GOP lies disrepect the people - including children - whom they kill. In Texas, we knew in 2011 that state faced a power collapse if plants werent winterized. Dems put forward a bill requiring plants to winterize to prevent the collapse. GOP voted it down because "freedumb"...1
...and "the free market" and the endlessly bogus incantation "jobs!" when winterizing would have created, not killed, jobs. Reality: Winterizing, requiring power reserves through long term contracts and not just depend on spot market, would cost energy companies money. And...2
...they are the biggest bribers - i mean, GOP campaign contributors - in Texas. So, it saved some money. But this didn't change reality. The report from 2011 and the science made it certain that the power system would collapse. GOP scoffed and laughed, as they ALWAYs do when...3
..realities of science and physics say they cant do what they want. We see it now, with COVID. These people would rather murder half-a-million people than accept that every health department in the industrialized world is right - masks controls the spread. Countries where...4
...masks are worn universally have extremely low spread. We are a bunch of idiots, and we have had endless spread. The GOP never explains this - because if reality smacked them in the face, they would have to do what they didn't want to. And "I don' wanna!" is the foundation...5
..of the GOP's self-grievance policies. So, half a million die, and what happens? Fox and the GOP - all people who have had nothing more than high school science (which they probably failed) start attacking a man who was the center fighter against AIDS, Ebola, development of...6
...biodefense drugs, and is one of the most cited scientists in the medical literature in history. But now, Fauci knows nothing and Tucker knows everything. Because it's convenient. Reality is difficult, and reality means Fox News helped murder 500,000 people. So they ignore..7
...reality, find a villain, leave themselves blameless and move on. Which brings us back to Texas. EVERY person in Texas who paid ANY attention since 2011 knew this could happen - we were told it could by the government, and the scientists said it would. The GOP snickered. And..8
...when the inevitable happened, & bodies piled up, what did they do? Lie & blame. I never imagined that, if someone told GOP not to pull the trigger because it would kill Bob, and GOP laughed and pulled the trigger anyway and it killed Bob, GOP could blame someone who wasnt...9
...there. Who and what have they blamed? Biden, AOC, wind power. Every bit of that entails lying about what happened in Texas, hiding that we knew it was coming, that we tried to stop it, and that the GOP blocked the efforts to prevent catastrophe because their contributors...10
...would have had slightly less in profits in 2013-2014. (Note: Decreasing profits also brings down stock price. CEOs who hang out with mass murderer @GregAbbott_TX have stock options that become very valuable if price goes up, so they bribe Greg to sell out Texans so that...11
...the rich guy can add a few more than the 26 refrigerators he has in his mansion (NOTE: This is a real example)

@GregAbbott_TX and the GOP are now desperately trying to find a villain anywhere but in the mirror. First instinct: Go for democrats who have little power in TX...12
...then go after power that is associated with the devil in the minds of the ignorant (NOTE: This will die off for one big reason. The Texas energy companies that the GOP fluffs invested huge amounts in wind power, and now it is the power with the biggest profit margin. It...13
...may make the blood boil at Fox News, but when they finally realize that the Texas good ol' boys running standard energy companies get the power cheap from windmills - and so they like it - Fox will change and so will Texas GOP.)

So now, @GregAbbott_TX and the frauds...14
...are lying by going after @ERCOT_ISO - manager of Texas electricity - because ERCOT didn't fall in line & start mouthing the GOP lies about the cause, but instead said they were wrong. So get ready for GOP hearings ripping ERCOT apart.

But ERCOT couldnt do much without...15
...GOP authorization. ERCOT didnt have the ability to force energy providers to winterize their systems, or to bury the pipelines deeper and expand them (Texas did them shallower and narrower than most to save money - but that led to gas freezing in pipelines). It was *all* ...16
...caused by the GOP. Before 2005 their decisions could have been excused as errors based on no solid information. And before 2011, it could be excused by misunderstanding. But after 2011? THEY knew. DEMOCRATS knew. TEXANS knew. If we didn't winterize, people would die...17
...they gambled with our lives, & we lost. Now, as they look out upon the bodies of the dead, their first instinct has been to lie and blame. Reality doesnt care about spin. If the GOP continues fighting reality, more people will die. It might be next year, or the year after...18
...that, or in 5 years or 10. But if TX GOP doesnt address gther ACTUAL problem, more people will die.

Children died in the Texas freeze. A man froze to death in his recliner. Some burned to death trying to keep warm. If GOP continues to lie, it spits on all of their graves.

• • •

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21 Feb
.@GregAbbott_TX: These kids are some of the 1000s of Texans you killed in past 8 months. This time, because of your deals with energy buddies. The kids died in a fire lit as they tried to stave off freezing.

On you, Greg. On you.

This is a thread of children you’ve killed...1 is an 11 year old boy named Cristian. He was freezing, the power was off because of your corrupt deals. Climbed in bed, to get under a pile of blankets.

He froze to death. As he drew he last breath, @GregAbbott_TX, you were on Fox, lying that wind power caused this....2
...think about that @GregAbbott_TX. You were too stupid and corrupt to do anything to help us. Instead, there you were, soft skinned, well fed and warm as you appeared on Fox to lies, time you could have spent helping. As lies passed your lips, Cristian’s lips turned blue...
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20 Feb
How to not run/and run a business:

In 1976, my family was Big Thompson River flood. 2 hotels survived -locally owned one we were in, which let people stay free & doubled up rooms, & Holiday Inn, which tripled rates. I’ve never again stayed in HI for 45 years because of that..1
...we’ve seen the opposite in Texas disaster - a community minded business that wins public affection & is better managed than the state. @HEB is beloved in TX, more so since the recent crisis. In a town where people were in financial trouble, HEB gave away groceries for free...2
...literally, you would walk into the store, head to the cashier, and they would thank you and send you on your way. They were prepared for a disaster. Why? Because at the beginning of the pandemic, this grocery store chain -GROCERY STORES! - commissioned John’s Hopkins to do...3
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17 Feb
The answer is yes, @texasdemocrats. They just don’t care.

@GregAbbott_TX was given a report last spring on how to open Texas safely. But his business buddies wanted to open everything at once, so Gregg fired folks who wrote safety report, threw it open knowing it would kill....
...and let 1000s died. Also, @texasdemocrats - @GregAbbott_TX knew that the communities with highest infection rates and death in Dallas were the minority and poor communities, so our leaders sent vaccines there first to save lives and slow the spread. But Greggs rich buddies...2
...wanted to go shopping, and certainly didn’t want to wait in line with folks down at Fair Park so, like a good Trumper, he used the vaccines to blackmail us. He told Dallas, @texasdemocrat, if we didn’t stop worrying about the poor and highest death minority communities....3
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17 Feb
For those of us suffering & dying in Texas, the sociopathy of @GOP that leads to an astonishing lack of concern about our lives by evil folk like @GregAbbott_TX @GovernorPerry @TuckerCarlson @DanCrenshawTX et al who blatantly lie about what’s happening...1…
...just to score political points - and protect the profits of energy companies - is almost incomprehensible. These are people who would claim Social Security caused 9/11 if it was convenient. What caused this catastrophe is vast vast majority from gas, then coal/nuclear...2
...then wind. The ONLY source of power that is delivering more than expected in budgeting is wind. But that’s not convenient to say for the oil/gas/coal industry, so the @GregAbbott_TX @GovernorPerry @DanCrenshawTX stand atop our dead bodies lying to protect the companies...2
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15 Feb
If Texas was on the national grid, our homes wouldn’t be as low as 15 degrees. But no, we had typical yeee-haw thinking we’re better than everyone. Or we could have planned ahead, made sure our wind turbines had cold weather packages - companies like Siemens sell them.../1
...given how much of our power comes from turbines now frozen. Oh, but to do that, theyd have to rely on climate change models that show this has been happening in Texas, would happen, & will get worse as warming air changes both pressure zones around Arctic and jet stream...2
...which has led to polar vortex to come much much further south. Instead, these idiots who think they know more than experts go “Yee-haw! Hardy-hardy-har! It’s so cold and the libs say global warming!! Har har. Let’s watch The Bachelor now.” This would not be anywhere near...3
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14 Feb
Here are the 43 @SenateGOP seditionists who are pro-cop-killing if they find it politically convenient:
- John Barrasso
- @MarshaBlackburn
- @RoyBlunt
- @JohnBoozman
- @SenatorBraun
- @SenCapito
- @JohnCornyn
- @SenTomCotton
- @SenKevinCramer
- @MikeCrapo
- @tedcruz ../1
...43 @SenateGOP seditionists who are pro-cop-killing if they find it politically convenient:

- @SteveDaines
- @SenJoniErnst
- @SenatorFischer
- @LindseyGrahamSC
- @ChuckGrassley
- @SenatorHagerty
- @HawleyMO
- @SenJohnHoeven
- @SenHydeSmith
- @JimInhofe .../2
..(continued) 43 @SenateGOP seditionists who are pro-cop-killing when politically convenient:

- Russian asset @SenRonJohnson
- @SenJohnKennedy
- @SenatorLankford
- @MikeLeeforUtah
- @CynthiaMLummis
- @RogerMarshallMD
- @LeaderMcConnell
- @JerryMoran
- @RandPaul...3
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