December 2019, a renowned evangelist departed this world
A lot of believers started sending goodwill messages
This evangelist to them was the greatest example of Jesus to the world in our time
He never took an offering during his crusades
He shared free Bibles and books
He was a
Many told the story of how he negotiated the release of prisoners with state governments and how he ensured that some communities without running water got water
This man of God had been to many nations in Africa preaching the good news and many through him had come to
know Christ
A few days after the evangelist slept in the Lord, a TV station's crew cornered another man of God in America
They met him at the airport and interviewed him
They deliberately asked him questions relating to his private jets and wealthy lifestyle
The TV station had an
They wanted to embarrass this Man of God, who in their opinion was too rich
They wanted to put his lifestyle in sharp contrast with that of the departed evangelist
They wanted to tell the children of light what is good and acceptable and what is not
They had become the
standard setter
TV news stations all over the world believe they have the right to manipulate information to set standards and call out those who are not conforming to the norm
They have always done it and gullible Christians always fell for it
Christians whose shallow realities
are easily manipulated by the agenda-setting reportage of TV stations
I remember when I was working with a news station, I was the producer of a 3-hour early morning show and I am responsible for bringing in talking heads and preparing the questions they will respond to for the
I brought in a guy to talk about the Lekki toll gate, he was a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and he was determined to stop the government from collecting toll at the designated post. His argument was that the road was constructed with the people's money and they shouldn't
have to pay tolls to use the road
He had taken the government to court and it generated a bit of uproar
He even got judgments in his favour at the time
Ten minutes into his interview, the owner of TV station arrived and summoned me to his office
"Whio is that man on my set?" he
asked me
I kept quiet
He monitors his own TV station day and night and knows who it was
"Why did you put such a man on my set without my permission?" He asked
I told him I had the permission of the Head of News
The state government had been asked to send in their spokesperson to
argue for the tolling while this man would present his own position for balance
The state government's representative was scheduled to be interviewed for the first one hour
This man was scheduled to be interviewed for the second hour and then the two of them would be in the studi
for the third hour taking reactions from the general public through social media and phone calls
The TV station's owner told me to get the man off his set immediately
He said "I am the owner of the station and there is something called ownership influence. I decide what I want to
see on my screen.
That was what we did
We wrapped up the man's segment quickly and ushered him out of the station
We gave the rest of the time to the other man whose argument would favour the government
The people at home didn't know any better
The press is always biased!
The gullible doesn't know this
The one's whose thoughts and imaginations the press rely upon to see their donkey's ass stories would swallow whatever they saw on the news and on the social media hook, line, and sinker
This was the idea behind cancel culture
Someone sets a trap of
right and wrong and springs it to catch a victim
They did it for Daniel in the Bible, those envying him concocted a law and convinced the king to sign it in order to entrap him
They succeeded but Daniel survived by the power of the Holy Spirit
The difference between Daniel's time
and now is the mob
The press will feed their target to the mob on social media to hound such to death'
People with low self-esteem would sometimes commit suicide over this social media hounding
Some would be forced to resign their jobs or to do a public apology for something they
genuinely find ridiculous
We have seen the cancel culture or the call-out culture work effectively only as a weapon of the ungodly
They use it to clobber authority figures until the weak ones among them cave-in
It is a very effective weapon in the social reengineering efforts of
a few rich people who are determined to restructure the world in such a manner that everybody gets a voice in the society
The LGBTQ community were the greatest beneficiary of the cancel culture, it was primarily created to force every society to accept them just as they are
bible preachers are the main authority figures expected to endorse and enlighten their flock to adjust to the new realities being presented to them in society and most of them didn't do so, the agenda of the press then was to expose them as hypocrites whose credibilities ought to
be called into question
When you see scandals upon scandals being attributed to the church leaders whose voice had become strong and firm in order to dim their lights
You will come to understand why the press would overlook the indiscretion of some sympathetic supporters and sink
their teeth into the indiscretions of those who they find to be opposed to their agenda
We all know that the BIBLE is not the standard of living anymore
The world has broken away from God and his tyrannical instructions
We are in the age of Pseudoscience, where everything is said
answer to science but none of the agenda being set for the world can stand up to scientific scrutiny.
How believers cannot see this is shocking, to say the least
Like the foolish virgins, the oil in the lamp of many had dried up and they are factually comatose during their watch
By now believers should have been awakened to the agenda and keep as far away from news and activities that could subtly or blatantly corrupt the mind as much as possible
We had been admonished to be as wise as serpents and as subtle as doves
This was why I have been asking most
of us, whose position in many things seems to be in agreement with the world and their agenda to retrace our steps
As the called-out ones, our position is often at odds with the position of the world
Daniel, Esther, Modecai, Jesus, The Apostles all proved this point in their days
There is no partnership between God and mammon as there can never be an alliance between light and darkness
For a while darkness and light might seem to be heading in the same direction but light is always plain while darkness will have many hidden agendas
We have seen this play
out in the last few months
It turned out the man of God being set up as materialistic was the key sponsor of the late evangelist.
It turned out the evangelist wouldn't have been able to hold his crusades and be that generous if not for the support of the prosperity preacher
Changing with The World? -… You will come to understand why the
press would overlook the indiscretion
of some sympathetic supporters and
sink their teeth into the indiscretions
of those who they find to be opposed
to their agenda
We all know that the BIBLE

• • •

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20 Mar
The mob can always be sold a dummy
They will buy it and defend it with joy
Even when they come to realize they have been sold a dummy
They will stick to their position and insist it was not what it was or blatantly say "So what? At least it is our dummy and we are not complaining
Jesus called it the hour of darkness
That moment when sense, logic, reason, and reality is suspended for an agenda to prevail
When people are determined to place a lie on the throne and hang the truth on a scaffold there was nothing they wouldn't do to make it happen
Even fools must have their way if we are all going to live in this world together
If only the wise got to make decisions, the fools will feel left out
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If you see a thousand books in the body of Christ about the Believer and The Holy Spirit, 999 of those books will be titled "How to hear from God"
Believers ask that question always "How do I hear from God?"
"How do I know it is not just my thoughts but the Holy Spirit speaking
to me"
The emphasis on hearing from God is a little "off" for a new testament believer
The Holy Spirit is no longer outside of you so that he leads you by words only
He is inside of you and he is a person
This means all your senses are now His to use to his good pleasure
He can
show you a vision or a sight
He can make you perceive a smell, a fragrance or a stench if the sick or the demonic is around you
He can make you feel sensations in your body, a tingling, a burning, a chilling sensation, goose pimples, warmth etc
He can make you hear either audibly
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17 Mar
And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage (Galatians 2:4).
The Bible tells us about these three groups: false teachers, false prophets, and false brethren
. It also clearly shows us the different things they’ll do in these last days. Could there really be false brethren in churches? Absolutely! False brethren are those who come in amongst God’s people, not for their love for Jesus Christ, but for a different purpose.
Our opening
verse says they come in unawares, to spy out our liberty in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage. They present a false image, in order to gain some advantage.
The Bible says, “And in their covetousness (lust, greed) they will exploit you with false (cunning)
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16 Mar
He was a false brother
Of course, he didn't introduce himself as such
He came talking about the supernatural he had seen or read about and the ones he had done by the help of the Holy Spirit
He dropped a lot of big names, men of God with whom he had worked and ministered
It was a
very light conversation
"I believe we can do a lot together," the brother said
He merely nodded
He enjoyed their talk and soon after then they went to have lunch together
The brother didn't have a job and things were tight
He was the one who footed the bill for the lunch
packed a full plate and even got take away packs for his wife
He deduced the brother must have been very hungry
He even paid for the Uber ride that took the brother home
A week later, the brother was back
This time he came with a lady
The brother said the lady had some spiritual
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15 Mar
It was when i was watching the series Marco Polo that I saw something I could use to describe my condition right after graduation.
There was this monk in the series who single-handedly fought and defeated many warriors when Ghenghis Khan and his forces invaded his monastery
the monk was captured alive
The King had a thing for extraordinary talent and his general recognized this monk as such
When the monk was taken back to the king, the king told him he would want the monk to become the official martial arts teacher of the royal house
The monk was
All he wanted to do was escape and go back to the monastery which had since been destroyed
When the king realised that the monk wont do his bidding, the king instructed that the monk's eyes be blinded with a dangerous snake's venom
After the deed had been done, the King
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14 Mar
It was my mother that called me from Ibadan
She said she got a phone call from the student's affairs department of the school
I have been summoned to face the school's disciplinary committee on allegations of fraud
The first thing that struck me was a chilling sensation in my
I had written my examinations in fear and trepidation
My heart was always racing
It is true that a sinner will run even without being pursued
I had tried as much as possible to persuade some of the students that bought the shares I sold for the fraudulent man to be patient
with me
I told them I would sort it out with the bank
It was a lot of empty words
I knew I had dug a hole too big for my wits to come out of
I was just hoping that somehow none of them would take it up with the school authorities
I was wrong; the case had been reported to the
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