Sometime this week the number of companies who signed up to learn more about will pass 10,000

It's almost 12 months to the day since lockdowns began and remote work accelerated 10yrs into the future

This is still day 1 of remote work

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🚔 The Remote Work Dilemma: Any company that isn't as remote as it's biggest competitor will perish

9 in 10 people don't want to work in an office again full-time

Any company who doesn't let their team work remotely as much as they want it will lose them to their competitors
🛍eCommerce Similarities: In the same way eCommerce continues to destroy companies that refuse to embrace it, remote work will destroy office-first companies

Amazon began with books before expanding horizontally

Remote work started with tech and is now expanding
🦠 Covid Enforced Work from Home: This has not been remote work as normal. Lockdowns, homeschooling and a global pandemic

Remote work doesn't mean work from home
Remote work means work from anywhere

Millions of people have never experienced all the benefits of remote
🏢 Death of HQ: Commercial office real estate will be cut

It doesn't make economic sense to pay $10k-$50k per worker every year for office space when everybody want to work remote
⭐️ Access talent: Only being able to hire the best person you can afford in a 30-mile radius while remote competitors hire the most talented person for every single role will destroy businesses
🔮 The future of living: Remote work is a bridge to a higher quality of life

Spending more time with people we choose, being able to live where we want, spend more time doing what we love
🏭 Factory style working: The office is a remnant of the industrial revolution incompatible with knowledge work

Remote work allows work to be tailored to the individual rather than the collection, empowering everyone to do deep focussed work, avoid distractions
🚨 Asynchronous-first: The most successful remote companies will not replicate the office remotely

Instead they will create new style and processes of working that empower people to do better work more efficiently

Async work will be the thing that unlocks that
🏡 Micro Coworking: Coworking mega offices in big cities will not win long-term

They solve few of the problem that bespoke offices provide

Instead, what will emerge are super local co-working space. A home on every street with great amenities will dominate
❌ Remote Rejection: Some people will reject remote work

Having had an incredibly difficult experience during the most difficult conditions imaginable they'll find it difficult to accept

Through exposure to the intangible benefits post Covid many will realize they like remote
❤️ Remote love: People who love remote work today will love it post Covid. People who like it today will love it post covid

Anyone who hates it should give it a chance when things open up
👯‍♀️ Major Differences: The reason remote work is inevitable is because everything you do in an office can be replicated to a greater or lesser degree remotely

Everything might not be the same, or perfect, but it is similar

Most of the benefits of remote can never be replicated
📈 Scale of Remote: Companies now know remote work works

There are 255m desk jobs globally and survey continually point to 90%+ of people never wanting to work in an office again full-time

There will be 128m+ people who work remotely most of the time by 2030

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10 Mar
Some people don’t think a lot of people want to work remotely - so lets do a survey in public!

Do you want to work remotely – at least part time – going forward?
Do you ever want to work in an office full-time again?
How often to you want to work remotely?
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8 Mar
I did 2 polls over the last week:

49,000 responses to one on Linkedin
3,000 responses to the other on Twitter

- 8 in 10 people want to work remotely majority of time
- 1 in 25 people want to work in an office full-time
- 1 in 3 people want to work remotely full-time
The most interesting thing is that as I continue to poll with these questions the number of people who want remote most of the time and all the time grows
eCommerce crushed stores

remote work crushes offices

For exactly the same reasons
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1 Mar
Let me make 1 thing clear, and I cannot stress this enough:

Any company that forces everyone back to the office full-time will not make it through this decade
Office work & culture extracted a massive toll on quality of life as commutes elongated, time in the office extended, and time for the things and people we care about most dropped

Remote work is not about the future of work

Remote work is a bridge to a higher quality of life
What people need after a global pandemic isn't an office

People need human contact but is that from colleagues or do you want to hug your parents?

Is that in meetings or do you want to eat dinner with friends?

Is that at the water cooler or travelling and seeing the world?
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26 Feb
I've spoken to 2,000+ people about remote work in the last 12 months

A few predictions of what is likely to emerge before 2030

[ a thread ] 💻🏠🌍
🏝Mandatory Breaks: 'Wellness days' become regular breaks enforced without prior warning they're about to occur

1 day every 2 months on top of regular holidays where a minimum number of days off are set & expected to be taken
🚜Rural Living: A lot of people will move to smaller cities, have a lower cost of living & higher quality of life

These regions must innovate quickly to attract that wealth. Better schools, faster internet connections are a must
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25 Feb
Theory: remote workers know the best remote workers

Would us upgrading your home office with a setup for any intro that leads to us making a hire be appealing to anyone who works remotely?
Current openings:

❤️ head of people
⚙️ head of product
💰 sales executives
🎨 product designer
🔭 business dev reps
📺 head of marketing
🌉 backend developers
🗽 frontend developers
Potential @FirstbaseHQ setup for you:

- rise & fall desk
- ergonomic chair
- dual 27” monitors
- keyboard & mouse
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22 Feb
Over the last 3 years, I've spoken to 100+ of the leading remote-first companies on the planet

This is what I learned about building a great remote team

[ a thread ] 💻🏠🌍
✍️ Documentation: documentation is the unspoken superpower of remote teams

The most successful remote companies write down and record knowledge rather than lose it if people leave

Knowledge grows and is improved over time as everyone contributes to a repository of intelligence
🚨 Asynchronous: remote work is a bridge to async work

The best remote companies aim to avoid replication of the disruptions of the office

Async work empowers individuals to do deep focussed work without distraction
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