advice for improving your dating profile
"I must confess I have a weakness for big butts, it's a problem. should I talk to a therapist about this??"

"I often get into trouble for blurting out what I think. a sensible man would learn to quit doing that. I am not a sensible man"

the point is to match your utterances to fit your personality

I'll get even more mean: if you don't know what your personality is you are not ready to be dating

but you can figure out a first draft pretty quickly, ask your friends and family to describe you

• • •

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25 Feb
This person, Teoalida, is an incredible example of a modern autodidact renaissance man, existing quietly. As long as people like Teoalida exist, I cannot in good conscience claim that label for myself. You think I'm prolific? I'm like a little baby compared to Teoalida ImageImage
All I do is tweet. Teoalida designs palaces, builds databases of cars and real estate

"What is all this mix of stuff on same website? Are you CAD designer, researcher, database provider, gamer, or...?"

"I am ALL OF THEM! This is PERSONAL website and my life is very diverse!" ImageImageImageImage
his personality is so amazing to me, he just doesn't give a fuck. it's inspiring tbh

I spend so much time and energy trying to meet people halfway and he's just like: ImageImageImageImage
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25 Feb
Gertrude Stein (1874–1946) was born to a wealthy family, raised in Oakland CA. Both her parents died by the time she was 17. At Radcliffe College, she was a student of William James, who called her brilliant and encouraged her to go to med school. She got bored and flunked out ImageImageImage
"She had spent many of her evenings not applying herself to her studies, but taking long walks and attending the opera." 😍

Her uncorseted physical appearance and eccentric mode of dress aroused comment and she was described as "Big and floppy and sandaled and not caring a damn" Image
In 1902 her brother Leo (left) left for London hoping to pursue an art career, and Gertrude followed – and a year later they relocated to Paris.

Here Gertrude would host a weekly Saturday night salon that attained legendary status, which is the reason I'm making this thread Image
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25 Feb
one of my talking points is "I believe philosophy departments should be 50% staffed by children" – and a common response is that people think I'm doing a sort of silly and cute joke bit to make people laugh. but I am not. I am being absolutely serious
every single one of these things should be treated with the same respect and reverence we give any prestigious "thought leader". And I don't mean this in a "humor the children" way. I mean that they have important and valuable perspectives to contribute Image
the handful of ppl that we call geniuses are typically those who have protected the wild spirit of their inner-child-self into adulthood, fending off good-intentioned domestication

I believe we could have 1000x more geniuses if we took children seriously

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24 Feb
almost every mention of Brian Eno's Scenius idea links to either Kevin Kelly's 2008 post, Bruce Sterling's repost of that on Wired, or a quote of Eno speaking in Sydney in 2009.

Here's a quote from Eno's 1996 book, "The Year With Swollen Appendices", via… ImageImage
this is interesting for a couple of reasons

1. he mentions that he came up with it "a few years ago", so likely early 1990s

2. he points at some examples himself (usually people link to Kevin Kelly's chosen examples) Image
Aha, and here is James Ogilvy mentioning a specific year and place – 1993, at a conference in London… ImageImageImageImage
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24 Feb
looking at 20 years of blogposts and writing about scenes and scenius, and I think, funnily, everybody who's written about this is so eager to emphasize the the group over the role of the individual, that they seem to gloss over the role that "scene managers" play
Pericles' lover Aspasia hosted the house parties that Socrates hung out at
Max Planck hosted the house parties that Einstein hung out at
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24 Feb
Wait there were Two industrial revolutions? I am tired
1. Textiles, railroads, iron, coal, steam

2. steel, chemicals, petroleum, automobile, electricity
I feel like the thing most missing from my education was the emotional quality of things. Like how WW1 was a hideous shock that made lots of smart people become bleak and nihilistic af; I feel like I only started contemplating that stuff in my late 20s. Tho... I did read abt it..
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