Six days after this Dr. Seuss cartoon ran, FDR signed Executive Order 9066, leading to the forced removal of 120,000 Japanese Americans. Geisel never apologized, only saying decades later that it and other racist cartoons were "embarrassingly badly drawn."
I'm not getting into the broader DR. SEUSS...CANCELED?! debate, but as someone who spent years researching this country's decades of anti-Japanese propaganda, I will say that I struggle with his role in educating young children. I don't buy his books for our kids.
For more insight into this part of Dr. Seuss' career, I recommend this @apjjf article:…
I should add that I wrote about this exact type of racist propaganda and its effects on 120,000 Japanese Americans in my new book, THE EAGLES OF HEART MOUNTAIN, which came out just a few weeks ago:…
A lot of the responses in this thread are conflating "Axis enemy Japan" and "Japanese Americans" which is...exactly how we ended up forcing 120,000 people into camps!
Muting this because it's gone in the exact direction I should've expected it to go, but if anyone is interested in reading more about anti-Japanese bigotry in the U.S. before and during WWII email me and I'll send along some recommendations.

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