When people talk about Asian sex work in tones that suggest that the victims of Robert Aaron along were somehow “asking for it” because they were engaged in an illicit activity, they speak volumes about their own ignorance on why America has an Asian sex work trade to begin with.
Think centuries of exotic sexualization of “the Orient,” reinforced by white supremacism, military conquest, colonial occupation, and a long history of media amplification of racist stereotypical images
Think of the Chinese Exclusion Act and how it banned Chinese men from bringing their wives to the US to prevent them from wanting to settle here, creating a situation where the only Chinese women in the US were undocumented sex workers—with clients who weren’t just Chinese
Think of the “R&R” zones around US military bases throughout Asia, and the subsequent commodification/dehumanization of Asian sex workers that has led to exploitation, rape, and murder...not just of sex workers, but Asian women in all contexts in those communities
Think of the “mail order bride” phenomenon and how it targeted and reinforced lonely white men with preconceptions of Asian women as available, docile, consumable, disposable
Think of the “oriental porn” industry and how it indulges and amplifies specifically racist associations for those with Asian fetishes—often overlaying pedophilia, rape fantasy, and the use of slurs on the sexualization of Asians
Think of how American modern-day Nazis and white supremacists have embraced Asian women as spouses and partners while rationalizing this with sick and grotesque racial hierarchy frameworks
Think of how fused and interwoven gender, race and sexuality are in society and culture, and the fundamental truth that killings like this are made possible because the perpetrators think of their victims as objects, less than human, as temptations or obstacles or vermin
Think of the boxes that get checked off before a blow is thrown or a trigger is pulled:

Not white: less human
Not male: less human
Not US born: less human
Not English speaking: less human
Not documented: less human
Employed in sex work: the least human
Think of the fact that this horrific and devastating isn’t an EXCEPTION. It is a part of America’s long and deep history of racist misogyny and colonial exploitation and that history is alive and well today.

But eight people, six of them Asian women, are not.

• • •

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17 Mar
Man kills women, blaming them for his “addiction to sex”

But not “racially motivated,” because of course race has nothing to do with why Long visited Asian spas looking for sex
It’s total coincidence that he’d kill a bunch of women at an Asian massage parlor, then drive miles away to shoot more women at other Asian spas

It’s not about race at all, he just has a “type”
Wow I had a bad day yesterday and somehow managed not to murder six Asian women, I guess stress just hits different for white guys
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17 Mar
Horrific. Robert Aaron Long, 21, has been arrested in connection with a shooting that killed four women at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor in Atlanta. More shootings took place at two other Asian spas in the area. Police have not yet tied those to Long.
In total, at least eight are dead and others seriously injured—most or all of them immigrant Asian women. Were they targeted for their race? Their gender?

Given the way things are right now, the answer is probably “both.”
How did I know he was white before I saw the picture?

“Subject was arrested after a high speed chase and brought into custody unharmed”
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4 Feb
Trump's impeachment defense: 1. His 1A rights let him say anything he wants (clearly untrue, since as the POTUS he has Constitutional duties that bound his freedom of speech) 2. He didn't incite the insurrection 3. Trying him is...a "Bill of Attainder" (!)
Per @NoahRFeldman: A Bill of Attainder is basically a decree that "singles out a particular individual or class of people for punishment without trial" by the judiciary. It would bar Congress/POTUS from enacting laws that affect one person, ex., Trump.
But as Feldman points out, no law is being passed here. This is an impeachment trial. Trump has argued before that he was essentially immune to standard prosecution while POTUS, because he was POTUS, meaning impeachment was the only recourse to regulate him.
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22 Jan
As nice as this is to hear for the future, let’s make it clear that this is absolutely a full throated indictment of the Trump administration’s utter mishandling of the Covid crisis and should be acknowledged as such even by Republicans
Like, yes, lovely, hopeful, but 400K Americans are dead and we will never know how many died needlessly
And I know Fauci played the hand he was dealt and did his best to minimize the damage

But let’s not pretend he wasn’t on the bridge when the ship was smashing into every iceberg it could find
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22 Jan
When I said Dems need to go hard on the organizing resolution instead of looking to outmoded 2001 models of powersharing, lots of folks said "DUDE IT'S FINE"

I point you all to Mitch now demanding that Dems include a vow to preserve the filibuster
Showing ANY kind of weakness from the outset simply means Republicans will run roughshod over Dems even though we have a nominal majority. Mitch always changed rules whenever he needed to to get his diabolical agenda through; Dems are the only ones who care about norms.
Here’s what Dems would do if they had stones:
—Put a return to talking filibusters into the organizing res
—Reduce cloture to 3/5 of attending, not 60 votes, even for rules changes (currently need 2/3 of attending)
—Kill the reconciliation loophole. No longer needed with above.
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20 Jan
Has sending unsolicited penises ever resulted in anything good, I've never understood why some guys think popping a surprise flesh knob into a convo might inflame a woman's passion
If you look at the stream of messages, you can tell Porter totally was like, "I didn't want to do this, but you gave me no choice, what other option did I have"
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