Reminder: Do not get sucked into the Vortex of Doom and despair.

There are fights which need to be fought, but there are plenty of fights which are engineered to distract and divide us. Thus, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters in the midst of this disinformation war.
As an example, look at the results of this poll asked to democrats only:

According to this data, their biggest concerns are a man who's no longer in office and his supporters. This isn't a rational response, but an irrational one driven by Vortex of Doom
Otherwise rational and sane people, overcome by the unending propaganda foisted upon the public by the Establishment Media Complex, state their biggest concerns are fictional creations designed to keep them in a permanent submissive state.

This mental state creates imbalance...
... and is the result of four+ years of propaganda and conditioning which tricked many of our fellow citizens into believing that 1/2 the country suddenly emerged from the Neo-Nazi closet.

It's the inevitable result of endless doom porn, mainlined into the minds of MSM viewers.
Not every person who fell for this conditioning and disinformation campaign is a "true believer". Not every person who fell for this ruse even understands how they reached their current state of delusion.

They were just going along to get along, out of laziness or apathy.
Disinformation agents do not exist solely on one side of the partisan spectrum. They can be found everywhere, even among the "conservative" press.

Honest citizens looking for truth in a world of fantasy, is akin to walking through a minefield blindfolded.
The key to surviving in this environment is to remember what truly counts: how much WE, as individuals, allow the disinformation agents to impact the way we live our lives.

Do we succumb to fear and irrationality? Or do we push through it by focusing on love and discernment?
If you lose focus on what's directly in front of you on a daily basis, and instead hone in on the fear and doom being pushed by the establishment provocateurs, you run the risk of constantly fighting ghosts while missing out on the best parts of life.
Our focus should be on what's directly in front of us on a daily basis. That means our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors. We shouldn't be on lecturing them, shaming them, or reciting polemics.

It should be on living our own lives, using love and truth as our guides.
Doing so brings us into BALANCE. Without balance, there can only be instability.

Encouraging instability is part of the Establishment's toolkit for engineering endless social strife and conflicts which strengthen their hold on power.

Seeking balance then is key to victory.
There are absolutely fights which need to be fought and cannot, should not be avoided. This is not a plea to only turn inward and to ignore all external conflicts. Not at all.

It's simply a reminder that without balance, you'll be left tilting at windmills.
Remember to ground yourself, often, in the love of friends, family, nature, God, or whatever your chosen sanctuary is.

Doing so does not weaken one's resolve, but reminds us what it is we're fighting to protect.


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