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"Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House. Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamburgers etc. Within one hour, it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters!"
#Potus45 last tweet 8:11 AM · Jan 15, 2019
Thank you Mr. President for all you do. Great job.
"Great guys and big eaters!"
#Potus45 last tweet 8:11 AM · Jan 15
8 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 17
17 = Q
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#QAlert #QAnon
“Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL.”

Q links article re: the potential perjury charges against former Head Clown [JB]. Nunes looks to bring the heat as [JB] perjured himself in front of Congress trying to cover for his crimes.…
Paul is usually on his game. Paul, owe you an apology. I hammered him the other week on his Huber Headfake article. Which I still maintain may be a bit confirmation biased. Consider: Sessions attitude towards leaks. We have A LOT to learn re: Huber/Horowitz. #QAnon #QARMY #BOOM
3) @DevinNunes released a memo last week re: the FISA warrants heavy reliance on the Steele Dossier, which of course, was never verified by the intel community (not that it was real anyways). [JB] denied this in May 17. He never thought it would get this far. Now he will pay.
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“The President (Obama) has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways
that it’s never been done before & whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal w/that. They’re going to go down w/that database & the concerns of those people b/c they can’t get around it. & he’s [President Obama] been very smart.
It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.” (link)

Against, the backdrop of new information which proves the UniParty, both dems & republicans, benefitted from the targeting of the Tea Party & oppositional forces; & with the full comprehension that Mitch McConnell and the
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I love #Trump!

Say you've been on vacation for two weeks, you come home, & your basement is infested with raccoons. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement. You want them gone immediately. You call the city and 4 different exterminators, but nobody
can handle the job. But there is this one guy and he guarantees to get rid of them, so you hire him. You don't care if the guy smells, you don't care if the guy swears, you don't care if he's an alcoholic, you don't care how many times he's been married, you don't care if he has
a plumber's crack, you simply want those raccoons gone!

You want your problem fixed!
He's the guy.
He's the best!
Here's why we want Trump.

Yes he's a bit of a jerk; yes he's an egomaniac; but we don't care.
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This is an absolutely terrifying, TRUE story my old #Democrat friends don't want you to hear.

Friends, we need to RT this thread to educate all patriots about this important information about dangerous threats from #Mexico.
About ten years ago, late at night, a heavily armed tactical team of eight tall muscular men approached the front door of a house in Phoenix, Arizona, apparently, to serve a warrant. If you would have seen this team, your brain may have registered the familiar image of a SWAT
team we see in the Media: Bulletproof vests, Kevlar helmets, black boots, and Phoenix Police "raid" shirts on top of their body armor. With pistols and AR-15 rifles, the team broke down the door of the house without announcing they were the police, or that they had a warrant.
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Solutions?...… via @thelastrefuge2 "the baseline for any solution lies in first accepting the elements of the problem.

The institutions of the DOJ and FBI are corrupted; not just a few people within it, but rather the entire apparatus has been weaponized,
over time, by participating political members who have politicized every function within the institution.

Every level of the Department of Justice (Main Justice); every national administrative office inside the FBI; and every state office of the U.S. Attorney and field office
of the FBI; is being run through the prism of politics. Every outcome is clear evidence therein.

Any solution has to come from a position external to the organization or the cycle will simply continue.

One possible solution would be to fire every U.S. Attorney and every
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I will take #MainStreet over #GlobalistWallStreet!

The investment instruments created by Wall Street billionaire hedgefund managers/institutional multinational banking interests; OPERATED by ROBOTICAL GORITHMIC DATA NETWORKS,
while programmed to twitch and flitter w/coded signals only decipherable by the hired engineers; are WILDLY SWINGING amid their DETACHENT FROM Main Street.

This fluctuating Wall Street process is likely to continue; actually, it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse; because the
INVISIBLE DATA driving the activity behind the swings is based on INVESTMENT BETS, DERIVATIVES that are entirely DISCONNECTED from ACTUAL Main Street FINANCIAL RESULTS. Chairman Hassett discusses:
Full Spectrum: “Main Street-Wall Street demarcation has been fortuitously
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Let's relook at #Hamilton68 dashboard with the following question in mind: Is it an authentic effort to track Russian propaganda activity or a propaganda tool unto itself? or some combination of both?
Recall I was the first to notice #Hamilton68's role in lending credibility to the false flag op in the Senate Alabama race through someone who was involved in creating both the dashboard and the disinfo effort.
The AL Senate false flag is a lesson in laundering credibility for disinformation. Here's how it worked, by all appearances:

Create botnets & other disinfo promoting Roy Moore > blame Russians > validate claim via #Hamilton68 > media amplifies/legitimizes claims > impact votes
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The cost of a cup of coffee rose 285614% in a year and doubled in seven days. Under the new currency, you can grab a cup of the good stuff for 400 bolivars. Too bad that the minimum wage is 4,800 bolivars and 90% of the population is impoverished.
It isn’t looking to buy a cup of coffee, but is starving because it can’t actually buy food. Alternatives have included eating zoo animals, pets and wild donkeys.

“Juntos: todo es possible”, the Obamaesque slogan of the regime declaring, “Together, anything is possible”,
looms over a frightened starving population from billboards decorated w/ socialist icons.

The trouble is that anything really is possible. It’s possible to starve to death, to sit in the dark because there’s no power, to be unable to go to work because there’s no fuel, to be
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As promised, here is my #WalkAway story:


Ok so, I should start by saying something positive about a negative experience. I, and many others, got on board with the whole "Resistance" thing with a genuine desire to be a part of what appeared to be a "good thing".
It's easy to fall prey to the way that the Left utilizes propaganda to play on the good intentions and kindness of many who get caught up in it. Truthfully, it's very much like a Cult, all things considered.

I am an Introvert. Very reserved and very empathetic.
In my actual life, I live alone with 2 children and no real friends or family. So, this is what brought me to Social Media to alleviate some of that isolation, as silly as this might sound.

First and foremost, I love people and want the best for GOOD people, worldwide.
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@ErieMomForTrump Check out #GOPVotingBlue if you want to see what is really going on. #WalkAway is a bot promoted myth.
Astonishing how many prominent GOP like @SteveSchmidtSES @MaxBoot @DavidJollyFL @JRubinBlogger @Peter_Wehner have vowed to vote blue until this corrupt GOP & admin are gone.
@ErieMomForTrump @SteveSchmidtSES @MaxBoot @DavidJollyFL @JRubinBlogger @Peter_Wehner The #WalkAwayMarch had less than 1000 people.
Every Resistance March has been in the 100s of thousands or even millions. Just look at voter turnout in midterms. Democrats got 53.1% of votes to GOP 45.2%.
@ErieMomForTrump @SteveSchmidtSES @MaxBoot @DavidJollyFL @JRubinBlogger @Peter_Wehner I’ve seen the data. States run by GOP have worst child welfare indicators, worst health stats, worst economies, require most federal assistance, & have lowest life expectancy.
GOP policies fail!
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(1) Thread: The many gaffes of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

Until now I've essentially ignored her, but some conservative opinion pieces have got me thinking. I agree with @JesseKellyDC that we can either pour fuel on the fire, or not.

The pros and cons are discussed below.
(2) I've juxtaposed above photos of AOC having freshman group photos taken recently, and Obama rising to national prominence while campaigning for more senior Democrats in 2004. He had been "posing for" promotional photos for many years.
(3) I was one of millions who were sucked in by Obama, twice, to my eternal regret. I finally woke up to who he is when I noticed him enabling the great DNC primary elections fraud of 2016. My permanent #WalkAway followed soon after. I became a conservative & a Trump supporter.
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1. New #QAnon. #Q told us one year ago today:
"FLYNN is safe.
We protect our Patriots.

"Markers are important.
[Dec 4, 2017] > [Dec 4, 2018]"
2. #QAnon "An Army of digital soldiers"
A #QArmy
An Army of #CitizenJournalists
3. #QAnon: "Who knows where the bodies are buried?
Flynn ..
Expand your thinking.
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It is rare I post motivational type stuff. But here goes.

I support what Trump has led us to believe is his purpose. In that, I support him 💯

For the most part, those of us who do, are not embracing the attributes stigmatized with by the so called left. 1/

2/ Most of us seek life without the burdens brought on by bankers, politicians, lobbyists and warmongers/profiteers.

Much is the same for the majority of those which comprise the '#resistance'.

I believe the % aware they are vying for the deep state is puny.

Both sides
3/ Yes, I truly mean both sides.

As much as the deep state players fight against Trump, they also use his movement. Intertwined amongst us. In many cases, leading the movement.

They're the ones, if you watch, personifying the attributes set and against us.

Social maintenance
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Just turned channel! Never again! @POTUS We will NO LONGER WATCH NO MATTER WHO IS SCHEDULED❗️Fox
u are pitiful❗️@FoxNews @seanhannity @FoxBusiness @rupertmurdoch #WWG1WGA #2A #1A #CCOT #D
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Q DROP 12/2
#Qanon points to twatter account
🇺🇸 @simplemindqsall

I See Q People 🕊GreatAwakening
The #Deepstate takedown effects
will ripple across the Globe.
"They" are watching major history by a #WeThePeople Pres.
Q DROP 12/2 #FakeNews by #BlackOutMedia #DeepState
To Hide 🕊GreatAwakening which runs Worldwide 🌎🌍🌏 #MAGA
Enemy of #WeThePeople #WeAreQ
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QUICK POLL, please help

➡️ Please LIKE if you have heard of #QAnon

➡️ Please RT if you know what #Qanon is and you follow it

➡️ Please COMMENT if you believe in the #Qanon movement? Share your thoughts

#MAGA #walkaway #WWG1WGA
#Qanon has given me bread crumbs and open source info to connect dots on my own.

The real buzz for me is communities of digital defenders of liberty.

I'm proud I left #Democrats behind, I found purpose with #MAGA. I know which way is home now.

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1) Chalk this up to rumor, but from a few perspectives, it makes sense.

Look at all the fake news directing this at Trump. Meanwhile, many of the closures are outside the US.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
2) Anyone on a Hillary short list for anything cannot be trusted.…
3) The VP shortlist is sourced here:…
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1) So out of nowhere #Russia is taking on hostile acts against #Ukraine.

Is it out of nowhere, though? And who actually provoked this?

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway #BLEXIT
2) For one, Huber is testifying on Dec 5 regarding his investigations into the Clinton Foundation. #QAnon #D5…
3) Clinton Foundation leads to Uranium One. Uranium One leads to Russia. It also leads to a host of cover up actions by the Obama admin to get their "reset." #QAnon…
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1) Ruth Wagner #WalkAway story. Stunning. Her statement as a 68 yo Jewish woman.

I IMPLORE you to read my summary AND her full story w attached link.

"A holocaust can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone where 'dehumanization' of one segment of people is allowed to occur."
2) "It begins with a slow, steady, insidius, drip, drip of rumor, gossip, hate speech. When that happens, over time, paranoia reigns supreme & eventually the people you have broken bread with, laughed & cried with will murder you in cold blood because you are not 'human.'
3) "The process of dehumanization is are a rat, a bug, with no heart and no feelings, and others can deal with you any way they want, by any means necessary and it all feels perfectly normal.
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(1) "Conspiracy theories being closed systems indifferent to probability and immune to evidence, the report did nothing to curtail speculation about the cause of Hastings’s death."

A detailed, 7-page article on "who or what killed Michael Hastings?"…
(2) I've spent most of my life (48yrs) thinking about how people can determine what is real & what is not. In college I learned how to write in a "scholarly way," then learned on-the-job how to write credible policy reports 4 politicians, then retired & did "self-directed study."
(3) Medical issues forced me to retire far younger than I wanted to. I LOVED my job analyzing policy options, advising decision makers (Cabinet members), & drafting PR talking points. Still, I gained "intellectual freedom" to study & say whatever I want.
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1) Have any of you ever had "caravan illegal" types do any work on your house?

I have.

You hire a reputable company, and out of their truck is this dangerous looking group of guys.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
2) It's not the brown skin, in case the idiots are watching, it's the eyes. The anger. The lack of socialization. Pissing behind a tree. Taking loudly in your home. Eyeing your possessions.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
3) This isn't a joke. I had a recent experience. 4 un-socialized fighting age men in my home. Kids. My wife. My mistake was not keeping the door closed and letting the contractor know I changed my mind.

Instead, I holstered, had some backup clips, and...
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(1) Forget the headlines from the lying, leaking, liberal MSM. Read the official statement here:…
(2) The MSM critiques of the President's statement focus on peripheral aspects like his use of exclamation marks. Reflect on that, against the incredibly serious points made about Iran, international terrorism, global oil prices etc.

Which side is talking about what MATTERS?
(3) Every point POTUS made was already known to me, & to you, if you've been following actual events & trends, instead of the MSM spin.

YES the murder of Mr Khashoggi was AWFUL & it is NOT condoned by Trump, the US, or me, or you.

A President must consider the whole picture.
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