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2 May
No one is safe, until everyone is safe !
The Indian COVID variant has arrived in the US as expected. In Folsom, California, one person, under 30, came back from India in mid-April, bringing the Indian variant of the COVID. He is now in ICU. And few others are infected 1/4
It is impacting kids, and most people in 30s/40s. Even those who have taken both vaccine shots. A spike in corona cases, especially in Indian community is expected 2/4
A San Ramon, California resident passed away on Apr 25 due to COVID-19 complications in India.He got vaccinated before leaving (both shots). He got infected in India but tests were negative (apparently the latest strain only shows up on the CT scan) so he was caught unawares 3/4
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27 Apr
After the Supreme Leader felt insulted, BJP IT Cell and its army has been floating all type of misinformation campaign against AAP and Kejriwal in particular. Congress IT cell too has joined tge bandwagon.1/13
Well, understandable as they see AAP as a threat. The latest in the series of such campaigns is AAP is spending crores on advts. Should AAP cut down? Maybe. But is AAP a huge spender compared to many from BJP? Let's see. Let's take Ajay Bisht, the CM of Uttar Pradesh 2/13
The Per Capita GDP of Delhi is Rs.3.54 Lakhs and for Uttar Pradesh it is Rs.94351. That's a 4 times difference. So how much does a CM of such a poor state spends on advertisements? 3/13
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8 Apr
Democracy is the biggest lie; only “mock” remains in the democracy. It has been violated by every other form like monarchy, oligarchy & dictatorship donning the cloak of “people’s will”, seizing the entire citizenry when the incumbent’s share was only 39% or like in Delhi 0% 1/12
If we want to course correct, we need to follow the example of some Scandinavian countries; politicians jobs have no fancy perks. If a candidate switches parties after elections, his seat remains with the winning party until the next election, an unalienable people’s verdict 2/12
Manifestos are made to be broken or ignored in our country. That is why we should be keener to think about ways to have accountability checks and paybacks for those who do not fulfil a certain % of their promises in a phased way with priorities clearly spelt out. 3/12
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25 Mar
The beauty of AAP in Delhi is that it treats ALL citizens as EQUALS. While the Congress kept the country divided between Hindus and Muslims, Rich & the Poor, AAP seeks to remove the divide. All their public welfare schemes are designed to benefit both the rich & poor EQUALLY. 1/8
This hurts the politics of both the Congress and the BJP, who think the only way to survival is to keep the country divided. The central government's decision to handover power from the elected chief minister to the Lieutenant Governor, who is not answerable to the citizens 2/8
This is designed ONLY to curb powers of Delhi government.This is happening DESPITE the Supreme Court order of 2018, granting most of the powers back to the Delhi government, after a lot of struggle.After almost half their first term was wasted 3/8
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16 Mar
AAP had a tough time in Delhi during their first term, when the Centre unable to digest it's defeat, did everything possible in it's powers to strangle and overthrow this government 1/16
Every effort was made through the dummy lieutenant governor to clamp down on all their progressive works, whether it was the mohalla clinics or CCTV cameras 2/16
The LG was given more powers than the elected chief minister and put in place only to sit over all the files for months without any action, while the media was pressed into service to attack AAP for making excuses, for not fulfilling promises as made. 3/16
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11 Mar
There are millions of Ram bhakts in India, who have been good citizens & have been told by liberals all their lives that it's not ok to be a "proud" Hindu. It was easy for this lot to be fooled by the BJP into believing that they are a Hindu party & Congress is a Muslim party1/12
They do not necessarily share BJP's hate for Muslims to prove themselves to be a good Hindu.
These guys are therefore not comfortable being with Congress and now are no longer comfortable with BJP either. Arvind Kejriwal is fishing for this lot. 2/12
He cannot win in any state especially in the North without strategizing to keep the majority Hindus with AAP, without upsetting the Muslims or the Dalits either.
AAP is trying to convince these Hindus, to choose a party which actually believes in Ram Rajya,not just talks about it
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10 Mar
When a sensible man like Manish Sisodia, calls the budget that he is about to present as a "deshbhakti budget", without context, repeating the term "desh bhakti" at least a dozen times, as if on cue, without relevance, it does strike one as odd. 1/4
The congress supporters, with their tunnel vision of course had a field day painting AAP saffron. But it is so obvious that AAP Is readying itself to play on BJP's pitch, rewriting the rules, challenging the BJP to oppose AAP's notion of deshbhakti. 2/4
For sometime now AAP has been playing the good Hindu vs the bad Hindu game, sending blatant messages to the BJP camp that you do not have to kill or spread hatred, to be a good Hindu. 3/4
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27 Feb
All that Arvind Kejriwal wants is a CHANCE. A SINGLE term to serve a FULL STATE.
All he wants is your vote, at present wasted on corrupt parties/politicians who have built their palaces on the strength of your vote &your taxes, promising you everything, giving you nothing 1/14
Arvind Kejriwal wants that ONE CHANCE to SERVE YOU, not himself and certainly not his family. 2/14
Arvind Kejriwal wants that ONE CHANCE to show what an honest, educated, credible and well intentioned politician can do. 3/14
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