The vaccine passport idiocy is taking off b/c for the past year, Justice Roberts has allowed the fed courts to turn away hundreds of Constitutional & legal challenges to COVID government overreach in the name of emergency powers. This is the civil right crisis of our time.
In the last year, I appeared before federal judges in several states from HI to CA to VA to NJ. One after the other they gaveled down challenges to the blocking of prayer, protect, small business, schools, outdoor sports — even beaches! — despite the dearth of science to back it.
3/ At @Liberty_Ctr my year and that of many other attorneys was an extended triage to determine which of thousands of civil rights violations was the worst. Was it the violations of the constitutional requirements for how we make voting laws? Or ..
4/ Was it governors telling hundreds of millions they could only pray by video conference, forget about getting married baptized or burying your loved ones? Was it telling poor and disabled children, “no school for you— the teacher’s union said it’s unsafe”?
5/ Was it praising a 100,000-person BLM march in Los Angeles while telling 100 anti-shutdown protestors in Sacramento they would be arrested if they exercised their First Amendment rights peacefully and safely?
6/ Was it telling mom and pop retail stores that keep our small towns and rural areas alive that they could not open to sell cooking supplies, lawn furniture, workout equipment, while Costco, Amazon, and Target were allowed to thrive and expand their market dominance?
7/Was it telling parents of adult developmentally disabled persons they could not visit their isolated, sad children in any way? Was it locking our ill seniors in nursing homes to die while giving political donors immunity from suit? Was it forcing bereft children into suicide?
8/ I could go on. I’m frankly exhausted with the sheer volume of legal challenges mounted in the last year by my team @Liberty_Ctr and our constitution law allies. We are still fighting a lonely battle. Many citizens have given in to the path of least resistance. They are numb.
9/ But we can’t allow COVID or any government or judge to force us into an endgame where we allow the government to trace our every step and control our movements on the basis of a barely tested, experimental vaccine whose long-term side effects are unknown.../
10/ A vaccine which millions don’t need because they have antibodies... which they can’t take for religious or moral or medical reasons ... which may not work anyway, which may not work on the next virus of whatever origin, and which forces us to give waivers to drug companies.
11/ This American, from law school days on, has fought against the government having the ability to stop you and ask for your papers, to prove your right to walk in a suburban neighborhood, to be pulled over for being brown and driving a nice car, to be surveilled (Patriot Act).
12/ And I won’t accept this new police state reality. I won’t accept China-style social credit scores and monitoring my movements on the basis of a novel medical product to fight a novel virus of suspect origin. Please join me in challenging these laws! Liberty needs us.
13/ For those who asked, you can support these legal efforts on behalf of ordinary Americans (not corporations, not special interests, not pharma companies, not big tech) at -- we will fight for your constitutional rights with these nonprofit resources.

• • •

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17 Feb
Is genocide a cultural norm? Asking for a few hundreds of millions of friends.
How about gang rape of Uighur women chained up in concentration camps? A "cultural norm"?
Is telling Tibet's Buddhists that Beijing will decide who the next Dalai Lama is, a "cultural norm"?
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13 Feb
In a well-run company (my firm @dhillonlaw advises many) you take the FIRST and EVERY allegation like this very seriously; you hire outside counsel immediately to investigate; you preserve evidence ... Scoop: Lincoln Project co-founder resigns…
2/ You are supportive of accusers and assure them there will be no retaliation and they don't have to work the the alleged harasser; you put the alleged harasser on leave; you make sure everyone has had the legal training regarding harassment; & you FIRE John Weaver at the end &/
3/ Then you sit down and you work out a deal with each victim and you offer them privacy and support. You also investigate and punish other executives who enabled the harassment. Under NO circumstances do you continue business as usual and allow the sick bastard to keep doing it/
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9 Feb
Breaking! @Liberty_Ctr’s first freedom of religion under COVID lawsuit just granted certiorari by SCOTUS, & vacating the district court judgment and ordering the 9th Circuit to take further action consistent with Friday’s late night ruling in South Bay (another case we’re in)./
SCOTUS recognizing that back in April, when we first challenged CA’s anti-faith COVID rules (prayer allowed by streaming video only), the district court got it wrong. On remand, we seek a ruling that puts the temples of God on at least equal footing as the temples of commerce.
3/ In April 2020, when we filed this, ahead of all other civil rights organizations who later joined battle, one of the government attorneys at the TRO hearing likened going to church to attending a concert even such as Coachella...
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5 Dec 20
2/ @KamalaHarris checks a lot of boxes of diversity but if you actually look at her performance as a Senator and before that the Attorney General she is far from #progressive. I don’t think either of these people have a moral philosophical core.
3/ @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris are trying to create an image of unity but it is a false image when there are so many people trying to grab for power.
4/ Conservative figures and some of @AOC colleagues have mocked her for her background as if it is not a preparation for being a member of Congress. Most of our elected officials are elites of society. I would love to see more blue-collar background in both parties.
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26 Nov 20
1/ Ok I’ve read the lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell’s organization. It contains many allegations familiar to those following these legal challenges, with two big themes: 1) numerous irregularities in vote-counting based on ad hoc law/procedure changes...…
2/ including putting ballots in the wrong stacks en masse, pre-printed ballots that were “pristine” and unlined; blocking Republican observers from vote-tabulation tables; counting votes after the so-called “pipe burst” election night even though there were no Rep. observers.../
3/ And more... And the second big theme is that the Dominion voting machines are easily hackable and experts have written scripts to show how one can manually manipulate vote tallies, alter setting so as to put more ballots into a “question” pile and then just delete them...
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25 Nov 20
Enough. Once this election is over I intend to compile a list of the political consultants and grifter candidates who rip off gullible donors at the expense of winnable races. This guy is on the list. His consultants will be too.
Any candidate who lost their race by double digits but blew donor $$$ on private jets, five star hotels, attending fundraisers of other candidates, is dead to me.
Ok ok if you don’t like lists, how about a series of profiles of parasitic “political consultants” with PO Boxes and one client ... who identify attractive looking candidates in or sorta near despised Democrats, and ride their host organisms to the tune of hundreds of thousand$$?
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