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Coming to you LIVE from the Ismaili Centre in Burmaby where we're set for the third and final #BurmabySouth debate before the vote on Monday. #cdnpoli
We're expecting four candidates to square off

- NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh
- Conservative Jay Shin
- Liberal Richard Lee
- People's Party's Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
This room is by far the prettiest debate venue so far
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At the #BurnabySouth town hall/debate being held at the Ismaili Centre Burnaby where it's sure to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 with #NDP's @theJagmeetSingh, #LPC's @Richard_T_Lee, #CPC's @jayshin2019, and #PPC's @LauraLynnTT. #cdnpoli
.@LauraLynnTT’s supporters are out in big numbers. It’s going to be wild.
We’re ready to go. #BurnabySouth
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1. It seems #YellowVestsCanada and convoy supporters feel threatened enough to go and harass the fine people of FF1 for meeting them on the highway last night in Manitoba. Guess that freeze peach only works one way #cdnpoli
2. What’s interesting is the admission that Free Bird Media is on the convoy, in a seemingly official capacity. We know that UWR admin and organizer Carl Edward Fleury works with FBM sometimes, and we haven’t touched on that much yet.
3. Free Bird Media is an extremist, anti-Muslim “news” outfit (lol) run by, well, radicals. The kind Glen Carritt says aren’t welcome on his convoy. You can read more about FBM and their leader, Alex Van Hamme, here:…
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The biggest news in the whole planet over the last 24 hours regarding #Climate are coming out of #Alberta. THREAD #cdnpoli #abpoli
The first story is about coast-to-coast charging stations by @petrocanada, owned by Alberta's own @suncor. On it's own a tectonic event for electric vehicle uptake & corporate climate leadership. /2 #cdnpoli #abpoli…
The second story is that billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffet, one of the top investors on earth right now just bought 10.8 MILLION SHARES of Alberta's own @Suncor (owner of @petrocanada). Get where I'm going with this? You get it. /3 #abpoli #cdnpoli…
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Promises Kept:
- Canadian Child Benefit
- Scrapped Bill C-50
- tougher regulations to eliminate trans fats/reduce salt in processed foods
- created Chief Science Officer - improving food labels
- decriminalized medically-assisted death
#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
- Enhanced Old Age Security Benefit (OAS)
- National housing strategy
- Middle class tax cut
- Reformed student debt repayment
- Increased Canada Student Grants
- Lowered small business tax rate
- Enhanced CPP benefit
- Price on pollution
#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
- merit based nonpartisan Senate appointments
- restore long form census
- make Statistics Canada fully independent
- gender equal cabinet
- revoke rules that muzzle government scientists
- end parliamentary Prorogation
- modernize elections act
#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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1. Rick Boswick, admin of the YVC Ottawa page, is a well known bigot & VP of the Canadian Combat Coalition. He is a staunch supporter of the convoy & YVC. He also posted a horrific video of him and some friends harassing people on the street @ Ottawa Winterfest Pride. #cdnpoli
2. In the video, he and some Neanderthal friend descended upon people just trying to enjoy their day to yell about sodomy and Jesus. Participants included Derek Storie, whose @facebook profile shows he supports YVC, the Convoy, CCC, and is friends with organizers and supporters.
3. Both are heavily associated with convoy participants and organizers, like Carl Fleury and Guy Annable, and have a decent sized number of bigots as friends, including Sandra Solomon, Bill Whatcott, Brad Salzberg (Cultural Action Party) and Steven Myatt.
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Treating women fairly in the Liberal government a thread:
So as you all know last year I came forward about sexual harassment complaints about a liberal cabinet minister #Cdnpoli @kinsellawarren @liberal_party @CPC_HQ
What you might not know is after my allegations is that eventually they were deemed founded. Another fact you might not know is another woman came forward as well. A brave woman I consider a friend
We both sat down with an independent investigator and told our stories. And then we waited. It took six months to find out the investigation was concluded. How did I find out? @PnPCBC called me. That’s how.
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And of course, that's the point. The #skpoli government has almost no chance of winning this legally. But the issue stays alive and well for the next election: There Carbon tax legal battle looks set to haunt politics for foreseeable future… #cdnpoli
And sure, there is always a legal argument to be made that sounds plausible. And lots of government lawyers will work extremely hard (with lots of billable hours) to argue this or that about s. 91 and s. 92. But the federal #cdnpoli gov’s ability to tax is fairly clear. #skpoli
But I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the #skpoli gov sees this as a win-win-win scenario. Win in court (unlikely) and great, no tax. Don’t win in court, but keep anti-carbon tax issue alive for 2020, great (for them, less for the environment). #cdnpoli
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#PnPCBC Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau's response in #Winnipeg to Jody Wilson-Raybould's resignation:

#bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
The PM was surprised & disappointed on news of @Puglaas resignation.

If the Former AG Jody Wilson felt the government had not done a proper job, it was her responsibility as AG to let PM @JustinTrudeau know about this or any issues.

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
#CtvNews Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau was asked whether he’ll waive solicitor-client privilege....Also the Unitended consequences on 2 court cases. #SNCLavalin

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
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From my sifting through the morass of confirmation biased speculation, is that multiple conversations were had between JWR and members of cabinet and the PMO wrt SNC, DPAs, etc. #cdnpoli
Based on what was alleged in the Globe, someone (either JWR herself or someone connected) believes that these conversations were too pushy.

This also is corroborated by the PM's statement yesterday regarding confirming that JT told JWR that the decision was hers alone.
Also it was suggested that someone at the PMO told JWR to speak to the PCO about her concerns. This would make sense as that is a source of info for legal / sensitive issues.
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1/ A few thoughts on the history of police, semi-automatic assault-style rifles, and the murder of police officers in Canada since 1970s. #cdnpoli #cdnhist #cdnlaw @rcmpgrcpolice @StamatakisCPA @BillMooreCACP @CPPOM @BillBlair @CACP_ACCP
2/ Sale of guns like AR15 led Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (@CACP_ACCP) in 1977 to say “semi-automatic firearms are basically designed as an instrument of war” that had “no sporting use.” Association asked that such guns be made restricted. (Ad: Canada Gunsport, 1976)
3/ In 1986 @CACP_ACCP noted increase in "commercial advertisements, firing ranges, gun clubs” that led to “proliferation of handguns and restricted weapons.” Asked governments to “take the steps necessary to end this increase in available weapons.” #cdnlaw #cdnhist #cdnpoli
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We need a forensic audit of #SNCLavalin's activities in BC. SNC has its tentacles deep into many BC crown corps, esp BC Hydro. Value of its Hydro contracts in last 15 yrs? What role did it play in the political decision to proceed w #SiteC? SNC Chair then was Gwyn Morgan! #bcpoli
Recall that Gwyn Morgan, the far-right former head of LNG gas giant Encana before becoming SNC Lavalin board chair, was tight w Gordon Campbell & Harper. Morgan became Christy Clark's chief advisor when Campbell stepped down in 2011 & Christy took over as premier. #bcpoli #sitec
There has never been a smoking gun, but many respected #bcpoli and #SiteC watchers have long questioned if there was lobbying from #SNCLavalin to resuscitate the oft-rejected Site C dam. #SNCLavalin was named as "prime consultant" to Site C in 2010. Timing is interesting...3/x
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1. For those who don't have a TorStar subscription to read latest #SNCLavalin development #CDNpoli

Tory Leader Andrew Scheer + NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh also met with CEO to discuss criminal charges against 1 of Canada's biggest players in oil & defence
2. If nothing else, it proves Andrew Coyne & Paul Wells are political hacks who conceal the facts & fabricate scandals on behalf of their Conservative masters

These biases in #CDNmedia are so gross that all #CDNpoli MSM has been reduced to PR agents for/against Libs & Tories
3. I'm disappointed in my country & industry for becoming so tribal & infantile that the public can no longer trust #CDNpoli & #CDNmedia to convey the facts RE #SNCLavalin & criminal bribery allegations

Lets begin with the fact this behaviour occurred under both Libs & Tories
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THREAD: The Kinsellian Stages of Scandal Denial™ are: one, deny it happened. Trudeau's PMO did that on Thursday when the @globeandmail story broke. #LavScam #cdnpoli
Kinsellian Stages of Scandal Denial™ number two is: okay, it may have happened, but not in the way it's been reported. It's all a big misunderstanding! That's what PMO tried to do on Friday. #LavScam #cdnpoli
Kinsellian Stages of Scandal Denial™ number three is: slime your critic. Attack, attack. That's what PMO did on Saturday to @Puglaas. Problem with that, of course, is it doesn't just step on Trudeau's feminist/indigenous liberator brand - it destroys it. #LavScam #cdnpoli
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I know I'll regret it, but the SNC-Lavalin / AG "scandal" is an interesting issue. There are people better versed in this than I, but I keep coming up with "what if" scenarios. Here's one that just occurred to me... 2/...
The AG can legally take charge and change direction of a prosecution (like SNC-Lavalin) being run by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) under Section 15 of the DPP Act. /3...
This is not an "abuse of power" or "obstruction of justice", unless of course it is done for some improper purpose. Decisions to take charge have to be "used sparingly" and "ensure that decisions are taken in the public interest." /4...
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Hey housing folks [does finger whistle] would you listen if the things I've been trying to say about housing design were written by someone in the New York Times? Or still ignore?


#vanpoli #bcpoli #Cdnpoli

Gif:Husky dog jumping up and down, in/out of view excited
Features like open kitchens& spacious bathrooms appeal to nearly everyone. So why isn’t accessible housing more readily available?…
Yep. I've pointed this out every time someone tells me they can't design for accessibility bc 'ugly'

"The open kitchens, stall showers and spacious baths found in so many pricey new towers often have accessibility laws to thank for their existence."
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1/ According to precedent, the A-G is NOT bound by solicitor-client privilege. If asked, the A-G must provide the House of Commons the advice she gave to the government. There's a precedent for this, and it’s recent: Brexit #cdnpoli…
2/ This past fall, the British government would not release the legal advice from UK A-G Geoffrey Cox regarding Brexit. UK A-G Cox also refused to release the legal advice he provided to the government.……
3/ On Dec. 3, 2018, Speaker Bercow ruled the government was likely in contempt of the Commons. The next day, the Commons voted to hold the government in contempt. The gov’t and A-G Cox then released the advice publicly.…
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(1/6) There may a clue here about what actually happened between the former Attorney-General @Puglaas and the PMO when she asserts solicitor-client privilege as a reason not to comment further on the SNC-Lavalin affair. #onpoli #cdpoli #SNCLavalin
(2/6) There's a distinction between a lawyer's duty of confidentiality and solicitor-client privilege. Though they can overlap, they are often wrongly conflated. #onpoli #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
(3/6) The lawyer's duty of confidentiality is an ethical obligation and involves, broadly, maintaining confidentiality concerning information about one's client's business, personal, and legal affairs. #onpoli #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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The illegal federal political contributions from #SNCLavelin were to both federal parties back in 2004-11

All the funds have been repaid to the federal treasury by the respective national parties, both of whom disavow any knowledge of the scheme

@StephenHarper appointed gov't employee remained on payroll despite links to illegal fundraising

Former #SNCLavalin VP #NormandMorin was named by PM @StephenHarper to the port authority in 2006!!

#Cdnpoli #Abpoli #Ableg #Alberta #Yyc #Yeg
The #CPC gov appointment of #ArthurPorter to Canada's intelligence oversight agency after allegations surfaced the he was involved in a kickback scheme in #Montreal involving #SNCLavalin.

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NOT SHOCKING (ethics violations).

Trudeau PMO interfering in criminal prosecutions pressuring Attorney General to abandon criminal prosecution of his cronies. When she refused Trudeau fired her. Now he's denying it!

Times' Up Trudeau - Criminal investigation NOW. #cdnpoli
WATCH Trudeau lie to the nation & how easily he does so.

🇨🇦journalist @ezralevant (regularly vilified by Trudeau govt & state media CBC) points to system flaws:

Attorney General "duty of confidentiality to client" Only Trudeau himself can waive!!


🇨🇦 Parliament: Trudeau Government grilled re PMO interference in criminal prosecution at highest level.

Smirking sheepishly, refusing to answer question. Believe themselves above law & untouchable



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Justice deferred is not necessarily justice denied. Deferred prosecution agreements allow corporations to avoid a criminal conviction in exchange for admission of wrongdoing, payment of a fine & internal reforms.

@globeandmail article breakdown…

The lack of a settlement probably has cost #SNCLavalin more than $5B in lost revenue & continues to damage its reputation internationally, CEO Neil Bruce told BNN #Bloomberg TV in an interview last month.

CEO Bruce Neil on internal changes within the company.

"The company (#SNCLavalin) has self remediated in so many different ways, we've changed the board, we've changed the management. All of the you know, the alleged, the bad actors have left the business".

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Whole thread here:

1/ Why is anyone surprised about this? This government undermined the rule of law in one of its first official acts.…

2/ The Reform Act amended Section 49 of the Parliament of Canada Act. It requires MPs (and cabinet ministers) to vote 4 times at the first caucus meeting after a general election. These votes determine the power of the party leader (including the PM) and the power of MPs.
3/ On Nov. 5, 2015, the Liberal caucus met for the first time. At that meeting, the Liberal cabinet did NOT comply with Section 49 of the Parliament of Canada Act. In fact, the Liberal leadership encouraged the caucus NOT to comply with the law.…
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#Canadians better wake UP! This needs to be RETWEETED to every Canadian! Conservatives, Liberals, NDP & Green. Do you know someone with #Cancer Does anyone in your family have asthma, allergies, pain or obese? If you answered, yes! You have a pre-existing condition! #cdnpoli
Do you work at Tim’s, Walmart or some other job of this nature! Guess what, NO COVERAGE FOR YOU! Do you have a job that is absolutely guaranteed, guess what probably not! NO COVERAGE FOR YOU! Can you afford private insurance premiums, $500-$1000 per person, A MONTH! #cdnpoli
Are you willing to bet your child’s life on voting #CPC or for Max Bernier who said he’s ending socialized medicine? Are you willing to bet your life? How about your parents? You better realize ELECTIONS have CONSEQUENCES! #cdnpoli
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Has anyone read the "Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends"? I'll paste it here. About 30 Nobel Laureate economists, 4 former Chairs of the Federal Reserve and 15 former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers have signed it this in favour of "#carbontax" (1)
Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends

Global climate change is a serious problem calling for immediate national action. Guided by sound economic principles, we are united in the following policy recommendations. (2)
I. A carbon tax offers the most cost-effective lever to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed that is necessary. (3)
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