
"Pierre Poilievre’s performance in the first two Conservative leadership debates is a strong argument against his suitability for the job of prime minister."…
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First, read this 🧵, then follow on because I want to add a few details. #cdnpoli /1

Conservatives have been attacking foundations of democracy in Canada for years now.

First, it was the CBC, and a general complaint that somehow "the media" was being unfair to conservatives. (this started back in the Reform days) /2
Today, that hate-on for the CBC is as much of a "truth" among CPC supporters as the hatred for anyone named Trudeau - and it's pretty irrational. /3
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Lay the blame where it belongs: Candice Bergen, Pierre Poilievre, Rebel Media, Maxime Bernier, Ezra Levant, Sheila Gunn Reid, Sun Media, and the rest of the merry band of halfwits that comprise the racist, bigoted conservative far right. #cdnpoli…
"Economists look at Poilievre the way a plumber would look at your plan to build a cardboard toilet: befuddlement, rising to annoyance."…
"Everything’s easier if you don’t worry about consequences. When your idea of freedom includes the convoy, it’s easier still. He's been pumping conspiracy theories about gatekeepers for much of the pandemic. He’ll say anything, and that opens the door to more conspiracies."
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Seniors count on Canadian healthcare plans to avoid what in the U.S. are bankruptcy-size service fees. As shown in the video, those fees are eye-popping. Privatizing healthcare will (cont.)

(cont.) bring those exorbitant fees to Canada. Doctors will leave healthcare plans to charge what they want. Even if #DougFord merely brings in a 2-tier system, provincial plans will (cont.)

(cont.) have to increase schedules of maximum fees to prevent a mass exodus of doctors to the private sector. Finding a family doctor will become even more difficult & wait times will go up.
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1. Here are the candidates who are running in the Ontario election who « allegedly » supported or took part in the Ottawa occupation.
2. The candidate Tom Marazzo of the Ontario Party for Peterborough-Kawartha was coordinating the Ottawa protests in February.
3. The Candidate Brigitte Belton for the Ontario Party was one of the organizer of the convoy.
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BREAKING: Alberta’s Government wins court case on Bill C-69.

Today the Alberta Court of Appeal found Trudeau’s “No More Pipeline Law” to be unconstitutional. 1/3
Alberta has said since day one that this bill was unconstitutional, and this government committed to fighting it every way we could. We’re very pleased with the ruling today. 2/3
Alberta will continue to fight Trudeau’s unconstitutional laws and defend our province’s right to develop our resources. #ableg #cdnpoli 3/3
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One of the biggest problems our society faces these days is not that we don't have rules, or that our rules don't work. It's that some of the people who are supposed to be governed by the rules instead ignore or exploit them. 1/25 #cdnpoli
Our system of government is predicated on the members of the House of Commons being "honourable" people. Not cheaters, liars, or grifters. And while there have been scoundrels in the House before, I feel we are seeing an unprecedented level of bad behaviour now. 2/25
The way the House of Commons is supposed to work is based on the idea that all parties are working for the good of the citizens, but they may have different ideas of the best way to get there. 3/25
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🧵1. There is no #coalition as the NDP MPs are not in the Liberal cabinet., instead there is a supply and confidence agreement to provide stability and an environment to get important work done #supplyandconfidenceagreement
2. During a time when transitions from a pandemic financing to normalcy must take place Canadians will benefit from what the supply and confidence agreement provides. Federal #COVID19supports expired on May 7th.…
3. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada's surging job growth and record-low unemployment rate is evidence that ongoing pandemic support will not be needed. Those applying for workers' benefits have 60 days to submit their claims, while businesses have 180 days.
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Big reason for @notoneseat for #DougFord in #Toronto:

❌ used the Notwithstanding clause to screw city council

❌ and against free speech (see reply to this tweet for link)…

#DougFord used the dreaded notwithstanding clause to overrule the court and pass his undemocratic legislation limiting 3rd party advertising, i.e., free speech…
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Been thinking a lot lately about #Trudeau's useless Covid vaccine mandates that bar the unvaccinated from federally regulated transport (trains & planes):
They are at odds with the Science of Covid transmission;
They are at odds with provincial Covid policies, and the world;
#Trudeau's vaccine mandates are also at odds with the Science of Covid vaccines (2 doses = full vaccination). Trudeau's top doctor flouted the idea of a 3rd dose for full vaccination, but Trudeau knows he will lose support for the mandates if he were to ask this from Canadians.
In parliament, #Trudeau got the support of the majority of parliamentarians on the mandates, thanks to the NDP. So there is no effective push-back right now that can make Trudeau change his stance, neither from the public (where majority have two doses) nor from parliament.
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The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) purchased aggregated, de-identified data from Telus to figure out general trends in the travel of Canadians in light of COVID restrictions. Let's talk about this. 1/20 #cdnpoli…
First of all, if they bought it from Telus, we know Telus already was collecting the data. Why? Was it some reason as benign as trying to figure out if Canadians were obeying the public health measures and predict where new outbreaks might occur? 2/20
Or are they selling personally identified to marketers to better direct advertising? You know, how you go to a store and suddenly you're getting ads for whatever that store sells? Like that. Which is annoying, tbh. 3/20
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