OK - in @Eaze & #Wirecard trial, Day 6, still on the stand is cooperator Oliver Hargreaves, who on Monday named Wirecard, & yesterday named #OneCoin's Gilbert Armenta. Inner City Press has reporting, and will live tweet, thread below patreon.com/posts/48543661
Defense lawyer: You used the code, Medical services 8099, for marijuana?
Hargreaves: We thought it was elegant. A consultant proposed it.
Defense lawyer: In your second day as a cooperator, you told the US, It didn't work with Paynetics, correct?
Hargreaves: Yes.
Akhavan's lawyer: You told the agents, we tried to do marijuana delivery with Ray, right?
Hargreaves: Yes.
Akhavan's lawyer: And you didn't say, false, or misleading, or deceptive?
Hargreaves: No, sir.
AUSA: Mr. Hargreaves, part of your cooperation with the government was to give full access to your phones and ProtonMail, correct?
Hargreaves: Yes.
AUSA: Let's put up Government Exhibit 3604. Do you remember this, one of the websites your team designed for the @Eaze scheme?
Hargreaves: A fictitious website. Ray and Ruben worked on it.
AUSA: These fraudulent business plans were sent to EUprocessing at ProtonMail dot com - that was Ruben [Weigand], correct?
Hargreaves. Yes.
Next witness in US v. Weigand / Eaze / Wirecard was long at Citibank, now at Bank of America, in "payments innovation." Not much time for questions - Judge Rakoff has another proceeding at 4 pm (which Inner City Press will also be covering.)
The BofA official says, "In the US, we do not do any kind of business with marijuana related businesses."
Gov't offers exhibits 2410, 2411.
Judge Rakoff: You may step down.
Judge Rakoff suggests to government they trim their case by a day. Then defense urges that an agent witness tomorrow be trimmed, as not having personal knowledge of the documents.
Judge Rakoff: If you're not contesting authenticity, the janitor would get them in
The trial's done for day. Story soon on InnerCityPress.com & patreon.com/posts/48486376
Interim update, morning of March 11:
Bank of America witness still on the stand, says BofA does not do marijuana business because illegal under Federal law. We'll have a bigger update on this @Eaze / #Wirecard case, by 8 pm if not before
In @Eaze / #Wirecard case, now questioning turns to Government Exhibit 2410, Bank of America's Enterprise Policy regarding Marijuana Related Businesses...
In @Eaze / #Wirecard trial, now a witness is being asked about Government Exhibits 3703, 3704, 3705, "in evidence." So when are we going to get access to these exhibits? We've asked - watch this feed.

• • •

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11 Mar
OK - it's #NarcosHonduras trial Day 3 of testimony, with cooperator Leonel Rivera still testifying. He has cited Commissioner Martinez, a UN-trained drug helper, photo of his UN pin below. No answer from UN. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below ImageImageImageImage
Leonel Rivera cites, twice, "a corrupt police official, Avila Mesa."
Geovanny Fuentes' lawyers have no objection.
AUSA: What did "Metro" say about the meeting?
Leo Rivera: That Avila Mesa had brought the guns, and with the defendant, detained the men's car.
AUSA: Mr. Rivera, what can you say about the defendant bringing cocaine base to Honduras on boats?
Leo Rivera: I saw one of his boats in the Dep't of Cortez.
AUSA: Who was there?
Leo Rivera: Me, the defendant, Metro, & my brother Javier. And a woman Metro brought.
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10 Mar
OK - #NarcosHonduras trial Day 2, with DEA Agent Fairbanks still on the stand. Geovanny Fuentes' lawyer is cross-examining him. Yesterday, Commissioner Martinez was trained by the UN (asking UN today). Inner City Press will live tweet - thread below
Fuentes' lawyer has asked DEA Agent Fairbanks if he is aware of Fuentes saying JOH should be replaced.
The Assistant US Attorney objected.
Judge Castel (to DEA Agent) - "Does this refresh your recollection?"
Fuentes' lawyer: Did Fuentes call for the resignation of the president Juan Orlando Hernandez?
DEA Agent Fairbank: Yes. Then Comanche said-
Judge Castel: That's not what is being asked.
Fuentes' lawyer: Do you remember why Fuentes said the president should resign?
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9 Mar
Note: Now a day later, DDC Judge Friedrich has just ordered Calhoun freed based on lack of history of violence, and ties to community. #insurrectionBlues
Calhoun proceeding not over - the proposed Internet monitoring, it seems, would intrude on attorney client privilege. So they are asking Calhoun to agree not to use social media at all, even the read the news.
Calhoun: YouTube is not social media, there's how-to
Calhoun: I think Steve Bannon's channel is on YouTube, and Rumble. Is that social media or news?
They have arrived at a "no posting" condition, saying it could be re-visited.
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9 Mar
#Breaking: In #Wirecard / @Eaze trial of US v. Weigand, cooperator Oliver Hargreaves just admitted that his boss Gary Murphy was working with... Gilbert Amenta, on whom Inner City Press has exclusively reported in connection with #OneCoin. patreon.com/posts/46757731
Defense lawyer: You knew Armenta's money was illegal, correct?
Hargreaves: Yes.
Defense: And you knew about OneCoin, correct?
Hargreaves: Yes.
Defense: And a connection between Gary Murphy and Armenta, right?
Hargreaves: Yes.
Defense lawyer: And you knew OneCoin was a Ponzi, right?
AUSA: Objection [!]
Judge Rakoff: It's his opinion.
Hargreaves: Yes. OneCoin was a crypto currency fraud.
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9 Mar
OK - the Honduras narco-trafficking trial of US v. Geovanny Fuentes Ramirez is beginning. Inner City Press has reported all of the run-up, including CC-4/JOH, has repeatedly asked the UN about SG @AntonioGuterres' support of JOH, & will live tweet, thread below
Judge Castel has taken the bench, says to bring the jurors. Geovanny Fuentes is sitting at the defense table, with two U.S. Marshals citing six feet behind him. The prosecutors are the table in front, closest to the judge.
Judge Castel says the open arguments will begin in approximately 15 minutes. It is slower than usual, moving jurors around the courthouse given Covid protocols. There is a plexiglass booth for which ever lawyer is questioning, and another box for the witness.
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8 Mar
OK - #insurrectionBlues case of Oath Keeper Roberto Minuta is beginning before SDNY Magistrate Judge Andrew E. Krause. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below - for now, song: soundcloud.com/innercitypress…
Judge Krause: Would you like me to appoint an attorney for you?
Minuta: For today, I'm OK with Mr. Gold.
Judge Krause: He's the one I would appoint. I will ask you about your eligibility for counsel at the government's expense. I've seen your financial affidavit.
Judge Krause: What is your name, age and education?
A: Roberto Antonio Minuta.... I'm 36. I made it to pre-med and stopped there.
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