ONI: c51, and a couple of building tips. That space next to the musher is going to be infinite food storage. I need it vacuumed out and filled with chlorine.
The stairs down & up on the west are actually a working liquid lock. We usually make permanent ones, but I won't need access to this room, so I really only need the lock for a short time. Two dribbles of water is all it takes. It won't last long, but I don't need it to.
The fastest & easiest way to a vacuum is to fill all the gas tiles with a solid, then use diagonal deconstruct. Whatever was in them is gone when the tile is built, and you get vacuum when it's destroyed. Wouldn't work in this case, but it's the best way.
The "water wall" thing is useful, too. It's only about 40g of water. How do you get "only 40g"? Go find some spilled water and mop it. The bottles will be variable sized and mostly small. Set your bottle emptier to sweep-only with a high priority, and go sweep one bottle. Bingo.
Once the room's pumped to vacuum, I will use the canister emptier to get some chlorine there. The canister filler/emptier concept is really handy for small jobs like putting a few kilos of chlorine in a tiny room. It's labor, but vs building a long pipe and filtering it's cheap.
Okay, c58. Next stop, the first drecko ranch. Then the rodriguez, which I'm putting north & a little east of that ph2o pool. There's an AETN in the ice biome just offscreen to the east.
Along the way, I'll go ahead and get a metal refinery running out of that pool. As usual, we're water-rich, with a cool steam vent above and then just above that a water geyser.
c68. The first two layers of the drecko ranch are in. That ladder-y bit over to the east will be the rodriguez.
Keeping the mealwood cool enough in the drecko ranch is a pain. Until I get base cooling, I think I'm just going to run a loop of ph2o through that ice biome.
Okay, it's c84, the rodriguez is up and running, tho not fully primed yet.
I really like that rodriguez build, I use it in all my playthroughs. It's capable of making a solid 3kg/s of o2, requireds only a little refined metal, self-powers, is still h2-positive. A situation like this, where I have the AETN down below is ideal for it.
Okay, then, it's c115, and I'm finally ready to head down to the oil (and otherwise generally explore and start capping geysers). Got the exosuits, the dreckos are in, the hatches.
Okay, big project time. It's c127, and I want to get my petroleum boiler set up about the same time as I start the industrial brick above. I am going to run a magma spike up the east wall of the asteroid.
That's a cool steam vent, and it's kinda in the way. I want my counterflow to be on the order of 80 pipes long. Somewhere there's a formula, but 80 seems about right. I'm thinking I can do 5 levels of 17 or so. That'll just fit under the cool steam vent.
I'm going to do an infinite storage for the oil and the petroleum both down there.

• • •

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