what happened in Nea Smyrni yesterday, at a protest in response to police brutality, and how the media and the government respond
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the last drop in a series of police violence cases was last Sunday, when a young man was assaulted by cops in Nea Smyrni after he asked them why they’re giving a fine to a family that was sitting on a bench, when they didn’t disobey any lockdown law
many tried to justify their actions by making up lies.

Adonis Georgiadis, the Minister for Development and Investment in the Cabinet, quote retweeted a video that’s the caption “the suspect has taken the officer’s gun”, when the young man never did
after he was called out for spreading misinformation, he deleted the tweet. an example of how corrupted our government is.
the national media outlets aren’t speaking about the police brutally assaulting and terrorising citizens, only, over and over again, about a cop who got hit by some, but without covering the full story
1. he’s not in critical condition
2. not showing the whole video, prior to this incident - first, the police drove at high speed towards the crowd and threw molotov

even photoreporters got threatened. this was captured live

PR (0:18)
“they’re throwing stun grenades at us”
R (0:32)
“we see team delta chasing photoreporters, instead of protesters”
PR (0:46)
“there are squads here, they threw at their own squads”
throwing a citizen, who was hiding, at the ground and arresting him. a cop tries to calm down his colleague and gets pushed.

the people are shouting from their balconies
a cop taking out his gun
screenshot of the video^
beating a shop owner
pay attention at ~0:19
another one ...
cops pushing back photoreporters, one slapping a woman and cursing at her

pr (0:36)
“if there were no cameras recording the two arrests, i don’t know what the outcome would be. the way the cops handled the arrests was vengeful after some point”
over news of their injured colleague, bike cops are shouting “let’s go fuck them up, let’s go kill them” (0:45)
the whole damn circus
Liana Kanelli, member of the Greek Parliament for the Communist Party of Greece, spoke up about the cops’ atrocities.

LK “i wanna talk about the other atrocities too” (they only talked about the injured cop previously) “which i haven’t +
seen since yesterday on tv, only online.”
R: “what haven’t you seen, miss Kanelli? we’ve showed everything”

after she mentions various the police brutality incidents, all he says is “okay” (0:49)

when she transfers the cops’ words “let’s go fuck them up, let’s go kill them”, they’re telling her “we’re not allowing you to talk like this here (...) we don’t care about what the video is saying”
then demanding from her to take it back & apologise to the viewers.

R: apologise first for your phrase & then say what you want
LK: it’s mine, i said it?
R: who did? me?
LK: should i apologise because i transferred it?
R: i don’t know what you did, apologise for saying it live
if we didn’t have social media, we wouldn’t know the truth. but still, a big portion of the people are unaware of the truth because they’re not on social media
the prime minister uploaded a video only after the cop’s injury. nothing about police brutality or the rape accusations (against his buddy Lignades). he basically threatened all who disagree with his decisions and simply want safe and free neighbours
the same cops will be put in our universities soon too.
don’t let it slide until you, a family member or a friend experience police violence. speak up now, take action. we want a safe country

here is a little about everything else that’s happening
all protests are peaceful until the cops show up

with everything going on this past year, from the long and failed lockdowns to police brutality, at this point we demand the government’s resignation
spread awareness, be loud. we need you by our side
if there is more, let me know and i’ll add them to the thread
driving over a pedestrian with their motorcycle and screaming “catch him”. a chase after him and then clashes with more citizens
greek students shouting slogans after police attempted to raid Thessalonikis’ university occupation campus two nights ago (during curfew hours)
propaganda at its finest

(the original video is above in the thread)

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