Can't wait to quote MC Hammer in my (hopefully eventual) MSc thesis one day. I am also working on risk of bias assessments of clinical trials today so am as always thinking about the broader ecosystem of judgment and knowledge-creation in which we do scientific work...
Which is to say that my thinking about questions about truth and certainty and reliability in the humanities (and the systems of power and relation in which they circulate) is what drives my interest in the sciences as well, and why I care so much about evidence synthesis.
This morning/afternoon, I'm attending a symposium on automation for systematic reviews, and the questions of who creates the automation and what underlying philosophies or assumptions we use to automate synthesis (as with any form of automation) are deeply important!
I also think that "when you measure, include the measurer" is probably how I would define the stakes of defining one's methodology in all fields. "When you read, include the reader," and so on.
And this is why I always - even and especially in my burgeoning scientific education and work - return to @zugenia's exercise on "knowing from"…
I also think about how for so long I misunderstood "methods" as merely "tools."

• • •

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More from @empathywarrior

21 Feb
I had such a great morning, then didn't realize how badly I was overheating in a shower, and just spent two hours out cold in my bed. I'm downing a ton of salt now. I think...I think this is the hardest part of chronic illness. Every day can be so unpredictable. #Dysautonomia
As I said to some folks in this morning's writing group, I'm re-learning to write in a sustained fashion when my health is worse than it was 6 years ago, when I was writing my dissertation. I still wrongly assume my baseline is "healthy" rather than "presently symptom-free."
I love the illusion of cure, and I won't say my attachments to it are entirely maladaptive. In a good run of days, sometimes weeks, I could really believe that the new roofing or the re-tiled hallway of the house that is my body somehow negates the slowly crumbling foundation.
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19 Feb
I woke up this morning trying to think through my feelings of envy around PhD admissions and TT job announcements, and I realized that it's much less about wishing I could do another PhD or have a TT job as it's about how academia has no space for independent scholars.
Or very little, anyway. I'm thinking about the restrictions on summer theory schools and intensives, about fellowships that are about wanting faculty with existing affiliations to spend time at another institution, and it's just doesn't have to be this way?
So yeah, when you have a stale PhD but want to keep learning, pivoting fields, and trying to make time to get writing done, I don't think the envy around people newly-admitted to PhD programs or getting TT jobs is entirely unreasonable. (I think.)
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11 Feb
Whenever I see postdoc ads, I still click on them. And then I see that they have a 5-year limit on PhD freshness and I both laugh and cry. Especially when these are for Black and/or Indigenous scholars! And in this pandemic time? *sucks teeth*
There is a real sharpness to this violence of time and expired use value, not just of the ideas but of the bodies and the communities in which those ideas circulate, live, ferment. I am thinking about how this lives along the ideas of “Black excellence” in universities.
As a trauma theorist and memory studies scholar I just would please like a shirt that says my graduation year on it and then the word “BELATED” in all-caps and a loud font, but my point is, time isn’t neutral and I am not surprised how institutional time is further hardening
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10 Feb
I am finally on the proper medications, 19 years after I first started getting sick. I can breathe properly. I can eat without my throat swelling up, or my blood pressure plummeting. I can exercise and my heart rate stays in a normal range. And yet I cannot say how angry I am.
I cannot say how angry I am to have been told to just wait for things to get better. Or to have been scolded for pointing out frank diagnostic errors. To have been told that sometimes you must just accept that "life just sucks."
I cannot believe how much my precious time was wasted by not being taken seriously. I am still trying to piece it all together, but...fuck, you know? That I was stubborn enough to not let doctors just abandon me to their own lack of curiosity and care.
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8 Feb
It's great to be asked if you have extended health insurance before a medication or treatment is prescribed but also like devastating to be like "yes I have been un/der-employed for months and am trying to find work after leaving academia, no I don't have extended health"
I'm already on medication that I'm taking a lower dose of mostly so that I don't have to spend 100$ a week on it (it also seems that the lower dose is fine for now) but TROLOLOL what is life
"And hopefully next time we check in you will have full-time employment with benefits!" well actually that optimism about the job market is charming, I'm just considering going back to school so that I can have student extended health benefits, but okay
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