🛑 THREAD: The true story connecting January 6th, Parler, QAnon, Russia, and Standing Rock goes back decades. Here’s what happened, who did it, and why.

Additional supporting documentation is available here: bit.ly/jan6info Image
2/In 1975-1976, the Church Committee investigated allegations that CIA, NSA, FBI, IRS, and Army intelligence had spied on Americans and otherwise abused power; the committee's work led to changes that greatly limited the power of these agencies.

3/Angry about these new limits, in 1979 LARRY MCDONALD and JACK SINGLAUB founded WESTERN GOALS, a private intelligence agency. The group aimed to vacuum up and index intel "discarded" by agencies that, after Church reforms, could no longer retain it.

4/MCDONALD was active in the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, a purveyor of medical misinformation, and a conspiracist.

Maj. Gen. JACK SINGLAUB was an original member of OSS, and then CIA. His case officer was WILLIAM CASEY, who would later direct CIA.
5/SINGLAUB was also a founder of the WORLD ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE, and later its US chapter, the US COUNCIL FOR WORLD FREEDOM. WACL was staunchly anti-Soviet, anti-China, and anti-communism, and generally far-right in its orientation.

6/After Reagan was elected in 1980, the right was galvanized to action. The COUNCIL FOR NATIONAL POLICY (CNP) was founded in 1981 by TIM LAHAYE, PAUL WEYRICH and other conservatives who aimed to operationalize their networks for tangible, immediate gains.

7/CNP’s membership is secret. PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY was a founding member. Her group, the “SCHLAFLY EAGLES” led opposition of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment, and championed anti-abortion laws and traditional gender roles.

8/SINGLAUB was active in CNP; MCDONALD was killed Sep 1, 1983 when Korean Airlines flight KAL007 was shot down by the USSR, having strayed into their airspace. MCDONALD happened to have been on board. His death left Western Goals in Singlaub’s hands.

9/In 1982, the Boland Amendment passed, prohibiting the US from funding anti-communist Contra forces in Nicaragua.

CNP member OLIVER NORTH partnered with SINGLAUB to raise private funds. They raised money at 1984 meetings of both CNP and WACL/USCFWF.

10/SINGLAUB and NORTH used WESTERN GOALS to launder funds used to purchase weapons for the Contras. Both testified before Congress.

In 1989, North was indicted and convicted, but charges were reversed in 1991. Singlaub was not indicted.

11/ROBERT “BUD” MCFARLANE (Reagan NSC head) was also convicted in the Iran-Contra affair. He tried suicide on Feb 9, 1987, three hours prior to his testimony to the Tower Commission about the arms sales. He was later pardoned under then-AG William Barr.

12/When the USSR dissolved in 1991, the Bush administration reset the country’s defense stance.

WACL realized they had scored a major victory, but recalibrated around the emerging threat posed by China. Falun Gong formed in May 1992 to oppose the CCP.

13/In Russia, oligarchs consolidated power, privatizing state-owned industries. ALEKSANDR DUGIN’s “Foundations of Geopolitics” was published in 1997. It championed a “Eurasian” realignment, eradication of NATO and EU, and a return to “traditional values.”

14/In 1995, ALLAN CARLSON traveled to Russia to meet people also interested in “traditional values.” There, he had the idea to form the World Congress of Families (WCF), focused on international collaboration between Christian-aligned groups.

15/Over time, WCF became even more connected to Russian power, especially ALEXEY KOMOV, VLADIMIR YAKUNIN, and KONSTANTIN MALOFEEV; notably, Malofeev has called for “conservative” versions of Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google.

16/REBEKAH MERCER’s associate SEAN FIELER with THOMAS PETERS and VLADISLAV SERYAKOV created uCampaign, which made apps for the Cruz (CNP) and Trump campaigns in 2016. Peters worked with WCF’s BRIAN BROWN at National Organization for Marriage, a group opposing gay marriage.
17/In 2006, Iran-Contra figure BUD MCFARLANE wrote an essay for The National Interest, the magazine of the Center for National Interest, arguing that the US should partner with Brazil and Russia on oil. Oil is key.

18/On April 27, 2016, DONALD TRUMP, SERGEY KISLYAK, BUD MCFARLANE, JEFF SESSIONS, PAUL MANAFORT, et al gather at the Mayflower Hotel in DC for a major Trump foreign policy speech, sponsored by Center for National Interest, which made overtures to Russia.

19/Starting in April 2016, native people and various allies organized at Standing Rock, South Dakota in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The protest was monitored and ultimately infiltrated and broken up by TIGERSWAN, a private security firm.

20/TigerSwan was founded by former delta force operator JAMES REESE. He worked for ERIK PRINCE’s BLACKWATER, which funded TigerSwan’s operations. Prince is a member of CNP. His father RICHARD DEVOS was president of CNP. His sister BETSY is also a member.

21/In July of 2016, LT. GEN. MICHAEL FLYNN appeared on a CNP panel on “Terrorism and the Condition of the Military.” Flynn had a chip on his shoulder which would only grow worse over time. By 2017 he was indicted after his brief term at the NSC.
22/On Sep 14, 2018, The Schlafly Eagles held their annual gathering.

They awarded GEN. FLYNN the inaugural “JACK SINGLAUB AWARD,” after the anti-communist Iran-Contra figure, WACL founder, and longtime CNP supporter.

web.archive.org/save/https://w… Image
23/The 2018 gathering was sponsored by GATEWAY PUNDIT publisher JIM HOFT and included alt-right agitators CASSANDRA FAIRBANKS (former Sputnik), MIKE CERNOVICH, and JACK POSOBIEC. Also Flynn’s brother and son, far-right European MPs PETR BYSTROM (AfD) and DOMINIK TARCZYŃSKI (PiS). Image
24/The 2019 Schlafly Eagles gathering included longtime CNP member, January 6th leader ALI AKBAR (aka ALI ALEXANDER), agitators SCOTT PRESLER, BRANDON STRAKA (#walkaway), and LOGAN COOK (aka CarpeDonktum). Cook led a PR offensive for Parler in 2020.
washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jun/… ImageImageImageImage
25/REBEKAH MERCER provided funding for NDMASCENDANT LLC, the opaque corporate shell that owns #Parler, in late 2018. Per Malofeev, it is a “conservative” version of Twitter. CEO JOHN MATZE was fired Jan 29, 2021 and replaced with CNP member MARK MECKLER.
26/According to author @anelsona CNP strategies heading into 2020 were 1) Push R votes, suppress D votes, 2) incite nationwide COVID lockdown protests, 3) spread COVID disinformation. As early as Feb 2020, they chose “denial” to handle any electoral loss.

27/CNP members were activated.

DR. SIMONE GOLD pushed COVID disinfo + was inside the Capitol on Jan 6.

SIDNEY POWELL, of QAnon “kraken” fame, spun wild lies.

CLETA MITCHELL begged, with Trump, for 11,780 GA votes.

ALI ALEXANDER is still “at large.”

28/CNP bigwig GINNI THOMAS, wife of CLARENCE THOMAS, enthusiastically supported the January 6th events; she recanted weeks later.

29/And longtime CNP member STEVE BANNON had foreknowledge of the events of Jan 6, pushing folks to participate. “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow,” he said.

30/FLYNN famously made a video asking people to take a Q oauth on July 4, 2020. He repeatedly praised and amplified QAnon promoter TracyBeanz; even promoting her GoFundMe. He is deeply enmeshed in Q.

31/FLYNN appeared at rallies on Dec 12 and Jan 5, where he gave a shout out to “QAnon Soldiers.” ROGER STONE also addressed the gathering.

32/Of course, we know how January 6 went. Many CNP members were directly involved. BRENT BOZELL IV, son of longtime CNP member BRENT BOZELL III, was on the Senate floor and directed C-SPAN’s camera at the floor.
33/Several other CNP were involved in Jan 6: CHARLIE KIRK, AMY KREMER, KYLIE KREMER (who took out the permit for the Ellipse), SCOTT MAGILL (Veterans In Defense of Liberty; Bikers for Trump). And more.

But now for the real question: why?

34/CNP and Western Goals were funded by the HUNT brothers, who famously tried to corner the silver market in 1980 believing the US’ departure from the “gold standard” was a fatal mistake. They divested from cash into real estate and precious metals.

35/Many other conservatives have a religious devotion to the gold standard. The Koch brothers were followers of Robert LeFevre, who along with other libertarians believed that fiat currency was a kind of “molestation.”

36/By “molestation,” LeFevre means any violation of one's will by another. People obsessed with the gold standard are often convinced others, usually Jewish central bankers, are “taking what’s theirs.” “Communist” ideology triggers them viscerally.

37/The QAnon version of the ancient blood libel myth takes this idea of “molestation” and makes it literal — by saying that using “fake” fiat currency is literally comparable to child sexual abuse and trafficking. This is of course nonsense.
38/This might seem remarkable if the same people hadn’t tried this before, for the same reason, and in the same way.

In 1933, a group of wealthy bankers and business leaders approached the popular respected Gen. Smedley Butler asking him to stage a coup.
39/They were hysterical about Roosevelt taking the country off the gold standard to fund the New Deal.

They proposed Butler would raise an army of 500,000 veterans as “super soldiers” who would siege Washington, and capture Roosevelt.
40/Roosevelt could either allow Butler to become “Secretary of General Affairs” and restore the gold standard — or he would be killed.

They cited Roosevelt’s poor health and believed the "dumb American people" would agree to a “shadow president.”

41/Many notable individuals and companies were reportedly behind the scheme, including leaders of DuPont, JP Morgan, US Steel, General Motors, Standard Oil, Colgate, Heinz Foods, Chase National Bank, and Goodyear Tire.

42/BUTLER had second thoughts and exposed the plot. Congress initiated the McCormick-Dickstein committee, which concluded the plot was real, even if not very far along. Media outlets poo-pooed it as a hoax and a joke, making fun of Butler.

43/In fact, if it had been as well-explored as it should have been, very powerful people would have gone to jail for treason and sedition. But instead they deflected attention and made it into a joke.

44/But the events of Jan 6 are anything but a joke. If we are to keep this from happening again, we need to address this at its root, and bring CNP and its broader network to justice, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Ali Alexander, etc under the RICO statutes.

45/Lastly, some conclusions: it was never about Russian interference vs. domestic extremism.

It’s GLOBAL extremism and gangsterism — that includes Russia.

Democracies everywhere are fighting fascistic forces that span the globe. They must be stopped and contained.
46/When anti-communists get bored with fighting external enemies, they fight their fellow countrymen.

In the US, they have conflated the Democratic Party with communism, which is flat out nonsense. And they are aligned with Falun Gong to fight CCP which genuinely deserves scorn.
47/Today, Bitcoin (which functions like digital gold) has assumed the position of gold for many gold standard fetishists. We see echoes of past gold-motivated actions in cryptocurrency. Recent spikes, along with high monetary supply feel a lot like 1933.

48/We’re re-living history. Foster Gamble, heir to the Proctor+Gamble fortune, has repackaged the “molestation” mythology, as an insane anti-Semitic film series that was pushed by many prominent QAnon figures.

49/And this is also about oil, Russia’s supply of it, and climate change. MCFARLANE noted that much of their oil is available in the arctic shelf. Some of this may ONLY be accessible IF climate change advances. We must end our dependence on oil.

50/And this is also a war over intelligence gathering, and how it’s used. FLYNN and many in his circle are at odds with the CIA and think it is corrupt.

51/The WikiLeaks Vault 7 Password was 'I Will Splinter the CIA Into a Thousand Pieces' – an apocryphal JFK quote, amplified by the Q community. Like SINGLAUB, many in Flynn’s orbit disdain modern CIA leadership.

52/Until the Church Committee reforms, CIA was used partly as an all-powerful intel agency by right leaning actors to “fight communism” globally. Hamstrung as it is now, old school OSS/CIA types see it as “weak” and not up for the challenge.

53/There is more to this story. I’ve omitted some things we can revisit later.

But it is vitally important that Americans and the world understand the true nature of this networked, fascist threat to democracies worldwide. It needs to be exposed and it needs to stop NOW.
54/On Jan 23, 2020, SINGLAUB (who is alive, age 99) wrote a letter to AG BARR asking him to drop all charges against FLYNN. Singlaub was of course familiar with Barr, as he had administered the pardon for MCFARLANE.

55/And a final fun fact? LARRY MCDONALD’s old district in Georgia (correcting for redistricting since) is now represented by QAnon believer MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE.

History is the best guide to the future. 🤚🎤

56/Reporters and researchers: If you have questions about this information, there will be a Q+A session held via both Zoom and Clubhouse; DMs are open in the meantime. Please see this link for specific details on how to join the Q+A session.

And in case you missed my last thread documenting the long line of former disaffected military and intelligence personnel who had been promoting these lies, please check it out here:
57/And thanks to the folks at @TrumpFile who have recently compiled this list of 1,000+ CNP members.


• • •

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