Twitter just scored several own goals in their lawsuit against Ken Paxton.

Here's Twitter openly admitting that they make editorial decisions, that these decisions have to be made in secret and that Twitter is actually no different from a newspaper. Wow.…
And here's Twitter admitting that they are relying on First Amendment rights meant for the press.
Twitter says it can't share information on their moderation process because that would undermine the moderation process.

Here's the problem. Section 230 protection only applies to those acting in good faith. By hiding their process, we can't know if they're acting in good faith.
Here's Twitter claiming that they can make their decisions freely without sharing internal deliberations.

Doesn't jibe with Section 230.

Whoever wrote this is twisting themselves into pretzels because they know Twitter acted in bad faith to get rid of people they don't like.
Twitter's defense against the fact that they discriminate against conservatives is that President Trump had a lot of followers.

No, really.
Twitter is alleging that these two Trump tweets contain misinformation.
Here's another glorious own goal, perhaps the biggest of them all.

Twitter admits that they told Trump that any *further* violations would result in getting banned.

A few paragraphs down that suddenly turns into "and others", i.e. not further violations but *past* violations.
In sum, it's astonishing that Twitter chose to file such a bunch of self-contradictory garbage in court.

Doesn't look like an unforced error. More likely Ken Paxton breathing down their necks forced them to show their cards. And their cards are not good.

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28 Jan
Patrick Byrne is suscpetible to extravagant conspiracy theories but just from an observational perspective, this rings true. Rudy is neither the organizer nor the strategist he was 30 years ago. Sounds so like there was constant chaos—opposite of Democrat/Elias legal machine. Image
Rudy was right about this though. Frustrating that he made the right call and then ended up discrediting all the good arguments with a bunch of conspiracy theories. Image
They treated Byrne like some wacky hanger-on. If you think the guy's a wacko, why deal with him at all? Image
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27 Jan
According to Lisa Page's notes, Rosenstein thought Mueller couldn't lead the FBI because his firm represented Manafort.

But somehow that didn't stop him from becoming Special Counsel.

What a clown show.
Rosenstein also thought that a special agent couldn't possibly be FBI director (why? imo they're exactly the kinds of people who ought to lead the FBI instead of corrupt lawyers).

Funnily enough, Pence "got it", which I take to mean that Pence wasn't big on swamp draining.
Apparently Mueller lost his phone in the White House. Dementia seems to have already set in.
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25 Jan
Here's a fascinating new filing in the Alfa Bank v Fusion case. After our corner on Twitter identified Danchenko, the Alfa guys moved to compel Danchenko to provide documents and testimony in relation to their own defamation case against Fusion GPS.…
In August 2020, the Alfa guys personally served Danchenko with a subpoena. Danchenko's lawyer, Mark Schamel, then spent nine weeks negotiating with the Alfa lawyers. When that failed, Alfa filed a motion to compel compliance from Danchenko and provided Schamel with a copy.
Schamel then asked for an extension, allegedly because he was moving to a new law firm (that's an interesting topic in and of itself in terms of taking Danchenko with him). Schamel then promised to file his motion–which he failed to do. He then ignored the Alfa lawyers.
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25 Jan
Here's the Dominion lawsuit against Giuliani. It's extremely long. Main focus is Giuliani talking about the Venezuelan angle. While that wasn't wise, it's not a smoking gun for Dominion. They also focus on Rudy grifting. Again, not wise but not terminal.…
The third focus is that Rudy said stuff about Dominion on TV but didn't say the same stuff in his lawsuits. That's probably the strongest argument Dominion has, as it tends to show that the evidence against Dominion was weak. But this can also be turned against Dominion as Rudy..
Rudy could argue that it was excluded from the lawsuits precisely because it was opinion and not fact. As attorney for Trump, Rudy may also have certain privileges.

Lastly, Dominion are really keen to have this take place in DC. Rudy should immediately move to transfer to...
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13 Jan
This is McGoverns tweet from the day when he objected. Just a "protest vote", right.

Check out this guy's timeline. A treasure trove of tweets pushing Russiagate conspiracy theories.
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13 Jan
Bit of inside baseball for Russiagate researchers.

There's a guy called Rtskhiladze who is suing Mueller and DOJ for defamation. His case features the usual Mueller distortions. Also interesting that the FBI has failed to release his April 4, 2018 302.… Image
A key part of Rtskhiladze's case is that he was misquoted by Mueller. We know Mueller likes using selective quoting to misdirect. What's interesting about this case is that it's a misquote with no ellipsis.

There is a "some" between "of" and "tapes". Changes meaning altogether. Image
Another common Mueller tactic. Just call everyone a "Russian". Image
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