The discovery of 4000 year old advanced chariots from excavations at Sinauli, UP in 2018 stunned the world. Not only did the dicovery deliver a final blow to the fallacious Aryan Invasion, it also busted many myths about ancient Indian civilization.
Clearly the civilization that consisted of warriors who used technologically advanced weaponry. Antenna swords with copper-covered hilts and medial ridge were found next to the skeletons. Also found were shields and helmets among which is the world’s oldest copper helmet
The excavated copper helmet predates any other helmet in the world. The three chariots made of wood and covered with thick copper sheets also indicate a culture that fought many wars.
What’s exciting is that there are both men and women warriors buried at the site.
This clearly indicates that women warriors have been part of Indian culture for millennia. The shields had two gender-specific designs. Women warrior shields had steatite inlay work and those with copper designs were for men.
Additionally decorative objects such as combs embellished with animal motifs like camel and peacock show that these animals were part of popular Indian culture in the ancient past. Mirrors and golden artifacts attest to the fact that this was a wealthy civilization
These archaeological excavations clearly indicate that even 4000 years ago, Indians posessed advanced technological knowledge . It will be interesting to find out how the study of objects found at Sinauli will change our perceptions of world history in the future.
The image of the chariot shown here is incorrect. Unfortunately the source I got it from had shown this as the reference image.The correct image is shown below. Apologies for any confusion.🙏

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2 Feb
Every Hindu must visit Vishnu Stambh (Qutub Minar) to feel immense pain from savagery that Islamic invaders left. A grand astronomical tower & 27 temple complex now lies in desecrated, demolished ruins from the onslaught. Every corner reminds of the assault on our faith.
Signs of the destroyed Vishnu temple are apparent everywhere in the complex which echoes the cries of our wounded civilization. Depictions of Lord Vishnu’s various forms are everywhere from panels of his various Avatars to the gods praying to him as he lies on the ocean.
Classic Hindu iconography depicting motifs such as celestial Devi-Devtas & the sacred Mother cow and calf are clearly evident, even after the heads of the beautiful sculptures have been chopped off in the intolerant rampage by the invaders.
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26 Jan
In 1905, Rishi Aurobindo had these prophetic words to say about how India can regain her lost glory.

“India, the ancient Mother, is striving to be reborn, striving with agony and tears, but she strives in vain. What ails her, she who is so vast and might be so strong?
There is surely some enormous defect, something vital is wanting in us, nor is it difficult to lay our finger on the spot. We have all things else, but we are empty of strength, void of energy. We have abandoned Shakti and are therefore abandoned by Shakti.
The Mother is not in our hearts, in our brains, in our arms. The wish to be reborn we have in abundance, there is no deficiency there. How many attempts have been made, how many movements have been begun, in religion, in society, in politics! But the same fate overtajes them,
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1/n We know Hindus gave mathematics to the world. But did you know the basic symbols for arithmetic operations come from Tantra? The Tantric symbols represent the process of individual manifestation from universal consciousness which results from the union of Shiva & Shakti.
Tantra is the integrated study of universal creation from point of view of the individual. Tantric science uses Yantras - precise geometric diagrams as tools to explain the process of creation and attain self-realization. Construction of Yantras was the origin of geometry.
All Yantras begin with the Bindu or point which represents the nucleus of the phenomenal world. It is the source of creation, therefore it is the beginning of all manifestation. When the Self decides to manifest in the material universe, all energy is compressed in a point.
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No scholar had such insight into the impact of Islam on Hindu history & future through impeccable research as Sita Ram Goel. His works should be compulsory for all Hindus. Here is an excerpt from his exceptional book, “ India's secularism, new name for national subversion”
“After having studied Islamic scriptures and Islamic history as unfolded in my own country and abroad, I have reached the definite conclusion that Hindu society has committed a fundamental and suicidal blunder. The blunder is to recognize Islam as a dharma.”
“It cannot be said that Islam left anything undone in making itself well known. Slaughter of the defeated armies after they had surrendered, public auction abroad of thousands of men and women and children who had been captured and sent there, mass rape of helpless women,”
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