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Thread for Mon Mar 15 2021

Am still recovering from a long illness
Meditation has been my saving grace
When I was almost bedridden for about 2 or 3 years
I would be in a meditative state much of the time
Lately been getting up around 4am to meditate and make husband's breakfast 5 30
They say the veils are thinnest about 3am to 4am or so
Monks arise to meditate around 4am and I think this is why
Let me tell you there
IS something special about this time of day that...
...enhances meditation and makes it easier

Usually wake up in bliss
From the bliss of that brain state that's in between sleep and awake
Then the thoughts start
Most of us are trained into chronic involuntary repetitive negative thoughts from an early age
We get yelled at by...
... parents and teachers and are trained into being fearful of doing something wrong
This can color our entire life and contribute to a feeling of powerlessness depression and being a people pleaser
One cure is meditation
Becoming aware of these thoughts and letting them go
So I've learned that when you first wake up it's beneficial to immediately begin meditation
A mantra or whatever
Before the negative thoughts begin
to head them off

I usually start with
I am peace
Over and over

Be still and know that I am god

When the body is still
The mind... still

I woke up this morning from a dream
Nancy pelosi was plotting evil to take over the presidency and I was listening in
I have no idea if this is true or not of course
Maybe it was just a dream
So in meditation I started sending her light
Filling her with light...
It can't hurt right?
And who knows maybe it could help

I realized in meditation this morning that enlightenment is recognizing that we are already enlightened
We are already one with god and the universe
God is peace love bliss and joy
So these qualities are always...
...available to us
We just need to tune in to them
And since we are already one with the universe
Therefore we are connected with anything of our choosing
We need only tune in to it
You can just sit still in peace love bliss and joy and feel the union with
All That Is
Of course I have been influenced by spiritual writings
But actually feeling these things for yourself in meditation makes it real
As a former Christian I know now what Jesus meant when he said he emptied himself
Meditation is a slow gradual process of letting go and clearing yourself or emptying yourself of all the strata that never really belonged there to begin with
All your conditioning etc
After I stopped going to church and then discovered meditation
In my deepest meditations I knew that I knew that Jesus taught meditation
As Paramahansa Yogananda who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi explains
Meditation is direct experience of God
This is so true and...
... once you have experienced this you cannot unexperience it and it is yours forever
Various people have written about the possible evidence that Jesus visited India and the Himalayas in his 20s and became enlightened
This makes perfect sense to me
He went back to Palestine
Spoke the language of enlightenment to religious unenlightened people
They hated him and killed him for it
I perceive this same resistance toward true spirituality coming from Christians toward people like myself
It's ironic isn't it?
Many people believe Jesus own disciples never fully understood him
And that Christianity was really a miscreation and perversion of true spirituality
Of course the globalist deep state cabal that has probably existed for thousands of years infiltrates everything to control it and therefore us for their own nefarious purposes
So of course they infiltrated and perverted Christianity and the Bible
We know they're cannibals
Weird then the whole transubstantiation thing then huh
We don't know what early Christianity was really like
We can only know from what was written at the time
And another irony I think is the concept of the gospel
The gospel means the good news
Well I would say the real gospel
The real good news is even better than the Christian gospel
There is no hell
Only one of our own making
Therefore there is no need of salvation
We are sovereign beings with free will
We can choose our thoughts our...
... actions our very life for good or for evil
There is deep peace knowing we have this freedom
And Jesus did talk about freedom
But it's freedom from evil via the true lasting peace that comes via meditation
The peace that passeth all understanding
The truth sets us free and...
...we shall be free indeed

I'm not very popular with Christians these days 🤣
Understandably so

My Dad said when I was a girl
That god is omnipotent omnipresent and omniscient
God is infinite
God is in everything
Every molecule
Every atom
Therefore god is everything
It can be no other way

To experience god is to simply be alive
To experience the peace love bliss and joy of God
We only need meditate deeply

Religion tries to be about god
But it is not god
God can be experienced directly in deep meditation
The bible is a poor description or representation of god

To experience water is to swim in it
Bathe in it
Shower in it
Drink it

Reading someone's beautiful description of water is not experiencing water

Religion keeps you from experiencing god directly

Religion is about god
It is not god

These are my ramblings today

If I can possibly say anything to brighten one's day then I am happy

I wish everyone peace love bliss joy and the deep inner stillness and wonder of deep meditation

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25 Jun 20
Well it was bound to happen
Got called out on my new Twitter name

If I wanted to name myself
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And shoot flaming darts out my butt
And cuss up a storm
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In the realm of supposed free speech
It turns out
We are all hypocrites
At one time or another
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Last night
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A cross between Superman
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And an archangel
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