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1/ Here is how to be super productive working remotely:
2/ Find your optimal schedule and only work then. This could be e.g. working early mornings until afternoon, a day split in two or more parts, or working late nights.

The best way to discover what works is to experiment.
I work best afternoon-nights.
3/ Block your calendar: when out of your work schedule, block! Avoid ever making exceptions to this (circumstances allowing) if you can.

This is your first defense for a reasonable work/life balance. Even if you work a lot: block hours to sleep, eat and workout.
4/ Further blocking: time for deep work. If you find your days are filled with short / quick meetings: block "deep work".

During this time, quit everything but the app you need to get your work / task done.
5/ Turn off all notifications for Slack, email, etc.

If something is so important it's worth having you lose focus, context or attention on your current task: let them call you and/or reserve a specific channel for that.
6/ Don't run any work-related apps on your phone or personal devices. If you do, this makes it much harder to disconnect from work.

Disconnecting is essential for rest. @withopal is also a really great solution for this, so you can disconnect for a set time.
7/ Create a dedicated space for work. This helps you establish where work is - and more importantly - where it isn't. If you have the luxury, mainly do work there - and stay away when work is over.

Make exceptions to this rule when you're not feeling productive.
8/ Make sure your setup is ergonomic first. Spend all the money you (or your employer) can on a good chair. Don't work directly on your laptop, but work with an external monitor, keyboard, mouse.
Get a wired internet connection (cheap!) for 10x better zooming.
9/ Inspiration for home office:…
10/ Avoid meetings and especially avoid scheduling recurring meetings.

All meetings should have a clear goal and agenda. Don't attend if you don't contribute.
11/ Don't have meetings to share information. Do that in writing, in a @loom, or by linking to the source of the info.
12/ Here is how to run an effective meeting:…
13/ Start your day by setting a goal (one, multiple, whatever works for you).

This helps with focus, but also with feeling a sense of satisfaction once work is over. Work (esp. remote work) never stops, so you have to stop - and that's easier when you feel accomplished.
14/ Work asynchronously. Here's a good primer:…
15/ Stop working when you feel tired, hungry, or frustrated. If you have the freedom of a flexible schedule: use it!

Don't expect to be productive for 8 hours. If you're focused for 4-6, you're above what most people in offices get done.
16/ Actively contribute to documentation - whether that's your own (notes), your company handbook or simply writing down decisions you and your colleagues made inside of your project management suite.

This helps avoid people pinging you for information: ie allows for async work
17/ Periods of 'catchup' time on email or other tasks. Don't continuously check email, tasks. Find a few slots of time during the day to catchup on these.
This'll make you feel less like you always have to be on-call.

@Superhuman is great to quickly burn through 50 emails.

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11 Aug 20
Want a remote job? Not sure where to start? Here's how you can find one:

2/ Decide what you are looking for:

Companies tend to look for a person that can do a certain job. E.g. "Node engineer", "Data scientist"

Few companies will look at your profile if you don't apply directly to a position.

Zero will do if you can't say what it is you want.
3/ Be realistic. If you have little experience in time, you will have to make up for that in other ways - preferably a way you can prove.

Public work is gold. Blog posts, even e.g. StackOverflow or Dribbble profile can be very good.

For jobs like product mngr this is hard 🤷‍♀️
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