I just spoke to a liberal friend who votes for Democrats. She's complaining about our schools and cities. I told her she has no right to complain because her politics directly caused everything that she hates. She knows this, says I'm right, she has no other response.
I asked her why she continues voting for Democrats if she's smart enough to know they're causing all the troubles that she abhors. She says she doesn't have an answer, that she needs to do some soul searching.

I asked if she will continue voting for Dems. She doesn't know.
This is the stereotypical average Democrat voter problem. They know their politics cause shit cities. They know their politics cause shit schools. They know what they're doing when they vote Democrat. BUT THEY CONTINUE TO DO IT regardless. It's mind-boggling.
My friend is a smart, Harvard-educated professional. When I ask her why she continues voting for Democrats knowing the leftist policies will result in all the things she hates, she says she doesn't know. She doesn't know why she votes for Democrats. But she knows she hates Trump.
Imagine hating a person you don't know *so badly* that you're willing to sacrifice your kids' education and lifestyle on that hate.

Simple, distant hate.

That's some very strong hate.

Inexplicable levels of hate, might I add.
But it's not just this election and it's not just Trump.

I asked my friend if she voted for leftists in local elections. She said yes. Always did and always does.

So it's not really about Trump. Trump is an idea crutch to justify a thoughtless vote for a socialist.
I asked my friend if she will continue voting for Democrats if she moves, because she will do the same thoughtless evil to any new city she moves to by voting for the same idiotic policies that made her want to move in the first place. She said she hasn't thought about it!!!
Herein lies the problem of the transplant Democrat voters-
They leave their town due to the results of leftist policies. Every single thing they hate about their cities is a result of the liberal politics they voted for. But they don't think about it! So they move and repeat!
Democrat voters completely lack self-awareness and policy result awareness. They make no intellectual connections between social policies & the downfall of their cities. They take no responsibility for their vote. Instead, they ignore their responsibility in the matter & repeat.
We ended the conversation on good terms, with my friend promising to think about the consequences of her votes & the resulting policies. It was a very productive conversation & I was pleasantly surprised that she is finally ready to consider the implications of Democrat policies.
I hope this inspires you to talk yo your Democrat friends. I know many have already left your side, but the few that remain - talk to them. Have this conversation with them in a less confrontational manner (my friend is used to me acting confrontational so it was okay with her).
Florida and Texas are the states I talked to her about as examples of how people just like her are torching their home cities with their leftist policies and moving on to conservative areas to torch fresh land. I asked her why. She didn't know.
Good question, but no, my Democrat friend is no push-over and no softie. She's an advocate for her opinions normally. I was actually surprised at her answers.
To clarify- my friend realized & agreed that Democrat policies caused the downfall of her city & schools *only after I pointed it out to her* but she did not, on her own or unprompted, make those connections. That's the interesting issue here. Dems need help connecting the dots.

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