A thing I've been thinking about is how the US no longer appears capable of what is generally considered "national trauma." Like, post 9/11 or JFK assassination you had this general, collective grief, manifested in things like enormously high presidential approval ratings.
But more than half a million Americans have died of COVID, and there's barely a hint of collective grief.

Which is not surprising when a decent chunk of the country and the leaders that chunk exalts have spent the entire year more or less denying the tragedy's existence.
"For perpetrators, the memory of trauma poses a threat to collective identity that may be addressed by denying history, minimizing culpability for wrongdoing, transforming the memory of the event, closing the door on history, or accepting responsibility."
That's from an Israeli political psychologist/writer, clearly writing about other sorts of national trauma, but I find it instructive. Both for the pandemic AND the Jan 6 attack.
If you supported the politicians demanding the economy reopen and loudly proclaiming that masks are for suckers, and then half a million people die, you're more likely to ignore or deny the issue than to face your culpability in such a slaughter.
A counter-argument could be that covid has been a slow-moving catastrophe, at least compared to a one-time event. But try and imagine the collective response if 9/11 happened tomorrow. Biden sure as shit wouldn't end up with 90% approval within a couple of weeks.
Of course, the country's inability to share in a national trauma is, at least in terms of the national response, probably a good thing! Without 90% approval and so on, do we get the Patriot Act and the forever wars? Maybe not!
Anyway, there is plenty of local, community, family, and individual trauma to go around in the pandemic, even if it isn't reflected in a national conversation, and I hope you're all getting through it okay.

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This study from researchers @Grantham_IC and elsewhere found that solar geoengineering could increase number of El Nino/Nina events, with some changes in magnitude. The selling point is that they ran the model for 1000 years, rather than just ~50. BUT...

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[adjusts glasses]

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But there was no such thing. He asked Vannevar Bush, an unofficial advisor. But there was no such thing as a presidential science advisor for another seven years.

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