Republicans engaged in another vast and flagrant Trump coverup.…
Conventions at legacy outlets basically forbid reporting that kind of thing plainly but it’s 100% what’s happening and everyone knows it. Republicans oppose any commission empowered to look beyond narrow security failures, unless they’re allowed to mire it in ANTIFA whataboutism.
To me, the commission itself is a bit of a red herring, since Dems can:

1) Let Republicans vote it down.
2) Impanel a joint committee, give it subpoena power, hold hearings in prime time.
3) Abolish the filibuster and create the commission anyhow, if they think it’s important.
But the reason the commission doesn’t already exist is that Republicans know complicity runs deep into the party, and they want to keep that fact concealed.

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22 Mar
What happens is Republicans pretend to be outraged and reporters pretend to believe them. Because if a party is outraged, there must be a controversy. Take that wink and nod routine of the equation and it’s clear big media companies don’t actually see a huge story here.
Having vented my personal frustration with media’s contrived gullibility to Republican nonsense, I want to add that if Democrats are frustrated, too, they should attack the gullible for being complicit with the inhuman treatment Cornyn unwittingly alludes to here.
We abhor and reject the relentless and intentional misreporting of this story in support of a Republican policy of subjecting children to torture.
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2 Mar
I think what’s happened is that over time people have grown increasingly aware of the absurdities of the Senate, and the senators’ insistence on hiding behind them, so some bluffs are being called.
If Dems say they support a pathway to citizenship…

…but can only do two filibuster-proof bills a year...

...and those are only for taxes...

...unless @VP says otherwise...

...and we’ll probably lose power in two years...

...what do you think advocates are gonna demand?
One reason I’m thrilled to see filibuster abolition go mainstream, and which I’ve been bleating about for 15 years, is that as constituted it inverts accountability. When a bill fails in “the Senate” it’s usually because of the minority, not the party in charge. LIKEWISE...
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13 Feb
Absolutely pathetic. The Raskin proposal was one hour Zoom depositions and document subpoenas. That should be the baseline for negotiations and Coons should resign to let someone who isn’t a complete coward serve his constituents.
Get Romney in there, come up with some cap on the number of witnesses, divided between both sides, final call on witness relevance goes to the whole Senate, that’s the agreement. Just keep Chris Coons as far away from negotiations as possible.
What a horrendous failure this would be, and it’ll be entirely on Democrats. With the opposition cornered and in a blind panic, they the whole thing off? Total betrayal.
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12 Feb
Seriously, how can you go straight to a vote with all this low-hanging fruit unplucked?!
You can even say, we didn’t intend to call witnesses, but the Trump’s team dishonest presentation leaves you no choice.
There isn’t as much honor as it might seem there is in leaving it half on the field
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10 Feb
If Trump were really hard at work in the White House trying to stop the insurrection and not, say, laughing his ass off in front of one of his many televisions, wouldn’t @JoeBiden now have total control over the exculpating proof?
Extremely fake curious that Trump’s lawyers aren’t asking President Biden to release all evidence in his control that shows Trump scrambling to restore peace and definitely not watching television and laughing and refusing to help.
THIS would actually be a good question for the WH daily briefing RE Biden’s arm’s-length approach to impeachment: is he in control of any evidence that bears on claims the managers or Trump’s counsel have made, and if so, doesn’t he have an obligation to come forward with it?
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9 Feb
Taking bets now on which manager will say what thing that certain Republicans pretend made them so mad that they can’t possibly vote to convict anymore, a theatrical maneuver known to many as The Susan.
I wondered this as well! A good guess. But typically a senator will deploy The Susan only after a dilatory period during which he or she pretends to be open-minded about and impressed with the opposing party’s case.
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