The interesting part about Gosar and King attending AFPAC is the part afterwards where we’re gonna be finding out how much they’re really into it vs. how much they didn’t realize what they were in for by going.

Didn’t watch the speeches, but watched the reactions of people.
(For those who don’t know, AFPAC is the white nationalist event run by Nick Fuentes that piggybacks on CPAC to draw the clandestine and the curious — they got Steve King and sitting Congressman Paul Gosar to show up this year)
The white nationalists were either a) very excited to be validated or b) bristling, bc King’s speech twice used the term “Judeo-Christian” and Gosar has posted a ton of pro-Israel stuff, and Fuentes is of the branch of white nationalism that dislikes Jews more than black people.
I am very curious to see how Gosar will handle the inevitable fallout. He’s probably received a bunch of phone calls from people he trusts already.

• • •

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28 Feb
Today’s Moose-feeding movie is HIGH MOON (2019), wherein an Old West cowboy kills a werewolf outlaw gang before being dispatched by his interdimensional ninja mentor only to be resurrected in the present day where the also-resurrected werewolves have become a *motorcycle* gang.
JOE BOB BRIGGS VOICE. “Sure we’ve seen it before, but have we seen it *like this?!*”
Writer/director Josh Ridgway serves up a bit of a mixed bag: the premise is lunacy, the gore makeup is good, the werewolf makeup is terrible, the fights are decent, the cinematography is dull, all the scenes are too long.
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13 Feb
For those few of you who missed the days of actualfa news, the current happening is a rerun of that favorite white nationalist sport

that’s right

specifically Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey are now on the outs, and as Fuentes is of late the bigger figure that means Casey is on the outs with the Fuentes crew and allies, from Jaden McNeil to Michelle Malkin
tl;dr: people were asking Patrick Casey if he was going to Nick Fuentes’s AFPAC event and if not why not

so he cut a stream about how he wasn’t going because Nick Fuentes had had his bank accounts frozen and is under surveillance due to being investigated by the FBI
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30 Jan
thread on the stuff you need to be a new parent

the only reason I'm doing this thread now is 'cause you may know somebody soon to be in a similar situation

or you may be soon to be in a similar situation

and if you're in a situation like that there's only one thing you can do
sing "you can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant" and walk out

...wait, no, shit

okay seriously though I am a newish parent and I have not been at this long but I can tell you the stuff I wish I knew before Moose came along

so here it is
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27 Jan
Guessing somebody (e.g., admin figure, DOJ careerist, SPLC) put this case together out of existing info and pitched it as something Biden admin could use to make an early splash.

The question isn't the case; the question is: once they start shaking Ricky Vaughn, what falls out?
i.e., they could well decide to let Ricky Vaughn go with a warning, after investigating him to learn as much as possible about people he knew.
Read the complaint against Ricky Vaughn (…) and some interesting things pop up:

* the investigation evidently got started with a re-interview of Paul Nehlen on October 5, 2020
* four co-conspirators are listed by twitter id number, but not account name
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17 Jan
So everybody’s talking about the sudden popularity of sea shanties and I have a theory about something that’s been overlooked

namely, a couple of viral antecedents
One is from a video game: the insanely catchy “Keep Your Rifle By Your Side,” from FAR CRY 5.
The other is from a TV show: HBO’s THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES earworm “Misbehavin’.”
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17 Jan
ME. “And you’ll never guess what the Boogaloo Bois did next!”
EVERYBODY WHO READS MY TWITTER, dully and in unison. “They kept using Discord”
“well, there’s the official proof the Boogaloo is a right-wing movement”

“the content of their Discord, huh”

RADICAL RIGHTIES. “The entire platform of Discord is compromised!Let’s go elsewhere”
ME. “Gonna make one big chatroom?”
RR. “Uh, yeah”
ME. “Gonna advertise it via general publicity in public forums?”
RR. “Of course”
ME. “Gonna let anybody join?”
RR. “Absolutely”
ME. “...carry on”
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