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23 Feb, 12 tweets, 4 min read
Georgia Senate Republicans just introduced sweeping new voter suppression bill that repeals no-excuse absentee voting & requires witness signature + photocopy of voter ID for mail ballots. This is really ugly
1.3 million Georgians voted by mail in 2020, including 450,000 Republicans, but under new GOP bill you can only vote by mail if out of town, disabled, over 65, religious holiday or can't get off work. This is extremely restrictive…
The bill requires a witness signature for mail ballots, which only a dozen states mandate AND a photocopy of voter ID, which requires access to copier or printer. Ridiculous
Georgia Senate GOP voter suppression bill follows House bill eliminating Sunday voting when Black churches do Souls to Polls drives, which is being called "Jim Crow with suit & tie"…
The explosion of new GOP voter suppression efforts in Georgia & elsewhere makes it crystal clear why Dems need to urgently pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act & For the People Act
New GOP voter suppression bills in Georgia “direct response" to Dems winning in November & January, I told @chrislhayes

"Instead of trying to reach new constituencies, they are trying to suppress those new constituencies from voting in the future”…
"Many of our citizens have expressed a lack of faith and integrity in our current election systems" says statement from Georgia Senate Republicans. This is so disingenuous. They spread Trump's Big Lie & are now using it to justify new voter suppression
3 recounts in Georgia found zero evidence of fraud

Audit of 15,000 mail ballots in Cobb County found 2 mismatches signatures, 0 illegal votes

The only "problem" Republicans want to fix is too many Dems & Black people voting
Read this thread for much more on voter suppression in Georgia. It’s a shameful race to the bottom
"If Democrats were looking for a reason to pass a new federal voting rights law, this is example 1A”…
Georgia Republicans holding hearing on sweeping voter suppression bill that would give state some of most restrictive mail voting laws in country at 730 AM today, when they think nobody will be paying attention

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24 Feb
All across country Republicans weaponizing Trump’s lies to make it harder to vote. This is one of most disgusting things I’ve ever seen & underscores why Dems must urgently pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act & For the People Act to stop voter suppression…
253 new voting restrictions introduced in 43 states so far this year finds @BrennanCenter

Dems can keep Jim Crow filibuster & allow GOP to pass explosion of Jim Crow 2.0 laws

Or they can eliminate filibuster & pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act & For the People Act Image
Voter suppression bills introduced by Georgia Republicans:

-ends Sunday voting when Black churches do Souls to Polls

-ends no excuse mail voting used by 1.3 million in 2020

-requires witness signature AND photocopy of ID for mail ballots

"Jim Crow with suit and tie" Image
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18 Feb
Georgia House Republicans just introduced a bill to ban early voting on Sundays prior to election, when Black churches do Souls to the Polls get out the vote drives
A 48-page voter suppression bill was released by GA House Republicans at 1:53 PM today before 3 pm hearing. Democracy dying in the dark
Here is the language eliminating Sunday voting (h/t @stphnfwlr)…

Hearing happening now… ImageImage
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13 Feb
Shocking stat: 57 senators who voted to convict Trump represent 76.7 MILLION more Americans than 43 senators who voted to acquit
Senators voting to impeach represent 61.6% of Americans (202 million)

Senators voting to acquit represent 38.2% of Americans (125 million)

Via @atausanovitch Image
This just underscores how undemocratic US Senate is:

-split 50-50 but Dems represent 41 million more people

-15 states with 38 million people elect 30 GOP senators

-California with 40 million people elects 2 Dems… Image
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13 Feb
Mitch McConnell refused to hold impeachment trial while Trump was in office & now says he’ll acquit because trial is unconstitutional since Trump no longer in office. Absolutely despicable
“No one has benefited more from minority rule—and done more to ensure it—than Mitch McConnell”

He helped incite the insurrection by refusing to recognize Biden's victory for 40 days & allowing the Big Lie to spread…
McConnell spent weeks helping embolden Trump’s Big Lie

He didn't recognize Biden victory until Electoral College certified

During that time Trump spread a million crazy conspiracies about stolen election that ultimately led to insurrection at Capitol…
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12 Feb
Everything Trump lawyer saying about Georgia is a lie: signature verification audit in Cobb County GA found two mismatched signatures out of 15,000 votes, zero cases of fraud
There was no "inexplicable" drop in Georgia's mail ballot rejection rate as Bruce Castor claims

"Elections officials rejected absentee ballots because of signature issues at similar rates as in the 2018 election, about 0.15%, according to state data"…
Trump's closing argument is defending the Big Lie
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11 Feb
GOP won’t denounce the Big Lie because they are using it to pass wave of new voter suppression laws

If Dems want to stop the next coup they need to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act & For the People Act before it’s too late
Dems can get rid of filibuster to pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act & For the People Act to stop GOP voter suppression

Or they can allow GOP to undermine democracy for next decade & steal the next election…
“The gerrymandered Republican legislatures that laid the groundwork for Trump’s stolen-election narrative are now weaponizing misinformation about voter fraud to build support for new efforts to restrict ballot access”…
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