You know, the Bible turned into potato-based porn book so gradually, I barely even noticed.
Extraordinary how perfectly today's bigots line up with yesterday's, right down to using the Bible for justification, but one advantage to the modern age is: throwing a #MrPotatoHead at the end of their screeds highlights the emptiness of their philosophy in hilarious fashion.
Sure; Jesus speaks pretty directly to this in a way that makes it hard not to think he's referring to the existence of nonbinary people.

I just wish we had historical record of Bull Connor saying eg "God wants our schools segregated-look it up! #YogiBear"
Lord, what fools these bigots be. #MrPotatoHead

• • •

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2 Mar
To believe that stage was an accident is to believe that the most conspiracy-minded people in the world, who look for symbolism hidden in *everything* already, w/membership including white supremacists that use Nordic runes, accidentally made their stage look like a Nordic rune.
And you also have to believe that this, the nth instance of "accidental" use of white supremacist symbolism, meme, or catchphrase, is also an accident, as were all the others.

All while one of their elected members actually spoke an an actual unvarnished white supremacist event.  GOP Rep. Paul Gosar of Ari...
And you have to believe this at an event that featured as speaker a far-right Senator, who the month prior fomented a seditious insurrection, and voted to overturn democracy in America, calling for a "new nationalism."

From the transcript: And that’s exactly what the...
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28 Feb
This article is good, but also just write "racism" 800 times, article done.
The Republican Party is mostly a reaction to the fact that Black people have, through heroic effort, sacrifice, bravery, and organization, established for themselves a voice in government, and the Republican position is that this reality represents absolutely unacceptable theft.
When they say "Stop The Steal," the theft they are referring to isn't one of their unhinged conspiracy theories that they themselves don't even believe—they mean Black voices actually successfully insisting on being heard.

Black equity is theft, to white supremacists.
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27 Feb
I’m sure this is just as much a coincidence as the last 1000 coincidental uses over the last few years by Republicans of Nazi slogans, memes, iconography, tactics, purposes, and methods.
It’s a Nazi Party. They’ve been telling us. Daring us.
Unassailable logic here. I think the simple fact that you recognized this as a Nazi s
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26 Feb
“Facts don’t care about your feelings” crowd just melting down over the plastic potato toy huh.
taters gonna tate.
Thank you very much, goodnight.
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26 Feb
Make them actually filibuster it. Then pass the same bill again and make them filibuster it again. Don’t stop.
Call every bill the “The Reason You Can’t Afford Anything Is The Republicans Block Every Bill Act.”

Let’s get creative.
Don’t use Hoe Manchin as an excuse. Fight. Throw everything you have. Make their intransigence their problem. Get creative and make their obstruction difficult and uncomfortable.
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25 Feb
Republicans don't have a crisis with identity. They have an unshakeable identity built around white supremacist grievance.

They have a crisis with reality. They refuse to live in it. Anybody who tries gets censured and shunned, threatened and expunged.
One of our two major political parties is openly proudly fascist. They are fascist in the only way fascists can be fascist, which is happily and angrily at the same time. Happily because they've found their purpose. Angrily because reality keeps intruding.

It's a dire problem.
I'm aware they think they're good people.

In fact, fascists always think they're good people—not just good people, but the best and greatest people. This on the way to believing that only they are people.

That's where they are. Ask them; they'll tell you.

American Fascists.
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