There are millions of Ram bhakts in India, who have been good citizens & have been told by liberals all their lives that it's not ok to be a "proud" Hindu. It was easy for this lot to be fooled by the BJP into believing that they are a Hindu party & Congress is a Muslim party1/12
They do not necessarily share BJP's hate for Muslims to prove themselves to be a good Hindu.
These guys are therefore not comfortable being with Congress and now are no longer comfortable with BJP either. Arvind Kejriwal is fishing for this lot. 2/12
He cannot win in any state especially in the North without strategizing to keep the majority Hindus with AAP, without upsetting the Muslims or the Dalits either.
AAP is trying to convince these Hindus, to choose a party which actually believes in Ram Rajya,not just talks about it
For AAP, Ram Rajya is all about providing good education, good heath care, free water, free electricity, safety for women etc. Basically create a model community, where ALL citizens are really happy and content, not just Hindus or Muslims. 4/12
The idea being expressed here is that you can be a good Hindu and still respect other religions and co exist with compassion, the way we have done most of the time anyways. 5/12
As for Ayodhya, can Arvind Kejriwal do anything about the temple? No he cannot. It will eventually be built. Can he ignore it just to please some tunnel visioned liberals, who are part of the problem? He most certainly cannot. 6/12
He will always have a huge chunk of his supporters who also like the idea of the temple in Ayodhya.
The Delhi government has a successful pilgrimage package for senior citizens of ALL religions, 7/12
These senior citizens whether Hindus , Christians, Sikhs and Muslims can choose to go wherever they want to in India, for FREE and the temple would just become one of the pilgrimage spots to visit for free. 8/12
Arvind Kejriwal would personally have a lot of ideals for himself and his family, but can he as a chief minister disregard the sentiments of a major chunk of the citizens ? All he can do is to channelise those religious sentiments wisely which he most certainly will do. 9/12
I very much doubt that his supporters will wave a flag or chant Jai Sri Ram to kill. His purpose as I understand is to make everyone feel comfortable practicing their religions whether Hindus or Muslims without fear and still be model citizens. 10/12
Right now both communities including Hindus are insecure and fearful, hence the killing spree. And both the BJP and the Congress are playing on these fears, while AAP is trying to wean the citizens away from both their hate and fear based politics. 11/12
That day, when both the communities can go to their respective places of worship, without having to look over their shoulders, eat, pray and be merry, without a thought to kill, shouldn't be far. 12/12
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10 Mar
When a sensible man like Manish Sisodia, calls the budget that he is about to present as a "deshbhakti budget", without context, repeating the term "desh bhakti" at least a dozen times, as if on cue, without relevance, it does strike one as odd. 1/4
The congress supporters, with their tunnel vision of course had a field day painting AAP saffron. But it is so obvious that AAP Is readying itself to play on BJP's pitch, rewriting the rules, challenging the BJP to oppose AAP's notion of deshbhakti. 2/4
For sometime now AAP has been playing the good Hindu vs the bad Hindu game, sending blatant messages to the BJP camp that you do not have to kill or spread hatred, to be a good Hindu. 3/4
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27 Feb
All that Arvind Kejriwal wants is a CHANCE. A SINGLE term to serve a FULL STATE.
All he wants is your vote, at present wasted on corrupt parties/politicians who have built their palaces on the strength of your vote &your taxes, promising you everything, giving you nothing 1/14
Arvind Kejriwal wants that ONE CHANCE to SERVE YOU, not himself and certainly not his family. 2/14
Arvind Kejriwal wants that ONE CHANCE to show what an honest, educated, credible and well intentioned politician can do. 3/14
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