This is what institutionalised bullying and racism looks like.

50 - yes, fifty - articles attacking Meghan Merkle were published on the Express website yesterday. That's *50* articles in *24* hours.

One headline in particular (highlighted below) deserves special attention.
By comparison, the Sun is practically a model of probity with a mere 28 aggressive headlines yesterday.

(Theirs tend to be even more vicious than the Express bile. Where they lack in number they make up in impact).
What about the Telegraph, that up-market tabloid for those who know how to spell "hail Hilter"?

Well, their search engine leaves a lot to be desired, but they published at least 19 articles yesterday.
But let's not forget the Daily Mail, who managed to scrape together 31 articles yesterday from the sewer they get their Meghan Merkle attack stories from.

(Note: they tend to go for ridiculously long headlines that summarise the whole story, so have truncated for space).
If you're following along, that's 128 almost unanimously negative (many VERY hurtful and offensive) articles about Meghan Merkle across 4 newspaper websites in 24 hours.

That's a pace of over 45,000 articles a year.

There is a terrible sickness in parts of the British media.
(Apologies for deliberately misspelling her surname throughout this thread. Thought that might go some way to limit the number of trolls stumbling across it.)

• • •

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4 Mar
The Express is sometimes hilarious in its desperation to stick the boot into the EU in the guise of cheerleading Brexit. You can really smell the stink of fear pouring off this story.

Get this: the UK will have a direct ferry to Morocco. Yes, Morocco! Wonders will never cease.
What's interesting is the justification given is to avoid multiple awkward border crossings.

That is the exact same reason why Ireland now has DOZENS of new direct ferry links to the EU, something the Express are staying strangely silent about.
Back to the original story: it offers the prospect of making trade equivalent to 0.3% of our EU trade a little bit smoother.

Three cheers, plus another for luck.

(Of course, it involves a company that doesn't have any ferries. That would be too easy.)
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26 Feb
The UK Government are using taxpayer money to push fake pro-Brexit propaganda claiming business success.

See this paid piece in the Independent. Except it's not only the Independent, because they've also paid for variants of it to appear in local media.…
There are hundreds of the things! They've carpet-bombed the UK with near-identical puff pieces, each disguised as "News".

(Some carry the notation "Sponsored article", others explicitly mention the UK Government, others make the paid nature even less clear.)
To be clear: I don't think the firms mentioned in the article are themselves lying.

But they are monstrously unrepresentative of the average situation facing businesses.

It's like using Usain Bolt as a "random" example to "prove" everyone can run the 100m really, really fast.
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23 Feb
1/ We know that hospital admissions correlate closely with COVID-19 deaths, but it's worth reminding ourselves just how much that's true...

Here's what happens when you plot admissions vs deaths for England, with deaths shifted by 14 days (people don't die immediately).
2/ Even though the two sets of data are plotted on different scales, you can see they track each other almost perfectly, with the exception of a period during the first wave in which deaths outstripped the long-term mortality ratio. (That's almost certainly due to under-testing.)
3/ Using the same data, we can get a crude estimate of the mortality rate, i.e. what percentage of people entering hospital and testing positive for COVID-19 will subsequently die in hospital.

(For comparison, influenza has a mortality rate around 5% for hospitalised cases.)
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22 Feb
"Will Brexit affect touring musicians?"

The BBC published this article THREE DAYS after the referendum. It has been a known issue the entire time.

And yet now the Tory wreckers are professing surprise?…
Or how about this piece in the Guardian from November 2016, warning about EXACTLY the problems musicians are facing now?…
Ok, ok, so those examples are from after the referendum.

How about all the people who warned what would happen BEFORE the 2016 vote?…
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17 Feb
The Express are hyper-obsessed with Brexit.

So far today, they've published 28 stories on the subject - and it's not even 5pm!

- EU as bully
- EU scared
- Other countries want to leave
- Ha ha ha, Brexit is hurting the EU
- EU failing over the vaccine
- Unfair red tape
At today's pace, that would be over 10,000 negative propaganda stories a year. Such single-minded mania explains a lot.

It is not even a tiny bit surprising that their regular readers are left with a blinkered, funhouse mirror world of reality.

How could they not be? Seriously.
But we can get a much more precise estimate of the extent of their propaganda war...

They have published 87,664 stories that mention Brexit.

Of those, 2,860 date back to before the referendum.

So that means they've published 84,804 stories about Brexit in 1,700 days. 50 a day!
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16 Feb
Culture wars would be impossible without the internet and social media...

Take a fringe view, held by a few people per town. Before, it would never have reached critical mass.

But now those people can find likeminded souls all over the world, swelling their numbers to millions.
What happens when lots of like-minded people congregate in one place (even remotely)? A whole ecosystem develops to leech off them.

Thus the rise of far-right news channels in the US (and soon, the UK too), radio shock jocks, etc. etc.
But something more dangerous happens too: mutual reinforcement.

Whatever conspiracy theory or knuckle-dragging societal viewpoint you subscribe to, you will have a never-ending stream of people all too willing to confirm your worldview.

You bolster theirs. They bolster yours.
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