This tweet (and discussion above) really frames the entire gender theory discussion as succinctly as you can.

Similar to a linguist, seeing all language as malleable cultural usage rather than any fixed prescription, the entirety of gender theory rests on the same. That being...
That people can apply/have applied different definitions of male/female within their culture; then attempted support with some (extraordinarily rare) instances of chromosome abnormalities; as such, male/female is not the rigid binary prescribed by biology.
While these concepts can be quite true in a vacuum, they deteriorate into absolute nonsense when the framework is cast out aggressively in a manner designed to supersede biological sex for the purposes of human categorization.
A group of people can, of course, elect to do whatever the hell they want. That election currently (or any previous instances of the same), however, does not change what IS a rigid binary produced by our own reproduction process. And genetic mutations are simply a red herring.
This doesn't become problematic in any way when it remains the beliefs of an individual. People should be allowed to live however they please; to each their own! But that's not the engine on overdrive in our society right now. Rather...
The gender theorists are mandating a framework onto society that requires all of us to accept a bifurcation of sex and gender where the latter is, by definition, subjective/malleable, and then intended to supersede biological sex in both classification and society's vernacular.
This demand is nonsense, of course. And that reveals itself mostly clearly when its applied in a rigid framework like sports, which inherently requires the separation of the two human sexes for physical purposes. The medical field being another theater where it becomes perverse.
No, we as a society have no obligation to acquiesce to the demands of an ideology which requires the male/female classification of humans (which has stood for millenia; since day one) to be turned completely on its head. To do so would radically change society, and I'd submit...
The VAST majority of Americans are not on board. This will become clear soon with the countrywide application of the Equality Act in contexts like sports.
The above analysis does not change no matter how many gender theorists publish to build foundation for other gender theorists. We are not required to accept any quantity of that as "established science". Rather, we can continue calling it what it actually is: fortified dogma.
This likely all seems so basic/obvious to the average person that I'm sure it begs the question, why this intense societal push to separate and prioritize "gender" over "sex"?

That answer roots back into the theme of much of what is occurring in our culture right now...
It's tied to our maniacal fixation on victimhood and our recent obsession with trying to make everything equitable and fair; truly rooted in prioritizing coddling feelings at the sacrifice of everything else.

And this lands us at an important square re gender theory...
The tension between the gender theory discussed above and the long-accepted diagnosis of gender dysphoria as a mental health condition. There is a clear reason entities compromised by ideologues such as Amazon are making moves like this:
What began as a noble cause (there are people with gender dysphoria who go on to transition, they have that right to, society should not treat them poorly) has, as is often the case of late, completely overshot its landing.

Rather than...
Focusing on treating those with gender dysphoria, as we do a slew of other similar mental health conditions, and then helping those who transition learn how to operate within the framework of reality/society, the activists' demand is to alter the entire framework instead.
This is a common engine in much leftist ideology right now. This group is uncomfortable/disadvantaged/oppressed by this aspect of society, so we demand the foundation be torn down and rebuilt into a vision closer to our version of "Utopia".

On the gender front it's...
All of society must accept subjective gender over biological sex; it is not a mental health issue (gender dysphoria); rather they ARE of that sex; and this framework must be made into the normal so transgenders aren't made to feel uncomfortable.
But just chew on how perverse that thinking and that demand is. We must prioritize the feelings of a person with gender dysphoria over, say, girls having fairness in competition, or women being called "women". It's truly the realm of the bizarre.
The problem is, the ideologues control our institutions, so they are making tremendous headway on this front through brute force and scope.

Mind you, the APA diagnostic manual still considers gender dysphoria a mental health illness... but you can't write that on Amazon.
This is truly a line in the sand we as a society must draw and defend. If we allow this issue to blow a hole through objectivity and basic common sense, everything else will fit through that hole.

This is ground we cannot cede. This is one front worth fighting for.


• • •

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26 Mar
Could there be a greater irony than the entire left in this country, including all of our media complex, nonstop bull-horning about "fascism" from the right over these last few years?

I mean, which side is the duck here? 🧵
The right wants to make this country fascist!
The right wants to make this country fascist!
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26 Mar
Post a thread about the realities of the transgender social contagion consuming western culture, or even just one that doesn't march in lockstep with the mandated dogma, and you can feel the hoard of activists coming.
Below is the thread I wrote yesterday. There's nothing hateful in it whatsoever. In fact, it encourages people to respect and be kind to transgenders.

But that doesn't matter. Blindly comply with all or be attacked as a bigot!

The below is the prototypical approach of the activists. Don't blindly subscribe to and support every aspect of their dogma and its turned into "you don't want us to exist!". It's bullshit, of course, but it's much more devious than that. Serves two functions...
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25 Mar
The best way to stop the tidal wave of gender theory permeating our country is to reject this asinine position that gender theory is established "science". No it's not; not at all.

Gender theorists publishing to build foundation for other theorists is "dogma", not "science".
We as a society are not required to accept a bifurcation of sex and gender where the latter is designed to be malleable and supersede biological sex. Period; end of story.

And the fact that may hurt some people's feelings, does not change the analysis.
Now, that doesn't mean you should treat someone who has elected to live their life as the other sex than they were born poorly. If you do, you're an asshole.

But in no way are all of us required to alter OUR framework of reality in order to coddle those same feelings.
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You know what I did the day I turned 14? I applied for a work permit. You know what I did the day I received it? Worked a shift at Dominos because I had already completed the hiring process.

The job sucked. Yet, you know what I never did? Bitched about making minimum wage.
I never lamented that I had to take orders and fold pizza boxes instead of being a musician or an artist. I never wallowed in sorrow because there were other teenagers doing cooler stuff and making more money than me. I appreciated the opportunity to work and begin earning money.
Where was this mindset crafted? At home. Because my mother and father instilled values in me; perhaps none more critical than an understanding life is not fair and there will always be others with more. You can't control that. You can't mitigate that. You can only carve your own.
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20 Mar
Random marital advice...

Try not to make each other the subject of jokes/comical jabs when you're around others. The energy/message it conveys is gloomy (even when there's no strong animosity behind it) and it makes your company uncomfortable.
I overheard that once and it impacted me. I now notice it in social settings. Couples who are broken do it constantly, wickedly. But it's incredible how prevalent it is when you're aware to look for it. I've grown to believe it is a barometer of some kind.
After having that light bulb turned on (which you can't turn off), I realized my wife and I did it quite frequently. Never felt harmful before; in fact, I never even noticed. But I now realize that description above is 100% accurate. It's a lose-lose on all sides, yet so common.
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20 Mar
This is not some impact tweet, genuine question...

How do we devalue victimhood as a currency in America? For many, it's become THE most valuable to them. Across society, it's value has soared like Bitcoin.

How do we reverse this toxic snowball effect? Because we must.
I believe I know the answer in theory, but it is challenging in application because of the climate we're operating in.

Any thoughts? Like, what tangible steps/actions can be taken that would lead to victimhood losing value?

Curious your thoughts. I'll share mine later.
Below is an excellent description of the problem/the engine that is feeding itself.

What's the salve?

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